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The total amount raised for multiple charities thru this event was over $50,000 USD.

Updated November 7, 2011 @ 10:30 PM EST.
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First Name Last Name City State Message to post to Distance Ideal World Run Day start time Approx Pace/Mi. Where do you plan to start your run Charity Name Donation Amount
Jann Byrd Vancouver AA Just do it! 10 8:00 AM 0:09:00 Vancouver neighborhood where I live Rotary International $25
Larry Heide APO AE Hi Jennifer, Over here at Camp Taji, Iraq running in this race to honor the Irish. 27 4:00 PM 0:12:00 Everyday Joe Gym at Camp Taji, Iraq Assembly of God $1
Gary Weir APO AE I am running for Breast Cancer. I am running for my sisters. 6 8:00 AM 0:08:00 Hauptstrasse   $9
Maria Camila De La Torre Anchorage AK For my family members with (or who had) cancer 3 9:00 AM 0:09:00   Lance Armstrong Foundation $10
Della Hills Anchorage AK Keep moving as long as you can, because when you stop it is the end. 3.1 11:00 AM 0:19:15 Start at the Sun on 5th and G and head toward Jupiter Covenant House $50
Lara Madden Eagle River AK Running for Him 3 1:00 PM 0:13:00 Eagle River, Alaska. Eagle River Loop Road, out and back 5K Soles4Souls $10
Nicole Lien Fairbanks AK Keeping it real! 6.2 3:00 PM 0:10:00 Planet Fitness Partners $50
Amber Lien Fairbanks AK Ya'Dig? 3.1 3:00 PM 0:15:00 Planet Fitness Partners $25
Becki Legatt Palmer AK Go Get 'Em! 2 Not sure 0:10:00     $5
Yolanda Cotton Soldotna AK Fight like a girl! 6 Not sure 0:10:00 Strawberry Road Race for the cure $75
Stephanie Snyder Soldotna AK Pushing through to run the whole time! 4 10:00 AM 0:12:00 Solid Rock Rd. mile 90.5 Solid Rock Bible Camp $5
Pamala Potter St. Michael AK The world is my playground. 13 9:00 AM 0:15:00 water tower breast cancer $20
Dayan Neves Auburn AL To my family 3 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Kenai   $1
Elaine Suever Auburn AL For Brian 4 8:00 AM 0:09:00 Streets Diabetes Association $20
jennefer vizuete dothan AL CARPE DIEM!! 3.1   0:00:00     $1
Suzanne Paul Fairhope AL Running for all my family - you are the best - and for my husband Mike - no one could love you more! 7 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Corner of Magnolia Avenue & Boise Lane Animal Rescue Foundation $50
Thomas Fleming Hamilton AL Winning means never having to say I quit." Dr. Sheehan" 7 7:00 AM 0:08:30 1123 Regency Place Safe Place Inc. $25
Kate Moon Huntsville AL In Memory of Elizabeth Parkman. I love you, Nama! 3.1 Not sure 0:12:00   Susan G. Komen for the Cure $25
Daphne Davis Luverne AL Becca & Aly- Enjoy Every Minute 4   0:13:00   American Cancer Society $5
Ham Barnett Mobile AL Jesus is the Lord Of All!     0:00:00     $10
Whitney Byrd Mobile AL Jesus Is Lord!     0:00:00     $9
Susan Jakoboski Mobile AL Just run away Not Sure Not sure 0:10:00 Hawthorn st SPCA $5
Connie Smith Pelham AL I dedicate this to my wonderful husband/trainer Bill Smith. I love you! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:14:00 Pelham City Park Humane Society $9
gena meadows trussville AL pray, eat, love and run!!!!!! 3.1 10:00 PM 0:07:20 632 oak drive street childrens hospital $25
Callie Ann Starkey Tuscaloosa AL Run for your LIFE!!! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:12:00 University of Alabama Quad! Not sure yet! Something that helps kids in need!! $20
Holly Foster APO AP Running for Japan! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Home Japan Red Cross $20
Eric Foster APO AP Running for Japan 3.1 9:00 AM 0:07:00 Home Japan Red Cross $20
Aileen JeNam APO AP I run, therefore I am... 10 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Hagnan River AFAS $1
Thomas Sands DPO AP Peak Run, Hong Kong 5 8:00 AM 0:08:45 Wan Chai Gap Road, Peak Road, Stubbs Road, Happy Valley race track Catholic Archdiocese of the Military Services $50
Catherine Tooch Jacksonville AR BELIEVE 5 9:00 AM 0:10:45 Unsure Humane Society $10
Rose Grounds Mabelvale AR The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you." - Unknown" 13.1 2:00 PM 0:10:19 2 Rivers ParK to Burns park   $1
Julie Patton Mabelvale AR The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you." - Unknown" 13.1 2:00 PM 0:10:19 Two Rivers Park to Burns park   $1
James Kielma Malvern AR Bobbie, You are my sweet princess forever 5 5:00 AM 0:10:00 Reyburn Creek Loop   $20
Peggy Freeman Mountain Home AR The miracle is not that I finish it is that I started 3.1 9:00 AM 0:15:00 Cooper Park Salvation Army $25
Ben Wiley Nashville AR Mystery Miles 100 Minute Relay 10 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Nashville, Arkansas City Park Freedom Service Dogs $25
Darlene Hudson Paris AR Modern Technology Owes Ecology An Apology. -A. M. Eddison 6.2 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Mount Magazine, AR GLobal GiVing $50
Cody Beckett Sherwood AR I dedicate this to the best husband in the world, Clay! :) 4 Not sure 0:11:00 My neighborhood American Humane Society $10
Kandy Brown Sherwood AR Who moved the finish line? 6 11:00 AM 0:11:30 Spring Grove and Maryland JDAF $25
Kate Jester Springdale AR Dedicated to my honorary sisters Yuka, Yuri & Minato who live in Japan and survived the earthquake. 3 5:00 PM 0:09:00 Local trail (paved) Childrens Safe Drinking Water Program $50
LeAnn Locke Wynne AR N/A 3.1 12:00 PM 0:08:30     $5
Rachel Winders Avondale AZ Good luck runners!!! 4 9:00 AM 0:09:05 TBD PETA $5
Kaci Adams Black Canyon City AZ I can do this! 3 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Home American Diabetes Association $25
Rochelle Gasak buckeye AZ I thank the Universe for each new day it brings me, filled with love, health, and happiness. 8 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Sundance Community, Buckeye, AZ   $50
Heather Capri Carefree AZ Success equals trying and failing vs. never have tried at all. YOU are worth it! 6 7:00 AM 0:12:00 Cave Creek TBD $100
John Adams Chandler AZ To volunteers defending our country at home and abroad. 5 6:00 AM 0:11:00 Shawnee Park, Chandler, AZ JDRF $50
Susan Huffstutler Chandler AZ For Research to End Cancer 2 8:00 AM 0:12:00 At my house American Cancer Society $25
Daphne Prator Chandler AZ I am new to running but I will do my best! Not Sure 8:00 AM 0:03:30 Chandler Blvd-warner-Rural-back to Chandler Blvd Local Food Bank $20
Lorraine Serrano Chandler AZ Do what you love, love what you do... 3.1 8:00 AM 0:13:30   St Vincent De Paul $25
Sherah Williams Chandler AZ Dedicating my runs to Japan. So thankful for the ability and strength to run. 13.1 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Chandler canals Red Cross $100
Charles Grabowski II Gilbert AZ Run Hank Run   6:00 AM 0:10:00 near my house PanCan Research $5
Christine Best Glendale AZ Happiness is a process, not a place...allow yourself to be happy everyday. 4 7:00 PM 0:09:00 67th Ave & Beardsley Ryan House $50
Regina Milkovich Glendale AZ I'll dedicate this run to my Nana & Grandmother. 5 8:00 AM 0:11:15 Thunderbird Paseo Park 100 Club of Arizona $25
Suzanne Rebne Glendale AZ Today will never happen again. Don't waste it with a false start or no start at all 10 Not sure 0:08:50     $1
Sharon Rogers Gold Canyon AZ Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly Micah 6:8 AZ SunRunr 13.1 8:00 AM 0:09:15 Tesoro Townhomes Gold Canyon, AZ   $1
Tamera Ross Kingman AZ I run for life. 10 7:00 AM 0:11:00 At the corner of Broudy & Pasadena. Doctors Without Borders $25
Bernice Garcia Litchfield Park AZ Running for life! 5 9:00 AM 0:08:30 canal Salvation Army $5
Bill Enloe Mesa AZ N/A 6 7:00 AM 0:13:45 Crismon and Guadalupe   $5
Anna Sezate Mesa AZ Deducated to Lily Acosta   7:00 AM 0:08:00 Old Town, Scottsdale Susan G. Koman/ Breast Cancer $10
Mandy Smith Mesa AZ Thanks to running, I am thinner & happier. Exercise is food for the soul. 4 6:00 AM 0:12:00     $1
Colleen Porritt Peoria AZ Endure 5 6:00 AM 0:11:00 67th Ave & Happy Valley Shade Foundation $5
Loretta Aja Phoenix AZ I dedicate every run to my friends, family & my children. I love you all bunches! XO 10 5:00 AM 0:09:30 60th street & LaFayettte Blvd Susan G Komen Breast Cancer $100
TinaMarie Aja' Phoenix AZ Dedicated to my mom :) 7 5:00 AM 0:00:00     $20
Jenni Burgamy Phoenix AZ Isaiah 40:31 13.1   0:13:00     $1
Katie Changose Phoenix AZ women's half marathon 13.1   0:11:00     $10
Diana Dunnigan Phoenix AZ I am a roll model for my children so I am choosing to be a good one! 13.1 7:00 AM 0:09:00     $25
Kacie Leahan Phoenix AZ Run Pocket Run 4 8:00 PM 0:10:00 Ahwatukee   $1
Bianca Leal Phoenix AZ Run Abbit Run 4 8:00 PM 0:10:00 Ahwatukee   $1
Karen Naranjo Phoenix AZ This I do for me. 3 9:00 AM 0:15:00 Dreamy Draw Park American Red Cross $100
Nina Russin Phoenix AZ Dedication to Wendy Munick who lived her life with elegance and joy. 9 5:00 AM 0:10:00 Ahwatukee Humane Society of Arizona $25
Sara Shisslak Phoenix AZ For my gramma, family, and my pack. Thanks for always supporting me. Love you all. 3 8:00 AM 0:09:00 Central PHX ASPCA $1
Olivia Whipple Phoenix AZ I want to dedicate this run to my Mother-In-Law Lois and my Sister you both so much! 6   0:10:00 Chandler Road, Phoenix, Arizona   $5
Lori Park Prescott AZ For Bug and Brook 3 8:00 AM 0:15:00 Williamson Valley RD   $5
Kay Ziegenhagen Prescott valley AZ Let life run Not Sure 6:00 PM 0:00:00 Top of mingus mountain.   $1
Annette Gelfi Sahuarita AZ No-one can pedal the bike for you."" 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Sahuarita Lake Park Feeding America $20
Allison Mayes Scottsdale AZ Thank you to all those currently serving in any branch of the U.S. Military 6 7:00 AM 0:10:00 Near The Bolders in Scottsdale, AZ Wounded Warriors $10
Kristin Chandler Sierra Vista AZ Carpe Diem 3.1 4:00 PM 0:10:00     $5
Christine Chaney Sierra Vista AZ This Luv Run is dedicated to Christine. I love you, Beautiful!! 10 8:00 AM 0:11:00 San Pedro River Trail American Cancer Society $10
Fernando DeLosReyes Sierra Vista AZ Run or Die 10 6:00 AM 0:09:30 Sierra Vista   $50
Shirley Kim Sierra Vista AZ I am running for my health! Not Sure 6:00 AM 0:00:00   Red Cross $1
Justin Lamb Sierra Vista AZ This is still for my gorgeous fiance, Christine!! Happy Valentine's Day! 10 8:00 AM 0:10:00 San Pedro River Trail American Cancer Society $10
Kissie Montalvo-Bragg Sierra Vista AZ I am stronger than I have ever imagined I could be."" 5 12:00 PM 0:12:00 Veteran's Memorial Park in Sierra Vista, AZ St. Judes Hospital & Surf Rider Foundation $100
Alison Mundy Sierra Vista AZ Find your happy pace! 10 7:00 AM 0:09:50 Ft. Huachuca   $25
Julie Benz Tempe AZ Ask yourself: 'Can I give more?'. The answer is usually: 'Yes' 3 6:00 AM 0:11:00 Kiwani's Park ALS $25
Lynette Poppenberg Tempe AZ - 4 4:00 PM 0:12:00 Tempe Town Lake   $5
Kristy Belone Tucson AZ Runnin' 4 love 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Sabino Canyon Susan G. Komen $50
Lynn Farmer Tucson AZ My run is dedicated to the victims of the Saturday, 8 Jan 11, tragedy in Tucson. 4 9:00 AM 0:00:00 Northwest Tucson   $25
Amanda Marchioni TUCSON AZ Endure and Succeed!   5:00 AM 0:10:30 Norton Ave   $5
kristin wook tucson AZ For all of the loved ones gone too soon! Not Sure 9:00 AM 0:09:00   Team In Training $20
Charlotte York Tucson AZ Welcom back, CJ   7:00 AM 0:10:00 Michael J Perry Park, Golf Links and Pantano Tucson Food Bank $50
Linda Braden Willcox AZ run girl run..... 10 6:00 AM 0:09:00     $35
Rachel Collins Alameda CA Run while you can"" 7 9:00 AM 0:15:00 Robert Crown Beach   $5
Kathleen Furlong Aliso Viejo CA Live Life! Just Do It... 3.1 Not sure 0:09:00 Aliso Viejo CA Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation $25
Tony Hanlin Aliso Viejo CA Just Do It!! 6.2 7:00 AM 0:10:00 Aliso Viejo, Ca V Foundation $50
Jeanine Lussier Alta Loma CA 3rd or 4th year doing World Run Day. I love the idea and a big thank you to the organizers. 10 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Horse Trails along Banyan and Milliken out to the 15 and Summit and back. 10 mile track. La Cresentia Presbetarian Dominican Republic Drive $50
Brandon Pomroy Altadena CA No gain. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:07:30 Calaveras St., Altadena, Ca.   $1
mike lawler anaheim CA Get out and move! 3.1 4:00 PM 0:16:00     $5
mike lawler anaheim CA Go for it! 13.1 5:00 PM 0:14:00 Treadmill Make-A-Wish Orlando $5
Tim Louie Anaheim CA Nothing In Life Worth Having Comes Easy. 3.1 10:00 AM 0:12:00 State College and Katella Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light the Night Walk $25
Jamie Phillips Anaheim CA Stressed spelled backword is desserts 3.1 10:00 AM 0:08:00 Where everyone else is? I'm trying to go to Africa so to myself $2
Lorraine McGowan Apple Valley CA 2 Rob. He's standing strong 4 us. I run strong 4 him. 6.2 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Apple Valley Rd. and Yucca Loma CPOF $25
Rob McGowan Apple Valley CA Running for Papa. I love you. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:12:30 Apple Valley Rd. & Yucca Loma AV animal shelter $20
Christine Mathiesen Atascadero CA This one is for Tammie and Cheryl! And Bean and Gandalf 10 7:00 AM 0:10:50 Not sure yet   $10
Chris Bailey Bakersfield CA Dedicate my run to my Grandpas Red Summerlin and Lester Kulow 2 10:00 AM 0:12:00 Rudd to Palm then Heath to Rosedale back to Rudd Bakersfield Relay for Life $25
Dale Conjurski Brea CA alis aquilae! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:13:00 Hyatt Regency, Valencia, CA Prostate Cancer Foundation $10
Grace Oropilla Brea CA Pray for Japan! 10 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Birch st., Brea American Cancer Society $25
Todd Maugh Burbank CA Run Fat Boy Run! 14 8:00 AM 0:09:00 Burbank NACC $5
Stevee Ohrt Burbank CA It's all about the journey. 15 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Grifith Park. Zoo Drive   $1
Jennifer Karlsson Burlingame CA I run for those that don't have the luxury to just walk out the door and go for a simple jog... 5 7:00 PM 0:12:00 Burlingame High School, Burlingame, CA Autism Speaks $25
Maricar Pacquing Burlingame CA Hi, I am Dangermom and I Run 4 Miles!! 5 7:00 PM 0:11:00     $1
Jeannie Taylor Camarillo CA To Scott, mon petit puce. 10 7:00 AM 0:12:00 Thousand Oaks Salvation Army $20
Michael Chester Canyon Country CA Make sure the fortune that you seek is the fortune that you need. 6 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Santa Clarita Bike Trail   $1
cathy callihan Castro Valley CA Walk or rust 6.2 9:00 PM 0:20:00 Iron Horse Trail Dublin, CA George Mark Children's House $25
Shawn Barker Chula vista CA This is for Debra! 3.1   0:00:00     $1
Debra Barker Chula vista CA This is for Shawn!     0:00:00     $1
Melissa Gonzales Chula Vista CA I love my family!!     0:00:00     $10
Melissa Gonzales Chula Vista CA I love my family!     0:00:00     $10
Melissa Maskol CHULA VISTA CA Running for my mom! I love my family!!     0:00:00     $10
Tina Kambarian Claremont CA I'm running because I can! 5 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Thompson Creek Trail Green America $25
Leticia Fischer Clovis CA I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. 6.2 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Shepherd and DeWolf African Moons $25
Jana Montierth Clovis CA This is to all mothers who love and protect their children. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:00:00     $5
carla coria corona CA For my brother who has been paralyzed from the waist down all his life. Not Sure Not sure 0:09:00     $50
jocelyn coria corona CA to my uncle who cant walk Not Sure Not sure 0:00:00     $40
Jun Nishimura Cupertino CA Run to carry Hope around the World. 12 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Sawyer Camp Trail JCCCN $20
james buchanan davis CA Never falter! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 petra ct, davis, ca komen for the cure $25
ro almazan downey CA 40 for 40!!! 6 Not sure 0:10:00 sedona, az race for the rescues $5
Jennifer Handy Dublin CA Dedicated to Kimberly Garrison 3.1   0:00:00   CCFA, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America $25
Alexandra Epand El Segundo CA Pain is temporary, pride is forever. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:13:15   ASPCA $50
Tracey Anderson Elk Grove CA GET BUSY LIVIN! 5 7:00 AM 0:09:30 Kugler Way   $5
Christian Raga Elk Grove CA Whoa whoa...take it easy... 6.2 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Near the University of the Pacific Delta Humane Society & S.P.C.A. $10
Daun DeWitt Encinitas CA 13.1 9:00 AM 0:04:30 Encinitas, CA Susan G Komen Race for the Cure $20
Allen Gidner Encinitas CA 9 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Encinitas, CA $20
Adam Jones Encinitas CA Pain is Temporary Quitting is Forever 10 12:00 PM 0:08:20   MS of America $1
Amanda Bailey Escondido CA Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice. Phil 4:4 13.1   0:12:00 Fresno, CA   $10
Margaret Hemmer Escondido CA I can do all things through Jesus who gives me strength. Phil 4:3 13.1 8:00 AM 0:15:00 Fresno, CA   $10
David Hoard Escondido CA Get on your feet. 1 6:00 AM 0:15:00 Cranston Ave MS Society $10
Melissa Lund Escondido CA Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4 13.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Fresno, CA   $10
Heather Bowes fair oaks CA Dylan, who got me started 6.2 1:00 PM 0:12:00 eagle, san juan, madison, winding way, san juan, eagle Epiclesis an ancient future faith community $9
Richard Hsu Fremont CA To Crystal who is always inspired and postive for others. 6 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Lake Elizabeth RedCross $200
Michael Lund Fresno CA Let's run! 6   0:00:00   Not sure $1
Liticia Vann Fresno CA Determination! Not Sure   0:00:00   Not sure $5
Ashley Vann Fresno CA Lets go! Not Sure   0:00:00   Not sure $2
Albert Vann Fresno CA Let's do it! 6 Not sure 0:00:00 Clovis CA Not sure $1
Ha Ly Garden Grove CA I love this day, been waiting :) 1 Not sure 0:04:00 Irvine City of Hope $2
Susan Lew Gold River CA Fight On, Mom! 6.2 7:00 AM 0:11:00 ARP American Cancer Society $50
Erica Mesker Goleta CA Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living? ? Bob Marley 3.1 9:00 AM 0:09:30 781 Acacia Walk, Goleta, CA Direct Relief International $5
Teresa Martinez Grass Valley CA I run for Steve who is preparing for a bone marrow transplant at UCSF. 20 8:00 AM 0:09:00     $50
Michelle Perez-Picha Hollister CA If I have the belief that I can do it. I will surely acquire the capacity to do it" Gandhi" 5 Not sure 0:09:00     $20
Lupita Gonzalez-Bautista Huntington Beach CA Wish I would of had more time with you Dad.. 4 7:00 AM 0:10:00 Mile Square Park   $25
Cherry Baes Irvine CA In Memory of my Dad Not Sure 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Upper Newport Bay ASPCA $20
Tammy Crittenden La Mesa CA Perseverence 10 9:00 AM 0:11:30 Mission Bay American Liver Foundation $25
Tina Scott Lakeport CA Go long, run hard... 10   0:10:30 Kelseyville, California corner of Main and 3rd Sobor Grad Clearlake High $25
Margaret Tollner Lakewood CA Enjoying my new hobby of running!! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:20 Huntington Beach, CA Girl Scouts of Los Angeles $10
Cherie Hodgson Lincoln CA Our relay running team's first group run. It's fun to join a huge group of runners nationwide. 3 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Maidu center, Roseville, CA Humanitarian Center for the LDS Church $20
Jeff Pohl Livermore CA RUN! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Pleasanton area ALAC $20
Stephen Woodward Livermore CA Running on Insulin. 9 8:00 AM 0:08:20 Hampton Rd., Livermore, CA Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation $50
Myrna Nalus long Beach CA I dedicate this run for my bladder cancer. 10 7:00 AM 0:00:00     $5
Nesha Saucier Long Beach CA Running for my life. In loving memory of Martha Jean Causey (a.k.a. Momma" and "Gammy")" 6.2 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Lime Avenue & Hill (Home) Diabetes and/or Heart Association $20
Gayle Davis Los Altos CA Thank you for running, I love you Joe!!! 5 7:00 AM 0:12:00 Granger and Eva, Los Altos CA Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara CA $100
Joe Davis Los Altos CA Thank you Honey Bunny for taking up running. I love you Gayle!!! 5 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Granger & Eve in Los Altos CA Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara CA $100
Raquel Abreu Los Angeles CA Portugal-USA 15 9:00 AM 0:07:50 Burbank And Vicinity National Eating Disorders Association $5
Catherine Green Los Angeles CA Get outta here. 6 7:00 AM 0:09:45 Garden & Veselich in Atwater Village   $1
Addie Manis Los Angeles CA Using the fall-back hour to run for Care.Org. 3.1 10:00 AM 0:13:15 1149 N Poinsettia Place, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Care.Org $50
Chantal Rodriguez Los Angeles CA There will come a day when I can no longer run, today is not that day Not Sure 11:00 AM 0:10:45 Ballona Creek Culver City ASPCA $10
Andrea Ste Marie Los Angeles CA Run Strong. Run Free. 10 7:00 AM 0:09:00 San Vicente Blvd.   $10
olivia guillen madera CA Mike Cunningham     0:00:00     $1
Ann Malokas Marina CA Running for my contemporaries who can't in thanksgiving for good health and strong joints. 4 8:00 AM 0:12:00   Marina Food bank $10
Julie Holmes Martinez CA Dedicated to Danielle and Nicole 3 10:00 AM 0:03:30 Center ave Martinez Cancer society $50
Kelly O'Rourke Marysville CA May 1 - Ran out of breath walking up stairs. Sept 1 - ran stairs for 1/2 marathon training. 6.2 7:00 AM 0:14:00 Harris Street, Marysville, CA   $20
Brian Barker Modesto CA For Dad 4 2:00 PM 0:11:00 3701 Brixton Pl., Modesto, CA Habitat For Humanity $20
Megan Barr Modesto CA Here's to learning to love it... 3.1   0:00:00     $20
Ryan Barr Modesto CA Go run!     0:00:00     $20
Maria Gutierrez Modesto CA Alan delnero 3 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Need ham Cancer society $9
Kathryn Hall-Boyer MODESTO CA To the coalition soldiers in Afghanistan. 5 11:00 AM 0:10:00     $100
Veronica Oliver Modesto CA With God all is Possible! This run is dedicated to my children Alexis,Jesse,Alexander and Adrianna 10 10:00 AM 0:10:50 Rose Avenue and allover north Modesto Modesto Gospel Mission $25
Cheryl Brewster moraga CA Dedicating this run to my daughter, Annie! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:10:15     $5
Jenny Clare Moraga CA This run is for Melissa Huckentodd, keep fighting the fight - you are awesome!!! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:10:30 Starbucks, Moraga, CA Melissa Huckentodd $25
Mindy Sauve Moraga CA Dedicated to my Dad who never got to see me run my first marathon. 6.2 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Starbucks Cancer Research $25
Gary Cavender Moreno Valley CA For my dad, who knew I was capable of much more and never let me settle for less. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 My Treadmill Susan G. Komen $20
Tristine Jakubs morgan hill CA Love you, Mom. I miss you! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:15:00 Morgan Hill, CA Lung Cancer Alliance $100
Ann Neir Mountain View CA Ad astra per aspera     0:00:00     $5
Laura Fraley Murrieta CA Dedicated to my big brother, Jason. Who I miss every day. 6.2 9:00 AM 0:11:20 Rancho California Road American Foundation for Suicide Prevention $25
MARYANN AGUILAR NATIONAL CITY CA To the person who inspired me to start running... Miss ya! You know who you are 7 3:00 PM 0:12:00 balboa park Make a wish foundation of san diego $10
Anne Draucker New Cuyama CA I want to go to there. 3.1 10:00 AM 0:11:00 bike trail along canal   $9
mark freeman newbury park CA Running for my kids 6 8:00 AM 0:10:00     $9
Pamela Newcomb Newport Beach CA NewCoulter Love!!! 3 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Back Bay, Newport Beach, CA United Way $50
Pamela Newcomb Newport Beach CA Rock your Run 2011!   9:00 AM 0:12:00 Back Bay, Newport Beach, CA United Way $50
Elizabeth Gompert Northridge CA For all my grandparents, who I know are cheering me on. 3 7:00 AM 0:11:30 Northridge, CA   $25
Lourdes Lopez-Roche Oakland CA Mom, We love you! 6 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA American Cancer Society $50
Roderick Roche Oakland CA Mom, We Love You! 6 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA American Cancer Society $50
Jessica Creech Oceanside CA Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records." - William Arthur Ward" 10 8:00 AM 0:09:45 North River Road, Douglas Drive, San Luis Rey River Trail   $20
paula hamilton ontario CA As a US Navy Vietnam Veteran, I dedicate my run to Vietnam Veterans - Welcome Home! 8 5:00 AM 0:11:00 Riverside and Vineyard Ave. in Ontario, CA Team USO $200
Sarah Jackson Orcutt CA PWRful runner 10 Not sure 0:08:30 not sure, but probably around Orcutt, CA   $20
alejandra garcia orland CA thanks to my dad and mom for everything 8 6:00 AM 0:08:21 anywhere as long is outside and beatifull and not raining or windy love   $25
Eric Baker Palm Springs CA Running for Foster/Adopted Kids Everywhere 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Mountain Gate For the Children $20
Diane Hutchison Palo Alto CA Seize the Day! 13 10:00 AM 0:13:00     $100
V Brown Pasadena CA Run world, run! 6 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Pasadena   $5
DEVRA STEARLEY Penngrove CA Life is full of adventures yet to be explored. Happy 54th John!!! 3 Not sure 0:00:00 Neighborhood parks American Liver Foundation $20
Monica Decker Placentia CA Never stop... 7 7:00 AM 0:09:30 San Luis Obispo, CA - downtown   $20
Bryan Parrish Pleasanton CA Hi. 13.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00     $1
Teri Skinner Pleasanton CA Running is a joy. 6.2 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Near Pleasanton CA ALAC $25
Crystal Lindemood Poway CA This is for you Cristal! 5 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Otis Place, Poway Rd, Midland Rd, American Cancer Society $10
Michael Parry quail valley CA for my friend Bruce Rdogers who can't run with me today. 8 6:00 AM 0:14:00 down goetz rd. over the mountain down to canyon lake and back second chance.SanDiego $40
James Smith Red Bluff CA Humans were made to run. Alberto Salazar 13 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Roads of Red Bluff or Chico, California SWEAT $20
Melissa Gruhler Redding CA To my loved ones that have fought the battle, this is for you! 13.1 12:00 PM 0:11:00 Sacramento River Trail Think Pink $25
Jennifer Henry-Silva Redding CA Running because I can & for those who can't. Not Sure   0:00:00     $25
E Aoki Redondo Beach CA Run with purpose. 5 7:00 AM 0:10:00 The Strand in Hermosa Beach, CA Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times $20
Angelique Whitcomb redondo beach CA * 3.1 6:00 AM 0:15:00 Orlando Florida Richstone Family Center $50
Laura Bailiff Riverside CA Hoping to inspire others to get out there and discover running. 8 6:00 AM 0:08:45 Gage Canal Wounded Warriors $25
Kandi DeCarlo Riverside CA Dedicated to Navy Seal Foundation 10 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Victoria Avenue starting at Central toward Van Buren Hooyah! $25
Stephanie Russell Riverside CA I dedicate this run I dedicate this run to my husband and best friend, Greg! 5 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA Juvenile Diabetes Foundation $5
Greg Russell Riverside CA I dedicate this run to my wife - who is my inspiration to get moving again! 5 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA Juvenile Diabetes Foundation $5
Jamie Wrage Riverside CA Move those feet people! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:11:35 Rivera and Market Olive Crest $50
Chris Furtsch Roseville CA Be Active , Stay Young! 6 Not sure 0:10:00 Woodcreek Blvd. American Cancer $5
Larry Juras Roseville CA dedicated to Mary Ellen 6   0:00:00     $10
Lyndsey Nelson Roseville CA Happy New Year! :) 10 12:00 PM 0:08:00 East Roseville Parkway Make a Wish $5
Michelle Risse Roseville CA Run for life! 10 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Diamond Oaks road   $1
Yanelis Rios Sacramento CA God gave us legs, let's use 'em! -YMR Not Sure Not sure 0:08:30     $1
Taunia Corwin Salida CA For my Dad, Carl K. Scott, who was the best Dad a girl could ask for. Love you and miss you!! 8 7:00 AM 0:10:00 La Loma Park Modesto, CA The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $50
Karen Hall Salinas CA It's fun to run :) 5 4:00 PM 0:11:00 Toro Park, Salinas, CA UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) $50
Joseph Maniulit Salinas CA Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Rohn"   7:00 AM 0:09:30 St. Edwards Drive. N. Madeira ave. (Around the neighborhood $10
Graciela Guardado San Bernardino CA Thaks Omar for not divorcing me 13.1 7:00 AM 0:13:00 Redlands Blvd. before University of Redlands!!! Werner Family $8
Graciela Guardado San Bernardino CA Thanks to family for support !! 13.1 7:00 AM 0:13:00 Redlands Blvd. before University of Redlands!!! Werner Family $8
eva alvarado San Diego CA Run like hell and get the agony over with. --Clarence DeMar 10   0:09:40 RB Trail United Through Reading $3
Suzie Bailey San Diego CA The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.." John Milton" 3 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Gramercy and Ruffin American Cancer Society $20
Amanda Bevers San Diego CA My running is dedicated to my grandmother who inspired me to always try harder!   9:00 AM 0:09:00 Balboa Park AmeriCorps $20
Elisa Halper San Diego CA Run for your life!"" 4   0:00:00     $10
Kenna Kamery San Diego CA Yaaaay I made it!! 5 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Mira Mar Lake Ca National MS Society $5
Kaila Kamery San Diego CA WooHoo! I ran the whole thing!! 5 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Mira Mar Lake Ca National MS Society $5
Marcy KameryStephen San Diego CA This run is for my Lovely Daughters...You are the best!! Don't give up, don't ever give up!!-Coach V 5 9:00 AM 0:11:00 MiraMar lake National MS Society $20
Caleb Maxwell San Diego CA Ren Maxwell 5 9:00 AM 0:07:00 Lake Murray, San Diego, CA Disabled American Veterans $20
Lauren Schroeder San Diego CA This is in honor of my Grandfather and Grandmother who passed away this year. 5 10:00 AM 0:11:00 Lake Miramar, CA Sumter Tomey Hospital Hospice $50
Julie Gage San Francisco CA Dedicated to Japan and the fight against cancer. We must all unite in love. 13 Not sure 0:11:00   AICR and The American Red Cross $25
David McClure San Francisco CA Enjoy!     0:00:00     $10
Charissa Ng San Francisco CA Dedicated to my hubby, my family, my friends, and my dog. 13.1   0:00:00   Glide Memorial Church $20
Jilma Ordonez San Jacinto CA Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts 5 7:00 AM 0:11:08 Redlands University * Cancer * $50
Eric Berggren San Jose CA In loving memory of Lorraine Berggren 6.2 7:00 AM 0:08:34 Rancho San Antinio, Cupertino, CA Americian Cancer Society $25
Cynthia Corral San Jose CA I'd rather run than watch football! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:11:00 Shadow Estates Humane Society $10
Susana Hicks San Jose CA Happiness is not a destination but a way of life!!! 8 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Guadalupe trail on Hedding to HP and back to Airport Next Door Domestic Violence Shelter $20
Phyllis Karsten san Jose CA Just for the fun of it! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:17:00 Home on San Felipe Rd, San Jose, Ca YWCA $20
Phyllis Karsten san Jose CA Just for the fun of it! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:17:00 Home in San Jose, Ca YWCA $20
Jan Miller San Jose CA Thanks, Velma!!! Not Sure   0:12:30     $25
Christine Pruden San Jose CA Every little bit counts! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:14:00 Club One   $20
Jay Robison San Jose CA I run because I have to. Not Sure   0:11:00     $25
Maria Roman San Jose CA For Mom 10 9:00 AM 0:09:45 Quicksilver Park Nepal Youth Foundation $200
Peter Smeys San Jose CA For Mom     0:00:00   Nepal Youth Foundation $200
Sandra Villarreal San Jose CA Now you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows.... Not Sure 9:00 AM 0:12:00     $20
Ivette Colondres san marcos CA Run for those who can't 3.1 10:00 AM 0:15:00 Discovery Lake, San Marcos CA National Association of the Deaf $25
Jeff Henson San Marcos CA For a better life Not Sure 8:00 AM 0:00:00     $5
Johnny Lara San Marcos CA 4spaz 13.1   0:08:15 Oceanside Pier Cancer Society $5
Kristin Olson San Pedro CA . 3   0:00:00     $1
James Benham Santa Barbara CA Because I can and others can't. 3   0:09:40   Lance Armstrong Foundation $25
rochelle del rosario Santa Clara CA Run For life 7 7:00 AM 0:59:15 Los Gatos trail CAlifornia Kids Foundation $5
Tami Fumoto Santa Clara CA Be healthy and live happy 3.1 8:00 AM 0:11:00 Monroe Street, San Tomas Aquino Trail ARF $50
David Kasses Santa Clara CA For Duane 6.2 11:00 AM 0:00:00 Rancho San Antonio, Cupertino, CA LiveStrong $25
Anthony Rojas Santa Clara CA If the word quit is part of your vocabulary, then the word finish is likely not." - B.G. Jett" 10 8:00 AM 0:10:30     $5
Rachael Walth Santa Margarita CA Not the swiftest or the one with the most miles, but definitely one of the happiest. Not Sure 10:00 AM 0:12:00     $9
Dawn Pasetta Santa Maria CA Wahoo!! Let's do it everyone!!! 5 8:00 AM 0:04:30     $50
karen morrison santa monica CA I run because I can and that's a wonderful thing 13.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00   autism speaks $100
Emily Dickey Santa Rosa CA Never Quit!!! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:10:00 Ursuline Rd and Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa, CA Sutter VNA and Hospice $5
Jen Westcott Santa Rosa CA We dedicate this run to compassionate treatment of animals! 3 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Santa Rosa, CA Farm Sancturary Adopt-a-Turkey Project $25
Hayley Westcott Santa Rosa CA We dedicate our run to compassionate treatment of all animals! 3 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Santa Rosa, CA Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-a-Turkey Project $25
Eric Westcott Santa Rosa CA We dedicate this run to compassionate treatment of animals! 3 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Santa Rosa, CA Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-a-Turkey Project $25
Trey Westcott Santa Rosa CA We dedicate this run to compassionate treatment of animals! 3 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Santa Rosa, CA Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-a-Turkey Project $25
Janet Marquard Sherman Oaks CA For NEVHC, the best CHC in the world 3.1 Not sure 0:12:00   Northeast Valley Health Corporation $20
sharon nemec sherman oaks CA Dedicated to mom and dad 5 9:00 AM 0:11:00 bike trail on bus line local animal shelter $25
Erin Pueblo Simi Valley CA Its an achievement.""     0:00:00     $5
Adelia Barros-Parker Soquel CA Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back 6.2 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Nisene Marks State Park ACS's Relay for Health - Santa Cruz $20
ROSEMARY MERIWETHER SPRING VALLEY CA The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. 3.1 6:00 AM 0:08:30 NAVAL STATION SAN DIEGO   $50
Mimi Broekhoven Stockton CA The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race. -Unknown 6.2 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Near the University of the Pacific. Delta Humane Society & S.P.C.A. $10
austin callahan stockton CA To keep balance in life you have to lose balance in Love."" 7 9:00 AM 0:11:00 8 mile road, Trinity road, Cosumnes Dr. Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship program $1
Mark Grabowski Stockton CA Alicia I love more than all the sweat that will pour off me while I run this event. :-P 6 9:00 AM 0:08:00 Solano Ave. near Colonial Heights School Twin Oaks Church $40
Christine Kroger Stockton CA Not leaving a message 5 11:00 AM 0:11:00 UOP Pets and Pals $100
Dhiraj Kashyap Sunnyvale CA Dedicate to my daughter Shreya. 5 7:00 AM 0:12:00 655 S Fair Oaks Ave, Sunnyvale, CA   $20
josh bechtoldt temecula CA Have a great run 6.2 8:00 AM 0:00:00     $1
Lavera Perkins Temecula CA God bless all the participant in their journey for a good cause. 5 Not sure 0:05:10   mountain view community church $50
April Potter Temecula CA Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Redhawk Parkway & Vail Ranch Parkway Loop Mountain View Community Church $25
Cathryn Croall Thousand Oaks CA I run for my father, Ronald James Tagliani who left this earth at the young age of 46. Miss you Dad. 12 6:00 AM 0:09:30 Ventura, CA Doctors without Borders $50
Karin Weller Turlock CA My life is my message 27 7:00 AM 0:12:00   Howard Training Center $50
Ranica Holmgren Union City CA In memory of my father who loved to run, Wallace C. Yao. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:30 Quarry Lakes American Cancer Society $50
Nicole Ankney Vacaville CA i love to run   9:00 AM 0:09:00     $20
herlie caguiat valencia CA Don't quit. Just RUN! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:00:00 during Santa Clarita Marathon St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $9
Lucy Fagundes visalia CA   Not sure 0:00:00     $1
Terrence Keller Visalia CA For my wife I dedicate all of my runs and races to my wife who is fighting lung cancer 6 6:00 AM 0:09:00 Corner of live oak lane and live oak loop in Albuquerque, new mexico Livestrong $20
Joan Barber West Sacramento CA Every day is a good day when you run."" 3 8:00 AM 0:10:00 West Sacramento, CA St. Joseph's Outreach Program $100
Kim DeWeese West Sacramento CA Strength and Courage to be me 5 9:00 AM 0:06:00 West Sacramento, CA Autism Speaks $20
Jenee Vo Westminster CA For my nieces & nephews bc they're my sunshine :) 10 Not sure 0:12:00 Not sure where I'll be Autism Speaks $20
VICTORIA FOSTER YORBA LINDA CA To my Mom, Elizabeth Henderson; best Mom, best friend, best everything. Miss U So Much - Vickitree 5 9:00 AM 0:13:15 bike/ped trail in Yorba Linda, CA Breast Cancer Awareness $10
Angelica Moore Yucaipa CA I would never have gotten to this point without my running partner Grace. 13.1 7:00 AM 0:13:00 Redlands Blvd. A high school East University of Redlands Children's Christian Fund $45
Maresa Hubbard Aurora CO The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." John Bingham" 3 7:00 AM 0:13:00 Utah Park, Aurora, CO Denver Dumb Friends League $20
Kathy Parsons Aurora CO If we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we've always gotten."" 4 8:00 AM 0:14:00 Tower Rd and Mississippi MS Society $5
Karin Berry Boulder CO To my family! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Baseline and Cherryvale American Cancer Society $1
Patricia Jarvis Boulder CO Run/walk-just move! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:30 4445 Apple Way UNICEF $50
John Jarvis Boulder CO Run/walk-just move! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 4445 Apple Way UNICEF $5
Sam Jarvis Boulder CO Run/walk-just move! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 4445 Apple Way UNICEF $1
Jack Jarvis Boulder CO Run/walk-just move! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 4445 Apple Way UNICEF $1
Barbara Berge Canon City CO To all my running friends 3.1   0:10:15 Sand Gulch HOC CASA $25
Mieke Davis Canon City CO To good friends, may we continue to run for many years! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:10:15 Sand Gulch HOC CASA $25
Rebecca Ernster Canon City CO Run world, run! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:10:05 Sand Gulch HOC CASA $20
Vicki Tolka Castle Rock CO I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 13.1 10:00 PM 0:11:00 Plum Creek Trail in Castle Rock, CO Impact International $25
Becky Calder Centennial CO Run for the glory of God! Go Team Samaraitan's Purse! Not Sure   0:00:00   Samaritan's Purse World Medical Mission $25
Darryl Miller Centennial CO Be In It To Win It"" 6 6:00 AM 0:10:00 Centennial Co. Daniels Park Joshuia Station $10
Marylee Miller Centennial CO All The Way And Then Some"" 5 6:00 AM 0:15:00 Centennial Co. Daniels Park Joshuia Station $5
hydi peterson Colorado Springs CO Come run together in Higashi Kurume Tokyo Japan   6:00 AM 0:00:00 Higashi Kurume Train Station East exit   $6
Mary Toman Colorado Springs CO Run one day at a time 8   0:00:00 Monument, CO SF Avon Walk for Breast Cancer $25
Shani Vegoren Colorado Springs CO Happy World Run Day! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:00:00 Streets Colorado Greyhound Adoption Org $50
Kay Woltman Colorado Springs CO This is the day that the Lorad has made! 6 8:00 AM 0:10:00 My neighborhood   $1
Leda Stinson Delta CO Run. Run some more. 5 1:00 PM 0:08:00 Confluence Park Oceana, NRDC $25
Tammy Adkins denver CO Desire is the most important factor in the success of any athlete." ~Willie Shoemaker" 6.2 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Golden Colorado   $1
Chris Lynn Denver CO Dedicated to my dad. 13.1 10:00 AM 0:09:30 17th and Holly Denver Rocky Mountain Chapter Leukemia Lymphoma Society $50
Sara Roewe Denver CO The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."" Not Sure 9:00 AM 0:12:00     $1
Lucinda Long-Webb Durango CO Dedicated to my kidney donor from California & my husband, Lance Webb. New Kidney on 4-13-2007. 4 9:00 AM 0:03:33 3337 C.R. 141 Durango, Colorado 81303 Davita Durango Dialysis Center $100
Lisa Austin Evergreen CO In memory of my Mom Not Sure 9:00 AM 0:00:00 Evergreen Highlands Mountain Resource Center $50
Nicky Willis Firestone CO Run and Your Heart Will Be Happy! 15   0:07:45     $10
Monica Paez Fort Collins CO No hay cielo como el de Quito Not Sure Not sure 0:00:00     $2
Aaron Ramos Fort Collins CO I run for Bella Not Sure   0:00:00     $1
Linda Ripley Fort Collins CO Happy Thanksgiving     0:09:30     $1
Shannon Townsend Fort Collins CO Not Sure   0:00:00     $5
PJ Larson Fruita CO dance your run! 6 8:00 AM 0:10:00 18rd, Lrd, 20rd, 19rd Catholic Outreach soup kitchen $20
david quigley ft. collins CO training to racewalk a half marathon, goal today is a 2 hr workout in this beautiufl town of F.C. 9 4:00 AM 0:12:00 City Park PVHS Cancer Center $100
Dean Hess Golden CO Run Golden! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Golden, Colorado   $10
Jason Platt Golden CO For the people impacted by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami 5 9:00 AM 0:08:00 Matthews/Winters Open Space Park Red Cross $20
Amelia Platt Golden CO For the people of Japan impacted by the earthquake 5 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Matthews/Winters Open Space Park Red Cross $20
Valerie Johnson Grand Junction CO If you fall, hit the ground Running"" 3.1 Not sure 0:10:00 Turkey Flats World Wild Life Fund $9
Valerie Krebs Grand Junction CO Nothing is Impossible! 5 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Lunch Loop Trails   $20
Laetitia Linard Grand Junction CO Pour tous ceux que j'aime pour la vie 10 Not sure 0:09:00 Lake Park Ct, Grand Junction, Co   $1
Joshua Linard Grand Junction CO Amuse-toi bien 5 Not sure 0:09:00 Lake Park Ct, Grand Junction, Co   $1
Amber Pommarane Grand Junction CO I run for my children. My daughter is almost 3 and she loves to run. 6.2 6:00 PM 0:08:35 Start my run from my home address   $25
Heather Steele Grand Junction CO We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. - Konrad Adenauer 6.2 9:00 AM 0:11:30 The country roads of Fruita Colorado Donate Life America $100
Scott Lasher Greenwood Village CO I dedicate this run to Tracy Abel 10 7:00 AM 0:09:30 Belleview and DTC Blvd.   $100
Sarah Hoge Highlands Ranch CO Happy Running! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:00:00 Home   $5
Angel Parker highlands Ranch CO This Run is for my mom and my Grandma's 10 Not sure 0:11:20 Highlands Ranch Trails. Back Country. Compassion Child $20
Cheryll Paull Highlands Ranch CO The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." --John Bingham" 7 8:00 AM 0:14:30 Johnson Reservoir - Littleton, CO   $1
Jim Paull Highlands Ranch CO The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."  John Bingham" 3 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Johnson Reservoir - Littleton, CO   $1
Jennifer Robbins Highlands Ranch CO All I really wish to say Is I can't wait for World Run Day 3.1 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Highlands Ranch March of Dimes $100
Leslie Hickman Johnstown CO This is for my brother in Japan. Hopefully we are running together!! 7 8:00 AM 0:11:04 Johnstown backroads Susan G Komen $25
Tammi Croteau Lafayette CO Happy Holidays to my EOD friends and family all over the world this holiday season!! 3.1 11:00 AM 0:09:45 Lafayette Rec Center Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation $50
Tammi Croteau Lafayette CO Happy New Year to all my EOD brothers and sisters throughout the world! 5 2:00 PM 0:09:55 Lafayette Rec Center Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation $25
Jennifer Anders Lakewood CO Dedicated to all runners 3.1 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Red Rocks Ampitheatre Morrison, Colorado Team A $1
Loay Boggess Lakewood CO Running for my Life! GO granny GO granny GO granny GO! 5 11:00 AM 0:11:00 Bear Creek path, Lakewood/Denver Goodwill $10
Loay Boggess Lakewood CO Running for my Life! GO granny GO granny GO granny GO! 5 11:00 AM 0:11:00 Bear Creek path, Lakewood/Denver Goodwill $10
Danielle Jordan Lakewood CO Where is the finish line? Wait, where is the start line?   6:00 AM 0:11:18 Sloans Lake   $1
Stacy McKenzie Lakewood CO We are all in this together! 13.1 9:00 AM 0:14:00 Scottsdale, AZ   $50
garth englund littleton CO This run is dedicated to my Father! 6.2 10:00 AM 0:10:00 1299 e green meadow lane cancer league $10
Shannon Burgert Louisville CO I can't imagine life without running--it's at my core. 9   0:10:00   Heifer International $5
Paulette Jackson Lovelad CO For Mary Jo Oblinger 5 Not sure 0:10:00 Boise Ave. to bike path then to Boyd Lake and back. Loveland, CO Susan G. Komen $25
laura harris loveland CO Keep Moving 4   0:11:00   Larimer Humane Society $25
Nicole Lanser Loveland CO Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Downtown Loveland, CO Breast Cancer Research Foundation $10
Kim Walkowicz Loveland CO All my love to best friend & husband! XOXO!! 4 8:00 AM 0:10:00 The Ranch, Loveland, CO Fort Collins Cat Rescue $25
jena Goshia Mead CO Running in Memory of: LCP Maung Htaik, KIA 1/1/11 and Cpl Jacob Tate, KIA 1/2/11 6.2 10:00 AM 0:13:00 CR 36, CR 7, CR 38 in Mead, CO Longmont Humane Society $25
keith Goshia Mead CO Running in Memory of: LCP Joseph Giese, KIA 1/7/11 6.2 10:00 AM 0:10:10 CR 38, CR 7, CR 36 in Mead, CO Longmont Humane Society $25
Carlton Mason Montrose CO Hope its warm 2 9:00 AM 0:14:30 Will begin at the Ouray County Line on Government Springs Rd, montrose Life Choices Family Resource Center $9
Carlton Mason Montrose CO great start to the holidays 3 9:00 AM 0:16:00 county line on Government Sprg rd life choices family resource center $9
Kay Mason Montrose CO Dedicated to all the young women in Montrose who come to Life Choices for parenting classes. 5 9:00 AM 0:15:05 Government Springs Road, Ouray County Line Life Choices Family Resource Center $25
Jeannie Mueller Montrose CO Everyone Run! 10 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Grand Junction   $1
Chris Rogers Parker CO Runners just do it - they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first. 10 8:00 AM 0:07:30 Cherry Creek Path American Diabetes Association $20
Devin Skelton Beacon Falls CT Running for my dad who died of heart disease 8 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Burton Road American heart association $20
Michelle Williams Branford CT Pain is just weakness leaving the body! 3.1 10:00 PM 0:09:00 West Haven CT Alma E. Pagels PTA -Playground PRIDE $25
Kelly Kucia Burlington CT Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. 5 9:00 AM 0:10:00   Susan B. Komen $25
Kelly Kucia Burlington CT For my best friend Andy. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Burlington, CT Blue Star Families $25
Ben Mattheis Cheshire CT Bozrah 2011 DEBTiConn Super Bowl Sunday 5K 3.1 9:00 AM 0:08:00 Town Center Save the Passenger Liner SS United States $20
Ben Mattheis Cheshire CT Sterling 2011 DEBTiConn Super Bowl 5K 3.1 11:00 AM 0:08:00 Might not start til Noon. Town Center. Save the Passenger Liner SS United States $20
Ben Mattheis Cheshire CT DEBTiConn Little Town of Bethlehem Karen Rogers 5K 9:30 AM at Town Hall 3.1 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Out and Back from town Center Save the Passenger Liner SS United States ! $10
Jenna McLaughlin Cheshire CT Happy world run day! 5 10:00 AM 0:00:00     $5
Karen Rogers Clinton CT Happy Valentine's Day to all the Runners out there! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Bethlehem Town Hall, Main Street, Bethlehem CT, Cornwall Town hall, Cornwall, CT American Cancer Society $25
Karen Rogers Clinton CT Karen R racing across CT with the DEBT'ers of CT 6.2 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Main Street, Bozrah,CT and Main Street, Sterling CT American Cancer Society $40
Laurie Nagy Colchester CT Running rocks! 3.1 11:00 AM 0:17:00 Colchester Airline Spur Breast Care Awareness $10
Daphne Mills Danbury CT living and loving life 5 Not sure 0:00:00     $9
Deanna Bush Groton CT 3.1 Not sure 0:14:00 Groton, CT Susan G. Komen $25
Michael Bush Groton CT You cannot talk your way out of what you've behaved yourself into. 9 Not sure 0:00:00 Groton, CT Susan G. Komen 3 Day $25
Dawn Blizzard Hamden CT Be the change you wish to see in the world 3.1 8:00 AM 0:25:00     $20
Sherry Gordon Hamden CT Dedicated to Hubert Dailey 12 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Hamden Red Cross $50
Donna Nunno Milford CT What we believe drives us, but what we do defines us"" 5 10:00 AM 0:09:00 Along the shore Melanoma Research Foundation $100
Ana Nelson Monroe CT When the world says, Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."" 3.1 7:00 AM 0:08:10 Corner of A1A and Spanish River Blvd. Alzheimer's Association CT Chapter $20
Arthur Nelson Monroe CT Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:10:05 Corner of A1A and Spanish River Blvd. Alzheimer's Association CT Chapter $10
Faith Ficarra New Fairfield CT I run for me. 3 8:00 AM 0:09:30 Local roads in NF   $1
Margaret Waluk Newington CT WooHoo! 10 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Cornwall Ave Cheshire CT Alzheimer's Association $5
Janeen Skutnik-Wilkinson Oneco CT I run because i can 13.1 6:00 AM 0:09:00     $50
Lisa SanSoucie Prospect CT Dedicated to Judith Ann Berry Kurtz 3.1 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Rails to Trails" starting at Cornwall Ave. in Cheshire CT." CT Cancer Society $20
Debra Ward Quaker Hill CT To complete my 50k of races for turning 50years old goal 3.1 7:00 AM 0:06:30 the race course for an event i co-coordinate and therefore cannot run myself $50
Peggy Lyons-Bradley Rowayton CT What you hide from owns you"" 12 7:00 AM 0:09:30 Rowayton Ave, Rowayton American Cancer Society $500
Allison Bartkus stamford CT Run 5   0:00:00     $5
Whitney Mercurio STratford CT Happy 4th everyone!! 8 7:00 AM 0:09:45 773 Judson Pl. Stratford, CT   $25
Nicole Terrizzi Stratford CT Our sport is other sport's punishment XC runners 3 11:00 AM 0:09:00 Nemergut Dr, Huntington etc Relay for Life $1
Rachel Stansel Vernon CT God bless America! 6 Not sure 0:10:00 Herring pond, Eastman CT Jack k fund $5
Lisa Schain Waterbury CT run smarter, not harder   9:00 AM 0:09:35 street Autism Speaks $5
Aleksandra Banasik West Hartford CT I am not afraid. I was born to do this."" 12 Not sure 0:09:30 Blue Back Square   $1
Kevin Clewes West Hartford CT It starts with the first step............... 10 9:00 AM 0:09:30 West Hartford Reservoir Susan G Komen $50
Carrie LaSpada West Hartford CT A special dedication to all our friends in Japan...we run for you with love and support. 10 6:00 AM 0:09:00     $9
John LaSpada West Hartford CT With love...   5:00 PM 0:10:00     $10
Charles Lucas Westport CT my dad     0:00:00     $1
Melinda Cavicchia Washington DC Any day can be a run day! 9 8:00 AM 0:10:40 The National Mall and Hain's Point Red Cross $100
Melody Feldman Washington DC Can't wait to run! 2 Not sure 0:14:00     $10
Rebecca Laremont washington DC In honor of Forrest Leamon 6.2 9:00 AM 0:08:45 Rock Creek Park, DC DEA Survivors Benefit Fund $100
Melissa Weaver Washington DC We must be the change we want to see in the world 8 9:00 AM 0:09:00 c&o canal, lock 9- maryland   $50
Sabrina Costa Dover DE Dedicated to those I love. 8 3:00 PM 0:10:00 Dover AFB housing or treadmill depending on weather ASPCA $25
Theresa Major Newark DE Heb 12:1 Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us" LUV x 6" 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:30 Glasgow Park in Bear, DE American Breast Cancer Society $10
Miranda Blizzard Rehoboth Beach DE Running for Fun 3.1 9:00 AM 0:00:00     $1
CK Allen Wilmington DE running for the baby girl I'm having in February! 3.1 10:00 AM 0:00:00 KCCC | Rehoboth Beach, Delaware junior league of philadelphia $50
Beth Dewson Wilmington DE Paul's Kids Vietnam Children's Charity 5 9:00 AM 0:12:30   Paul's Kids Vietnam Children's Charity $25
Kathleen Murray Wilmington DE smile 3.1 11:00 AM 0:12:30 Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE Veterans Run $20
Gayle Kurtzer Boynton Beach FL Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or happier-Mother Teresa- 3.1 7:00 AM 0:05:05 Flavor Pct/Jog Road American Heart Association $5
Shannon Weil Boynton Beach FL Life is good! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Cracker Barrel Island dogs $100
Janie Hamilton Brandon FL This run is for me, never thought I could run the distance. But I have and I'm still going :) Not Sure 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Stillview cr and highview Moffit cancer center $10
ELIZABETH KOVACS Brandon FL I LOVE MY DOGS: Maci & Mica 3.1 Not sure 0:11:19 Bermuda Lake Dr ASPCA $35
Adam Sparkman Brooksville FL Hello     0:00:00     $1
Justin Pickering Cape Coral FL WWW.GROWAFRICAINC.ORG HELP US BUILD WELLS IN ZAMBIA!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! 18 8:00 AM 0:10:15 NE 15th PL, Cape Coral, FL 33909 GROW Africa $200
marian casteel cirus springs FL I am dedicating this race to my wonderfull husband because he has never beeen able to run. 13.1 7:00 AM 0:12:30 starting at magenta st. withlacoochee trail in citrus springs florida muscular dystophy association $50
Ashly Decker Citrus Springs FL You are the only person stopping yourself! 3.1 11:00 AM 0:13:30 Withlacoochee State Trail United Way of Marion County $5
Alfredo Acosta Clearwater FL Carpe Diem 5 Not sure 0:10:00 Palmetto St, Myrtle Ave, Court St St Jude Hospital $1
Dena Dahlquist Clearwater FL I can outrun Chuck Norris! 3 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Feather Sound Drive, Clearwater, FL ASPCA $10
lora edwards coral springs FL This is for my mom, aunts, sisters and friends. 4 7:00 AM 0:10:00 home sos children's village $5
Stephanie Rosenthal Coral Springs FL Dedicated to my amazing mom! I miss her with every bit of my heart. Happy 4th to family & friends! 6 6:00 AM 0:09:00 Fort Myers Beach, behind Smugglers Cove Condo (Estero Blvd) St. Jude $20
VaTema Ivy Crestview FL I dedicate this run to my husband Vern who is currently deployed to Iraq. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:09 Brooks Street, The Landing Park in Fort Walton Beach, FL Susan G. Kormen for Breast Cancer $50
Mary Valdez Crestview FL Running to support fallen soldiers...SOWF, see you at Destin 50Miler in Feb! Not Sure 5:00 PM 0:08:34 Brooke Estates Special Operations Warrior Foundation $25
Karen Pohl Crystal River FL I dedicate my run in memory of Freda Crawford. She was truly a Godsend to my daughter and I. 13.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Barge Canal Trail, Crystal River, FL T-shirts for Turkeys $20
Serena Pohl Crystal River FL For Nana, she fought a brain tumor, and made it. If she can handle that I can handle this. 2 8:00 AM 0:00:00 Barge Canal Trail, Crystal River, FL T-shirts for Turkeys $9
Sam Parise Fernadina Beach FL Running keeps your mind happy! 3 4:00 PM 0:09:45 SeaSide Beach to Main Beach and Back   $5
Tina Book Fort Myers FL Go green! 10 7:00 AM 0:12:00 Ivory Stone Loop in Gateway Young Life $25
angie glynn fort myers FL Gambatte! 6 9:00 AM 0:09:00     $25
Joni Johnson Ft Myers FL     0:00:00     $20
Kenneth Whitfield Ft. Lauderdale FL Happy Father's Day Dad 5 9:00 AM 0:05:25 South Beach Park in Ft Lauderdale Beach   $25
Deanna Ash Gainesville FL Dedicated to my daughters. 5 7:00 AM 0:10:00 In my neighborhood   $10
Brian Daniels Gainesville FL I do today what others won't in order to somday do what others can't. I do because I tri. 8 9:00 AM 0:12:00 home World Wildlife Foundation $1
Donna Davis Gainesville FL to all those folks that want to do this and can't. This is for you! 10 Not sure 0:11:25 16th Avenue   $25
Kathryn E Gainesville FL Happy VDay to all. If you don't care of your body, who will?     0:00:00   SJV $20
Lesley Hines Gainesville FL In honor of my mother, the strongest person I know. 5 6:00 PM 0:10:00 Newberry Road and 62nd Blvd American Lung Association $50
Teresa Kauf Gainesville FL Dedicating this run to Jill Boylston Herndon, who inspired my love of running. 8 8:00 AM 0:10:30 Turnberry Lake Hospice Compassus, McComb, MS $50
Jesse Trionfi Gainesville FL We are completers, not competers"" 3.1 9:00 AM 0:00:00 Westside Park Gainesville,FL   $1
Megan Turner Gainesville FL We are completers, not competers"" 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Westside Park, Gainesville, FL   $1
Vani Line gibsonton FL this run is for my two sisters. Love you! 3   0:10:00     $1
Janine Jeffries Hollywood FL We GO! 3 6:00 PM 0:11:00 72nd and Sheridan St. Bernadette $1
Krysten Pogue Hollywood FL In memory of Edward Pogue Jr., & Janice & Vernon Faircloth 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Funston St, Washington St, Three Islands Park Lung Cancer Alliance $5
Jonathan Faircloth Hollywood, FL FL In memory of Edward Pogue Jr, & Janice & Vernon Faircloth 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Funston St, Washington St, Three Islands Park Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $5
Joanne Granese Indiantown FL Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow"" 5 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Seminole Drive Susan G. Komen $25
Sherry Benz Jacksonville FL my dad!!!!!! 10 8:00 AM 0:59:00     $5
Mariah Browne Jacksonville FL I doooo it 3 2:00 PM 0:04:00 Losco Road or Town Center Parkway Sister to Sister Foundation $9
Courtney Hardage Jacksonville FL This is dedicated to my Father who passed away 5/26/11 from cancer. 5 2:00 PM 0:11:00 McGirts Boulevard American Cancer Society $50
Susan Jones Jacksonville FL I dedicate this run to my husband, LTC Scott Jones serving in Afghanistan. 6 7:00 AM 0:10:00 my neighborhood Wounded Warriors $5
Josefa Nazareno Jacksonville FL WORLD PEACE Not Sure 7:00 AM 0:11:00 don't know yet   $1
Josef Nazareno Jacksonville FL WORLD PEACE Not Sure 7:00 AM 0:00:00     $1
Alan Nazareno Jacksonville FL WORLD PEACE     0:00:00     $1
Joel Nazareno Jacksonville FL WORLD PEACE   7:00 AM 0:00:00     $1
Richard Martin Jensen Beach FL For Holli, I love you! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:08:00 Pineapple Cove Appartments Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society $20
Karina Bowders KEY WEST FL To Hope"" 8 Not sure 0:00:00     $1
BETH JECK KISSIMMEE FL I can do it! 11 Not sure 0:08:00 1439 sheana lane, my home na $1
Amanda Henry Land o lakes FL :-) 9 7:00 AM 0:09:30 Sierra rd $20
Jessamyn Lagasca Land O Lakes FL Live your life...RUN!!"" 3.1 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Plantation Palms Blvd Lutz Land O Lakes Pregnancy Center $5
Kristine Bamford Lutz FL New year, new beginnings. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Dale Mabry/VanDyke or Citrus Park area Lifepath Hospice $20
Katherine Shafer Maitland FL We are running for everyone battling cancer. 13.1 6:00 AM 0:10:00 Kissimmee Lakefront American Cancer Society $10
Debbie Bloch Miami FL Just Do It Every Damn Day! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Neighborhood Susan B. Komen $20
ron groce miami FL live love learn 12   0:08:26     $20
Maria Jaramillo miami FL Gracias a ti Mi Enzo Cuando llegaste aprendi a vivir por que gracias a ti hoy puedo ser feliz 3   0:07:47     $3
Jennifer Kaelin MIAMI FL Just a few more steps along the journey! 6.2 7:00 AM 0:11:10 Tropical Park Alzheimer's Research $1
Scott Manas Miami FL ? 3.1   0:00:00     $1
M A Rodriguez Miami FL 1 Cor 9:24 Run in such a way as to get the prize. 13.1 9:00 AM 0:13:00 Favorite Trail National Kidney Foundation $25
Erica Gassen Miami Beach FL Happy Run Day     0:00:00   Community Partnership for Homeless $10
Regina Roberts Miramar FL Rosie Davis Lives On! Not Sure   0:00:00     $20
Andrea Campbell Mount Dora FL Dream On 5 7:00 PM 0:12:00     $7
Tanya Lenhardt New Port Richey FL Running to restore peace in my chaotic world. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:18:00 crossroads Starkey Road & Alico Pass, New Port Richey, FL Ronald McDonald House $10
Cindy Thatcher New Port Richey FL Real athletes run others just play games 6.2 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Starkey Blvd. New Port Richey, FL   $1
Theodore Helgesen Nokomis FL Go runners Go!!! 7 9:00 AM 0:09:00 The Legacy Trail starting on Laurel Ave JDRF $2
jackie day orlando FL keep running 6 10:00 AM 0:10:00 eola susan g komen $1
Juree Weirsten Orlando FL I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13 6.2 2:00 PM 0:15:00 Disney Boardwalk   $25
Shanna Reed Palm Beach Gardens FL Just keep running! 9 5:00 AM 0:11:30 Savannah Georgia, Stephens S Green Drive   $9
Max Belin Pembroke Pines FL I dedicate my run to the fit person inside me trying to get out!! 3.1 2:00 PM 0:13:33 My 5K course" inside Laguna Isles sub-division in Pembroke Pines." Red Cross $20
Dinorah Mendez Pembroke Pines FL It doesn't matter what place you come in, but the PERSONAL SATISFACTION that YOU were able to do it. 13.1 8:00 AM 0:00:00 Pembroke Lakes St. Jude Children Research Hospital $25
Addie Green Port Saint Lucie FL Support,Admire and Honor 12 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Port Saint Lucie Blvd Running for a Cure $1
Kimberly Nebrasky Port St Lucie FL One who lacks the courage to start has already finished ~ Unknown 6 Not sure 0:12:00 SW Village Pkwy and Crosstown Pkwy Susan G Komen for the Cure $5
Sherri Kemp-Lennon Punta Gorda FL Run with your Heart!! 13.1 7:00 AM 0:08:30 Start: 25188 Marion Ave, along the Charolette Harbor, ending at 13.1 American Cancer Society $9
C Gibson Redington Beach FL What we think, we become. Not Sure 8:00 AM 0:16:00 Friendship Park Japanese Red Cross Society $20
Andromeda McNelis Redington Beach FL Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Not Sure 8:00 AM 0:16:00 Friendship Park Japanese Red Cross Society $20
Carrie Martinez Ruskin FL This run is dedicated to Grandma Mary Ann AND of course to my Sweet William!!! 5 6:00 AM 0:10:30 Mira Lago The Breast of Times $20
Ruth Robert Saint Cloud FL Happy World Run Day.... I did it in 2010.. it was awesome.. 6 5:00 PM 0:10:01 If I dont make the NYC marathon.. run St Cloud Florida If I do I will run 4 m on Riverside NYC   $1
Carol Fernandez Sarasota FL For my mom who has a hard time walking and for my sister who just ran her first 5K race 5 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Goldenrod Street and Osprey Ave Red Cross $20
Erik Rugar Sarasota FL To say I did when I could, till the day comes when I can't. 12 Not sure 0:07:30 Siesta Beach. World's Finest! Doctors Without Borders $50
Ashley Wilkerson Sarasota FL Believe in yourself and overcome! 5 9:00 AM 0:10:30 Over the bridge near my house! Prevent Child Abuse America $25
Pam Stafford Shalimar FL In honor and memory of Dr. George H Stafford   9:00 AM 0:10:30 Eglin AFB, FL Ronald Mc Donald House Childrens Charities $9
CRYSTAL CROCKER SOUTH MIAMI FL 3 10:00 AM 0:00:00   St. Jude's Childrens Hospital $25
Nava Cohen Spring Hill FL Dedication: For all those that can't, I can. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:15:00 Suncoast Parkway Team In Training $20
Jacqueline Hurley St Pete Beach FL Whether it's a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mile, it's still a mile! 3 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Gulf Blvd., St Pete Beach, FL   $1
Mary Tumbleson St. Cloud FL We are running for all the people battling cancer. 13.1 6:00 AM 0:10:00 Kissimmee Lakefront American Cancer Society $50
Danielle Williams St. Petersburg FL I love running!! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:13:00     $10
Tiffany Gumiela Stuart FL Here's to reaching my goal! Not Sure 7:00 AM 0:10:00 Hutchinson Island Bridges LLS $25
Gene Trimble Stuart FL Go USA! 5 7:00 AM 0:10:00 Tropical Ave World Vision $20
Veronica Bazarte Tampa FL For me!!!!! 3 9:00 AM 0:14:00 Bayshore and Platt The Spring $20
Norin Dollard Tampa FL remembering those who've gone before. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 River Terrace, Tampa FL Feeding America Tampa Bay $25
Francis Emil Fabic Tampa FL Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started"" 10 7:00 AM 0:08:00 Bayshore Boulevard American Red Cross $25
Francis Emil Fabic Tampa FL Thank you Mom!!! 10 7:00 AM 0:08:00 Bayshore Boulevard Achilles International $20
Nicholas O'Connor Tampa FL Run to live, live to run. 6.2 10:00 AM 0:00:00 River Terrace, Tampa FL Feeding America Tampa Bay $25
Dawn Schocken Tampa FL none 6 7:00 AM 0:09:35     $25
Richard Thompson Tampa FL dedicating my run to my Aunt who continues to inspire and motivate me...Patricia Robinson 4 6:00 AM 0:17:00 Bayshore Blvd. Tampa HDC,Inc. $20
Anne Meads West Palm Beach FL Only a drop in the bucket, but hopefully the first of more volunteer efforts. 7 Not sure 0:11:00 Ocean Avenue Palm Beach, FL   $20
Suzette Kingsley Weston FL Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. 6 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Davie FL Kids in Distress $100
Cameron Bailey Winter Park FL Driven from within 4 8:00 AM 0:08:30     $25
Kelly Simms Zephyrhills FL Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:14:00 SR 54 & Oak Grove Blvd. Humane Society of Tampa Bay $10
Rie Atkinson Acworth GA I will run for TOHOKU. I love my home town. 10 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Chattahoochee River side Japan Red Cross $20
John Kimes Albany GA For my dad. 5 7:00 AM 0:08:00 NW Albany   $50
Tiosha Ross Alpharetta GA Excited to be running! 1 9:00 AM 0:03:30 Haynes Bridge Alpharetta Georgia Red Cross $1
Elizabeth Jetton Atlanta GA for women who run wild with the wolves over 50! 3 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Sandy Springs Circle Hospice $25
elda pizana atlanta GA for my mama. 9   0:10:00     $1
Sara Redmond Auburn GA Run! 3 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Little Mulberry Park SOGA $10
Ashley Gilmore Augusta GA Running for Robbie Martinez. Semper Fi Marine, your efforts will never go forgotten. 8 9:00 AM 0:09:00 At the Canal in Augusta GA, starting at mile marker 0.   $1
Holly J Harper Augusta GA Running for those who cannot runf or themselves. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:11:00 Augusta Canal Breast Cancer Research Foundation $25
Marcus White Augusta GA I am dedicating my virtual half marathon to 13.1 8:00 AM 0:09:00 The Greenway running trail, North Augusta, South Carolina Children of the Night $100
Donna Henry Austell GA Athletes run, others just play games! 5   0:10:00 Chattahoochee trail Kidney Foundation $1
Bernice Scott Carrollton GA Run for Life 1 8:00 AM 0:03:30 Winchester Drive Red Cross $1
Joshua Lyon Cataula GA a left and a right 5 10:00 AM 0:08:00 River Walk   $5
JAMES BENSON CUMMING GA Motivate...Dominate 6.2 Not sure 0:09:00 Downtown Cumming YMCA $1,000
Erica Willis Dahlonwga GA Keep running!! 5 8:00 AM 0:09:30 North Georgia College and State University   $25
michelle kimbral dawsonville GA to a new me... 3 10:00 AM 0:13:00 Carlisle road Kare for Kids $20
Robert Semsch Decatur GA Never Stop.. 10 8:00 AM 0:09:38 Oakhurst through Decatur. Atlanta Lab Rescue $20
Pedro Rosich doraville GA Jesus loves you 9 9:00 AM 0:00:00     $1
Kathy Brown Eastman GA I dedicate this run to everyone who has lost their mother. 5 8:00 AM 0:10:00 high school track   $9
Linda hand Griffin GA Never Quit Living Life 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Air Port Running Track Cresent School program $10
Melanie Lynch Griffin GA I can do this!!!! 3.1 6:00 PM 0:13:00 Tyus Park Melba's Manor $20
Helen Pitts Griffin GA Never Quit Living Life 3.1 8:00 AM 0:15:00 Air Port Running Track cresent school program $9
Nancy Williford Griffin GA Never Quit Living Life 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Airport Running Track Griffin Ga cresent school program $9
Cathy Dillon Grovetown GA Run for the health of it! 5 6:00 AM 0:12:00 My house, Cannock Loop, Grovetown   $1
Sheryl Cannington Iron City GA dedicated to God's grace and hope for economic stabiliy. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Park Trail American Cancer $20
Beth Copenhaver Johns Creek GA In memory of my Windy dog. Please consider adopting one of these wonderful dogs 6 10:00 AM 0:15:00 Big Creek Greenway, Alpharetta, GA American Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network $20
Lauren Smith LaFayette GA I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7" 3.1 4:00 PM 0:11:20 West Armuchee Road, LaFayette, Georgia 30728 St. Jude's Children Research Hospital $50
Brad Clark Leesburg GA This run is dedicated to my running partner Shan because she is so awesome!! 5 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Boardwalk area at Disney World Prevent Child Abuse America $10
Joshua Curtin Leesburg GA Might as well give it a go 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Disney's Boardwalk Prevent Child Abuse America $50
Shannon Wiederkehr Leesburg GA For everyone that thinks that they can't run...just try. 5 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Boardwalk at Disney World Prevent Child Abuse America $50
Richard Clarke Marietta GA For Tudie - the greatest Mom!     0:00:00     $50
Michelle Edmondson marietta GA Can't wait to run!     0:00:00   The Boaz Project $10
John Hubbard Marietta GA I like to run. Rotary is a great organization. 6.2 5:00 PM 0:09:00 Columns Drive river path (treadmill if it rains) Rotary International $25
Gerri Patton Marietta GA What a great day to get healthy. 3 7:00 AM 0:03:30 Keheley Road Red Cross $1
Hannah Reinke Marietta GA For my mom, who inspires me everyday and with every step we run-together or apart. I love you 10 11:00 AM 0:09:40 Harbison Forest Girls on the Run $10
Connie Reinke Marietta GA I dedicate my run to my daughter, Hannah, who inspires try to run as much as she does! 5 10:00 AM 0:10:00 I'll be staying at a B & B in Dahlonega, GA so I'll be running somewhere there Appalachian Trail Conservancy $25
Ronn Smith MARIETTA GA Fall down 7 times, get up 8. -- Japanese proverb 6.2 Not sure 0:08:15 Kemp & Blackwater Drive, Marietta, GA American Red Cross Disaster Services $9
Brittany Banker Martinez GA Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. 10 9:00 AM 0:03:30     $10
Andrew Lash Peachtree City GA Happy Father's day to all the fathers in the world. GATA!!! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Peachtree City Cart Paths American Cancer Society $5
Robin King Powder Springs GA I run because I can. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Glory Maple Trace   $1
David McRay Rome GA Running keeps away the rust 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Trails Cancer Society $100
Beth McRay Rome GA Running for Betty 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Trails   $100
Caroline McRay Rome GA Running for Betty 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 trails   $100
Pedro Moro Snellville GA Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. 16 8:00 AM 0:07:30     $50
David Confer Suwanee GA I dedicate this run to my Big Brother"" 5 6:00 AM 0:10:00 Bend, OR Relay for Life $50
Jean Krier Thomasville GA For Dad 12 7:00 AM 0:12:00 Around Town Alzheimer's Association $10
Jane Krier Thomasville GA For Dad 12 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Around Town Alzheimer's Association $10
Tina Mcknight Woodstock GA 3.1 miles dedicated in memory of dad, US Master Chief Naval Officer Ricardo hero! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:00:00 Big Creek Greenway Trail-Alpharetta, GA.   $10
Julie Ziemecki Woodstock GA It feels good to run again! 3.1   0:40:00     $10
David Lee Aiea HI On the road to the 2011 Honolulu Marathon 16 4:00 AM 0:10:32 Waikiki to Kahala to Ala Moana and back   $1
Erik Wessel Ewa Beach HI To my sister who has been ill. 4 9:00 AM 0:08:00 Ko Olina, Hawaii - third cove Mental Health America of Hawaii $25
Lori Bodoh Honolulu HI Suddenly you find - at the age of 50 that a whole new life has opened before you. 10 5:00 AM 0:11:30 50 Halawa Drive to Hickam Air Force Base and back, Honolulu, Hawaii SPCA $20
Brian Bodoh Honolulu HI For my father - Leon F. Bodoh 10 5:00 AM 0:10:00 50 Halawa Drive to Hickam Air Force Base and back, Honolulu, HI SPCA $20
Jennifer Miller Honolulu HI You start with the small steps. 3 8:00 AM 0:11:00   The Shelter, Columbia, Missouri $50
Jennifer richardson Honolulu HI I run because I can. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:11:00 20th St   $25
Molly Sutherland Honolulu HI This run is for my 12 preschool students...I run to stay fit so I can keep up with you everyday! 6.2 5:00 PM 0:09:45 Kailua Beach Park American Heart Association/Jump for Heart $25
angel willey honolulu HI Run like a girl 3 6:00 PM 0:10:00 Ala Moana park Hawaii canines $50
RIE YASUI Honolulu HI I can do it.! 10   0:09:00     $9
Brittany Lorditch Kailua HI I'm kind of a big deal. 5 Not sure 0:08:45 Llanes Ct. MCBH Chapel $25
Chad Margo Kailua HI run hard 8 6:00 AM 0:10:00 Kokokahi YWCA YWCA $9
Monica Pinion Kailua HI You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt" 6.2 8:00 AM 0:09:45 End of Toma Drive (a dead end road) on the Marine Corps Base Hawaiian Humane Society $10
padraic gallagher kilauea HI Live life like you are alive 5 8:00 AM 0:08:00 Kanani St to Puhi Rd, Lihue, Kauai CCFA $25
Brenna Gay Mililani HI Run Strong, Be Proud of Yourself. 10 Not sure 0:09:30   MacArthur Foundation $50
Jenny Gatzemeyer Pearl City HI This is my motivation to keep going on my weight loss journey. 5 Not sure 0:12:00 Curtis Court, Pearl City, HI LIVESTRONG $20
Gisela Richey Pearl City HI A fit woman is a powerful woman! 3.1   0:11:00 Neal Blaisdell Park on Kamehameha Hwy River Of Life Mission (Honolulu) $10
Carlos Calderon Schofield Barracks HI Aidee Garcia 10 10:00 AM 0:08:25     $10
Christine Kolton Waialua HI Fit is not a destination, it's a way of life."" 18 6:00 AM 0:08:00 Haleiwa, north shore, HI   $5
Jennifer Williams Waialua HI Make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. 18 5:00 AM 0:09:30 Waialua Beach Road, Waialua, HI   $50
Cecile Kiki'lia Aparis Waimanalo HI Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." 6.2" 9:00 AM 0:20:00 20 Livestrong No  
David Crisostomo Waipahu HI Diamond Head Run! 4 6:00 PM 0:08:00 Kapiolani Park   $100
Cesar Ramirez Waipahu HI Together We Strive, We Achieve! 4 7:00 AM 0:04:00 94-1196 Awaiki St., Waipahu, Hi Kapiolani Medical Center $10
Margaret Dunn Ames IA Glad to have some fun for the non-footballers! :) 3.1 1:00 PM 0:00:00 Ada Hayden Team BEEF $10
April Etler Ames IA Tough times don't last but tough people do." A.C. Green"   1:00 PM 0:00:00     $9
Carole Gill Ames IA Today is for CeCe. 3.1 Not sure 0:09:10     $10
Dawn Herber Ames IA If you're not first, you're last! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:08:20 Ada Hayden Pavillion University of Iowa Children's Hospital $10
Dana Howard Ames IA I dedicate this run to my mom. 3.1 Not sure 0:09:00     $1
Jodi Hurn Ames IA Don Hurn 10 8:00 AM 0:11:00 Ada Hayden CLL Foundation $50
Marc Ploessl Ames IA RUN HARD 3.1 1:00 PM 0:07:20 Aydan Hayden Pavilion, Ames ,Iowa   $5
Karen Prakashan Ames IA GIM Run Day 3.1 1:00 PM 0:09:00 Ada Hayden   $3
Cora Sondgeroth Ames IA . 3.1 1:00 PM 0:10:30 Ada Hayden   $1
Scott Kelley Boone IA Go Goals Not Sure 1:00 PM 0:00:00 ada hayden   $10
Paul Fitzpatrick Carroll IA Dedicated to my Father who died of Cancer. 5 10:00 AM 0:09:30 Recreation Center Carroll County United Way $25
Ruth Comer Chariton IA Seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs." - J Owens" 6.2 3:00 PM 0:09:00 Home American Cancer Society $100
Kristen Stocker Des Moines IA Family TC Run 8   0:10:00     $5
Michelle Fish Dubuque IA For Courtney 7 7:00 AM 0:08:00     $5
Jody Simpson Fort Madison IA I am going to run 5 miles, because my new grandson will be 5 months old. (This is my 1st grandchild) 5 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Avenue F to Bluff and beyond St. Jude $20
Laura Kautman Gilbert IA GIM Baby!!! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:07:00 Ada Hayden pavillion   $1
Kate Stephens Gilbert IA Running for those that can't 3.1 1:00 PM 0:09:00 Ada Hayden St. Jude $25
Stacie Steveson Johnston IA We are running for FAAN. Help us to find a cure for food allergies! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:11:00 our home FAAN-Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network $20
Brylie Steveson Johnston IA Help us find a cure for food allergies! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:11:00 our home FAAN $1
Braxton Steveson Johnston IA Help us find a cure for food allergies! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:09:00 our home FAAN $2
Scott Steveson Johnston IA Help us with research for food allergies! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:09:00 our home FAAN-Food Allergy & Anaphylaxsis Network $1
Amy Reidel Knoxville IA ~My strength is as the strength of 10, because my heart is pure~ 3.1   0:00:00 Marion County Park, Knoxville, IA   $100
Kaylen Henry Nevada IA Participating in my first 5K. 3   0:00:00     $1
Mark Henry Nevada IA Dedicated to Goals in Motion 3.1 1:00 PM 0:09:00     $1
Stefani Wonders Nevada IA 3.1 1:00 PM 0:15:00 Ada Hayden Park in Ames   $20
Linda Adams Oskaloosa IA I would like to dedicate to my father-in-law who has congestive heart failure! 6 7:00 AM 0:08:09 2282 Lynn ave, my home and finish there also National children's leukemia $25
Betty Jo Blietz San Antonio IA My run is dedicated to Kamiryn & Jackson Blietz! 3 6:00 PM 0:10:00 Johnson ave. And Wiley ALS $20
Ronda Bern Urbandale IA For all those who can't run or walk. I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. 6 2:00 PM 0:11:00 near my home at 142nd & Hickman Road Special Olympics $25
Mirsad Catic waterloo IA The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."" 16 9:00 AM 0:09:00 George Wyth State park Waterloo IA Cedar Bend Humane Society $9
Dawn Scholtens Webster City IA I can do all things... 3.1 Not sure 0:12:00 Brewer Creek Path   $25
Alyssa McWilliams Athol ID Me loves the heart season. 5 11:00 AM 0:09:30 Riverstone under the picnic shelter Run for a cleaner" Idaho" $1
Marie Slater Athol ID The Lord is my sterngth. My heart trusts in Him and I am helped. PS 28:7 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Fleet Feet, Downtown Coeur d'Alene, ID Calvary Christian Fellowship $25
Alisa Kagukina Boise ID It is always too early to quit!!!"" 13 9:00 AM 0:08:13 from the BSU Rec center for the Kids $3
Elizabeth Andersen Coeur d Alene ID Running .... cheaper than therapy. Not Sure   0:10:00     $1
Tracie Ferris Coeur d'Alene ID this is for my husband, who always supports me running, my family and friends. I love you all! 11 9:00 AM 0:09:00   United Way $20
Valerie Kastens Coeur d'alene ID dedicated to my husband 13.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 home   $25
Lori Malin Coeur d'Alene ID Runners just do it they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first. 6 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Pineridge Dr. and Atlas Road in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Cancer Society $20
Jessica Kime McCall ID Let the 2011 races begin! 3.1 5:00 PM 0:06:00 West Mountain Road McPaws Animal Shelter $5
Betsy Ogden Mesa ID Miss you Mom! 3.1   0:09:00 Treadmill Komen Boise $5
Amy Arlint Moscow ID Running for my friend who is recovering from back surgery and trying to get back to exercise! 6 9:00 AM 0:09:45   Susan B. Konen $20
Chad Arlint Moscow ID Smile it makes like easier! 3 9:00 AM 0:11:00   Susan B. Konen $5
Tom Picarella Moscow ID I run becasue I can. 8 10:00 AM 0:07:30 Moscow to Pullman   $1
Todd Swanstrom Moscow ID I run and so can U 5 9:00 AM 0:07:30 Moscow Idaho   $1
Nick Homuth Nampa ID Why IS this required? 10   0:00:00     $1
Becky Williams Nampa ID Why is this required? 10   0:00:00     $1
Cj Bouchard post falls ID In memory of my Dad Luke Bouchard 10 10:00 AM 0:09:00 cda idaho kroc center   $5
Lynn Hauer Post Falls ID To my sweetie, who means the world to me. 5 7:00 AM 0:09:30 Tip of the Baja in Cabo San Lucas Soles for Souls $5
Melissa Parker Post Falls ID For me!! 6   0:00:00   Kootenai Humane Society $25
Carmen Buttcane Richfield ID Dedicated to my health. 2 6:00 PM 0:18:00 Burmah Road, Starting at 3rd Street and heading west for 1 mile and then back 1 mile into town. Richfield BPA High School Chapter $20
James Lauschke Alton IL Dedicated to Brian and Linda for all the love and joy they brought to my life. 6.2 10:00 AM 0:11:00 Alton,IL - Danforth & State   $50
Averil Daniels Alton, IL believe 3.1 7:00 AM 0:03:35 River road, Alton, IL Ronald McDonald house $9
Maggie Bieritz Arlington Heights IL I run to honor Glenn Bieritz and Jennifer Nilles, who said No, thanks to leukemia. 5 9:00 PM 0:15:30 Higgins road (treadmill at Lifetime Fitness Schaumburg) Choose Awesome $20
erin huff belleville IL Dedicated to my momma! 5 10:00 AM 0:10:00     $10
Jonathan Hughes Belleville IL Run #1 of 2011, many good miles to go. 3.1 6:00 AM 0:08:30 Scott AFB Running Trail Clyde C. Jordan Food Bank $25
Thom Woodard Bloomington IL I dedicate my run in the memory of my son George 3.1 7:00 AM 0:11:00 Locan neighborhood Easter Seals $9
Javier Bueno Bolingbrook IL God IS AMAZING-GO RUNNERS GO !!!! 3 5:00 PM 0:15:00     $10
Pamela Hirth Bolingbrook IL Running 4 Pink! 8 8:00 AM 0:10:00   Susan G. Komen $25
Lissette Quinones Bolingbrook IL God makes everything possible. Go Runners Go !!!!!!! 3 5:00 PM 0:09:00 Orchard Drive & Briarcliff Rd. Bolingbrook, IL   $20
Tracy Riddle Bolingbrook IL Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about dancing in the rain."" 5 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Morton Arboretum Diabetes $20
Donna Pugh Bonfield IL Run the race that is set before you with endurance. RIP Billy 10 8:00 AM 0:08:45 Start at my home 1070 N 6250 W Rd Susan G Komen for the Cure $50
Becki Kalaher Carlinville IL Dedicated to Henry and Jane 3 4:00 AM 0:11:00   United Methodist Church Mosquito Net fund $50
Carlee Hill Champaign IL I can't wait to run with my girls, Stevie Salfelder and Audrey Moser! Woot Woot! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Meadowbrook Park   $20
Audrey Moser Champaign IL WOOOO! 6.2   0:00:00     $1
Vanessa Aders Chicago IL Run fast! Before your mind figures out how crazy you are! :) 10 Not sure 0:07:45 Daly Plaza, Chicago, IL Best Buddies $10
Bevin Brennan Chicago IL --- 3.1 9:00 AM 0:00:00     $10
Amy Buchanan Chicago IL To my Dad, who never stopped believing in me.... 6.2 11:00 AM 0:12:00     $5
Sara Kysely Chicago IL Running against discrimination toward people with albinism living in East Africa! 3 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Irving Park & Sheridan the RAD venture for Under the Same Sun $5
mirella valdovinos chicago IL 100% support 5 8:00 AM 0:16:00 Foster beach   $10
Bridget Walsh Chicago IL Go Steelers! 3.1 10:00 AM 0:42:00 Foster and Lincoln   $10
Krissy Wennerstrom Chicago IL GO PACK!!!! 5 Not sure 0:09:30 Lincoln Square at The Square!   $1
Denise McGrath Chicago Heights IL Dedication 6 11:00 AM 0:09:30     $50
MARIO CERVANTEZ Cicero IL no pain no gain 5 9:00 AM 0:08:00 lake front path   $1
Natasha Cline Coffeen IL I'm sooo excited...I just can't hide it!!! 3.1 10:00 AM 0:03:50 Springfield Hospice of Southern WV $25
Julie Tortorich Darien IL Run baby run! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:30 Bunker Road Darien, Illinois St. Joseph High School $25
Joseph Tortorich Darien IL Run for fun! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:07:30 Bunker Road, Darien, Illinois St Joseph High School $25
Jessica Michael Decatur IL In honor of my mother. 6 8:00 AM 0:15:00 Red Rock Canyon, Nevada American Heart Association $10
shelley hueber DeKalb IL Running is cheaper than therapy!! 5 7:00 AM 0:10:00 ridge and carlisle American Lung Association $20
Megan Barnhart Dixon IL To my mother 4 8:00 AM 0:07:00 Bike Path Reagan Middle School Cross Country $10
Patricia Stoltenberg Elgin IL Running for the Seniors - Elderly animals waiting for homes at 4 Not sure 0:15:00   Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin, IL, USA $20
Graciela Val Evanston IL Stop Violence Against Women 6.2 Not sure 0:10:00 Church and Hinman, Evanston, IL YYWCA $20
Winnie Nyhus Frankfort IL love to run 5 8:00 AM 0:10:30 Old Plank Trail, Will County, IL CASA of Will County, IL $20
Stephen Withington Freeport IL Run Total Stranger! Run! 5 2:00 PM 0:08:30 Freeport, IL Mitchell Swaback Charities $25
Carrie Lewis Glen Ellyn IL Run like a mommy! 15 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Elm Street Jack's Fund $50
natalie tretyak glencoe IL I run to be! 6.2 Not sure 0:10:00     $100
Melinda Poulton Glenview IL Jack and Michael 6.2 9:00 AM 0:07:45   JDRF $100
Alex Domiano hinsdale IL Run, run, run 3.1 8:00 AM 0:06:45 local Streets and/or local track Willowbrook Wildlife Center $9
Mary Egli Hopedale IL This is for my running obsessed son!   7:00 PM 0:11:00 Monroe St & Fourth St   $20
Christopher Egli Hopedale IL I LOVE to run!!!! 3 7:00 PM 0:09:00 Monroe St & Fourth St   $20
Karen Shanahan Inverness IL If you always do what you've always done, you will always be where you've always been 13.1 10:00 AM 0:10:00   Global Brigades $50
Ramona Bitterman Island Lake IL Always Time for Nine!" in honor of my father, James H. Bitterman." 3 8:00 AM 0:09:00 1504 Eastwood Lane Alzheimer's Disease $25
Nick Mayberry Jacksonville IL I Run to Live; Live to Run A bad day of running is better than a good day of work."" 5 Not sure 0:08:09     $1
Mary Parks Jacksonville IL If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 4 2:00 PM 0:11:00     $1
Elizabeth Doogan Justice IL Dedicated to my dear friend Julie who got me running last year and keeps pushing me!!! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:13:00 Darien, IL neighborhood. Start/finish @ Park District on Clarendon Hills Rd St. Judes Children Hospital $50
Katrina Shields Lemont IL . Not Sure   0:00:00     $1
STEPHANIE FARIS millstadt IL in three words i can sum up everything i've learned about life: it goes on. Not Sure   0:00:00     $20
Laura Shuster Moweaqua IL Running for my health! 5 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Moweaqua, IL American Diabetes Association $20
Sarah Molsen Mundelein IL Good Luck to all of the runners out there!! 6 3:00 PM 0:08:37     $1
Nicholas Molsen Mundelein IL Happy World Run Day!!! 3.1 3:00 PM 0:08:45     $1
Sean Kennedy Naperville IL for my mom Not Sure   0:07:30     $8
Lindsay Riess Naperville IL enjoy the run 5   0:08:30     $8
Debra Minott Newman IL RUN!!!!!!! 3 9:00 AM 0:08:40 My house American Cancer Society $50
Heather Samuelson-Peterson North Aurora IL To my husband, EJP, for all his love and support!!! ;o) XOXO 3.1 10:00 AM 0:10:00 forest preserve near my house Make-A-Wish Foundation $5
Robert Farrell Northbrook IL My First Turkey Trot 2010! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 113 Cruiser Rd S N Palm Beach, FL 33408   $25
Gregory Oberschmdt Northbrook IL Running my own Turkey Trot in N. Palm Beach, FL   8:00 AM 0:08:00 113 Cruiser Rd South Lambs Farm, Libertyville, IL $25
Judy Fishbaugh Oak Forest IL Just RUN!! 8 Not sure 0:08:00 Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve trails   $10
Vicki Sordyl Oswego IL In memory of Brittany Valene 13.1 8:00 AM 0:15:00 Aurora SADS Foundation $50
Victoria Way Oswego IL In Memory of Brittany Valene 13.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Aurora Brittany Trees (SADS Foundation) $100
Cory Musheff Peoria IL Don't stop for anyone. 5 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Downtown P-Funk   $25
Kim Oliver Plainfield IL Running is my therapy. Not Sure 8:00 AM 0:09:13 Blue Agave Drive   $1
Stephanie Wanek Plainfield IL For the brave victims of 9/11 3.1 8:00 AM 0:11:00 Not sure   $10
selena miceli rockford IL It isn't that I finished, it's that I had the courage to start...   Not sure 0:00:00     $1
Linda Edington Romeoville IL I dedcate this run to all my guardian angels that have helped me on my life journey/adventure. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:10:00   Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter $20
Lisa Ziems Romeoville IL Love to RUN!!! 3 5:00 PM 0:13:00 Orchard and Briarcliff   $5
Suzette Ritzert Roscoe IL Just do it 5 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Harlem High School, Machesney Park, IL   $10
Stevie Salfelder Savoy IL Running with my great friends Carlee and Audrey! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Meadowbrook Park in Urbana   $20
Linda McAtee-Clegg Schaumburg IL To all of those who can not run, I run for you. 5 9:00 AM 0:12:30 Hartmann to Braintree to Weathersfield to Springinsguth to Harvard to Hartmann Choose Awesome $25
Shirley Crow Scott AFB IL Just one more 3   0:15:00     $25
Matthew Kirby St. Charles IL I am running 10 miles today to support my 10 yr-old daughter, who just began running herself. 10 8:00 AM 0:07:00 Great Western Trail in Sycamore Girls on the Run $25
Amber Slater Streamwood IL I dedicate this run to Steve Munson 6.2 4:00 PM 0:10:00     $1
Tracy Joy Tinley Park IL One step at time! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:13:00     $1
Donna Kiel Tinley Park IL Run for Roger 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:00 167th and Harlem LARC $1
Kelly Leonhardt Troy IL Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail."" 3.1 Not sure 0:12:00   March of Dimes $25
Terri Burnett Tuscola IL I dedicate this run to my mom! 4 1:00 PM 0:11:00 Park, Parkview, Niles, Scott, Washington, Park Hands 4 Paws $50
Christopher Jordan Urbana IL Running is hard, living with Autism is harder! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Meadowbrook Park, Urbana, IL Autism Speaks $5
Marc Sing Vernon Hills IL I run b/c so many say I cannot! 8 6:00 AM 0:09:00 Big Bear Lake Non Profit Chiropractic Organization $20
Jeralyn Baran Wilmette IL To JoAnn painting in the clouds, to Barb yodeling Oklahoma";& to B and A making me be a better mom" 3.1 8:00 AM 0:10:00 St. Joe's 5K course B and A $20
Dawn Gratzke Woodridge IL Let's get to running!! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:08:45 Morton Arboretum, Glen Ellyn, IL   $5
Tammie Page Woodridge IL to those with M.E. who are even worse off than I am Not Sure 2:00 PM 0:09:00   ANAD $8
Jenessa Cogar Anderson IN A great way to start the new year! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:25:00 Woodlawn Dr American Cancer Society $10
Dan Gander Anderson IN To Karen Dodson 10 11:00 AM 0:12:00 Shadyside Park off of Cross Street in Anderson, IN Church of Scientology $5
Niki Scott Anderson IN I run for body, mind and spirit! 5 10:00 AM 0:09:20 Shadyside Park   $1
JoAnna Cobb Bedford IN My run is dedicated to those who cannot run. Thank God for the ability to fly on legs! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:09:00 Washington Avenue Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America $100
Rebecca French Bedford IN Proverbs 3:5,6 3.1 11:00 AM 0:15:00 7548 Shadyside Drive, Bloomington, Indiana 47401 White River Humane Society $5
Lori Quebbeman Bedford IN Life is short...running makes it seem longer." - Baron Hansen" 3 11:00 AM 0:07:15   American Cancer Society $5
Shannon Harrell Cedar Lake IN Running for all of those who can't! 6.2 8:00 AM 0:12:00 I'mrunning the bike trail in Crown Point American Diabetes Association $20
Andrea Baker Fort Wayne IN I am focusing on GRATITUDE not regret! 3.1 2:00 PM 0:14:30 Jingle Bell Run/Walk at Franke Park Arthritis Foundation $50
Dee Annis Indianapolis IN 4x40! 13.1 3:00 PM 0:17:00 Eagle Creek Park Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $100
Jennifer Bognar Indianapolis IN Body follows the mind 6 9:00 AM 0:09:00   Food Allergy Network $50
Catherine Hall Indianapolis IN I run therefore I am! 3.1   0:11:00   Special Olympics $10
Abigale Hall Indianapolis IN Happy Running! 3.1   0:10:00   Special Olympics $10
Shelby Hall Indianapolis IN Love to run!! 3.1   0:10:00   Special Olympics $10
Hillary Merrill Indianapolis IN Run like the Wind! 3 10:00 AM 0:08:31 Local Park Special Olympics $5
Dawn Duncan Mitchell IN I will run and not grow weary 3.1 1:00 PM 0:09:00 Clear Creek Trails Bloomington, IN Leukemia and Lyphoma Soc $9
Kinsley Duncan Mitchell IN Joshua 3:5 3.1 1:00 PM 0:08:00 Clear Creek trails in bloomington, IN Leukemia and Lyphoma soc $5
Kimberly Lopez Schererville IN Every Day, In Every Way, I Am Getting Better and Better! 3.1 Not sure 0:11:00   CBN $20
sylesta morgan south bend IN The grass maybe greener on the other side, but you still have to mow it. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:15:00 Mishawaka IN...riverwalk National cancer society $5
Carlene Schindler south bend IN Dedicated to my mom who has MS. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00   Mulitple Sclerosis $20
Carolyn Nichols alton KS Let's go racin' baby! 4 4:00 PM 0:07:30 On the dirt road leading to my house -10th Dr. St. Aloysius $20
Ross Abbuehl Chanute KS and Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, Heb 12:1-2 27 2:00 PM 0:08:30 Run round Chanute to be named later $7
Christopher Abbuehl Chanute KS Just do it Not Sure Not sure 0:10:00     $1
Carolyn Kensett Chanute KS Run on Not Sure Not sure 0:12:00     $1
Rene Castilleja Cherryvale KS 10 12:00 PM 0:10:00 Coffeyville National Guard Armory $9
Brooke Batman Cimarron KS I am most thankful for my family and my health! If it is to be, it's up to me."" 2 8:00 AM 0:08:45 Cimarron, KS along 5th street south to P Road Cimarron's Over 50 Center $10
Jennifer Giersch Concordia KS I am dedicating my run to my friend Robyn who is the strongest person I know! Love you Robyn!!! 5 2:00 PM 0:10:00 Intersection of 13th and Hill St. Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc. $50
Bev Hinrichs Emporia KS Healing through running. 20 10:00 AM 0:09:30 With others!!!! American Cancer Society $100
Laura Rokey Hays KS Run for a cause Not Sure 7:00 AM 0:08:00     $5
Terence Mitchell Junction City KS Dedicated to Malik DeShaun Mitchell 06/08/1997-10/23/1998 10 7:00 AM 0:08:00 Oak Street (Sunset Zoo), Manhattan, KS Children of Fallen Soldiers Releif Fund $100
Christina Mitchell Junction City KS Run Your Own Life 5 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Spring Valley Rd Junction City Ks Sole Mates - Girls on the Run $200
Victoria Fetter Lawrence KS Run to help yourself and others! Not Sure 10:00 AM 0:09:00   Cystic Fibrosis Foundation $2
Amanda Jones Lawrence KS When you run, you log on to yourself. You flip through the pages of your being." Kevin Nelson" 5 9:00 AM 0:08:40 Mass St Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute $25
Amanda Jones Lawrence KS Geaux Saints :D 6 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Mass Street and Levee Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute $25
Shayla Kramer Leavenworth KS RUN!!! 5 10:00 AM 0:09:00     $3
Max Magee Leawood KS IOWA     0:00:00     $20
Cristina Fanning Manhattan KS For my kids... 10 Not sure 0:10:30 Timbercreek III American cancer society $25
Lacie Hewett Melvern KS GO AND MAKE YOURSELF! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:15:00 Main Street   $20
Lori Jo Ball Olathe KS Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. 13.1 8:00 AM 0:09:00 25137 w. 149TH Place, Olathe, Ks. 66061 Kids TLC Transforming Lives in Crisis $50
Rebecca Berciunas Olathe KS Run into Peace! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:10:29 119th & Ridgeview   $2
Denise Vesey Ottawa KS Walk for Fun/Fitness 3.1 10:00 AM 0:17:00 Ottawa KS   $1
Katy Allen Overland Park KS Running for my health!!! 4 9:00 AM 0:10:00 MOP, Gainesville, FL GOTR $25
Beth Ennen Overland Park KS I dedicate my run to the Salvation Army for all the hope the help they give. 6.2 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Heritage Park at 159th and Pflumm Salvation Army $25
Jodi Kruger Overland Park KS Y'all have fun running today :) 3.1 7:00 AM 0:14:00 Loose Park Girl Scouts $100
Andrea Vivers Overland Park KS :)   3:00 PM 0:09:00 Baghdad, Iraq   $20
Sameer Brahmavar Prairie Village KS Why not run? 3.1 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Prairie Village   $25
Candis Norris Prairie Village KS Running just because I can! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:08:40 Prairie Village KS   $25
Renee Purdy Salina KS If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail Not Sure   0:00:00     $1
Mary Martin Sterling KS Don't look back Don't give up Press on toward the goal! 3.1 10:00 AM 0:10:00   Open Door Pregnancy Care Center $50
Veronica Bartley Topeka KS Dedication to SPC Danny Mitchell 9 9:00 AM 0:10:00 One Cedar Rd Topeka, KS 66606 national Suicide Prevention Lifeline $10
Kelli Jewell Topeka KS God gave me legs to run and a heart to finish. 10 2:00 PM 0:10:00 Lake Shawnee 29th and Croco Topeka KS   $20
Kristina Luke Topeka KS This is to everyone who thinks they can't run a 5k! 3.1 10:00 AM 0:10:00 SW Webster Ave & Munson in Topeka KS Girls on the Run $10
Rachel Jones Wichita KS Finishing last is better than not starting 8 11:00 AM 0:14:00 Through College Hill   $5
Jessica Williams Wichita KS Since I am 25 this year, I am running 25 events. This will be my 14th this year! :) 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Sedgwick County Park   $1
Kari Keith Beaver Dam KY I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 3.1 Not sure 0:00:00     $1
Paige Bickerstaff Bowling Green KY To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.  Steve Prefontaine 2 2:00 PM 0:08:00 Around Western Kentucky University's Campus   $1
Sarah Hall Danville KY Dedicated to the inspiring and resilient people of Japan. 3.1 Not sure 0:00:00     $9
Stephanie Clark Eminence KY Never give up! 2 11:00 AM 0:12:00     $1
Carl Medeiros Fort Campbell KY Hellcats! 10 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Start at Blackhawk Road finish Blackhawk Road   $20
Jeremy Theobald Fort Knox KY I'm running for my wife who is currently serving in Afghanistan!!! 5 10:00 AM 0:07:00     $10
Larelle-Susanne Thoms Ft Knox KY In Memory of Amber Faith Hogge August 1999- June 2001 3.1 1:00 PM 0:12:20 Ft Knox, Kentucky, USA Wounded Warrior Project $10
Valarie Gano Georgetown KY ***     0:00:00     $25
Caroll Foster Goshen KY I am running that fat off! 5 10:00 AM 0:11:00 Longwood subdivision Leukemia and Lymphoma society $1,000
Ronnie Mattingly Harned KY Run Long Run Strong 6 2:00 AM 0:09:00 Ephesus Church Rd Butler Hobbs Rd Fairground Rd Breckinridge Co H S Hwy 60 Ephesus Church Rd Relay For Life $20
James Hoagland Louisville KY HAPPY RUNNING!!!!! 9 7:00 AM 0:07:15 3rd and Central, Starbucks, Louisville, KY Kids Center $100
Courtney Rhodus Morehead KY Dedicate the run to my MSU Softball teammates, my Papaw and Jamin Coyle, may they rest in peace. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:08:20 Davis Avenue and Richmond Road Special Olympics $9
Jennifer Hale Murray KY I dedicate my run to those who are physically unable to run. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Bailey Road, Murray, KY   $1
TINA FINTEL OWENSBORO KY Duh Do Run Run Run, Duh Do Run Run! 6 10:00 AM 0:08:00 Greenbelt Trail around the city Make-A-Wish Foundation $9
Nanci Crum Paintsville KY My run is dedicated to my father, Robert Baldwin, who instilled a love of running early on. 5 7:00 AM 0:10:01 Davis Branch God's Pantry $50
Emma Dawson Prospect KY I run to show that I am strong enough to overcome all. No longer will allow myself to be last place. 9 Not sure 0:10:00   Alley Cat Advocates $50
Kimberly Hale Richmond KY I've just started running again, and I'm looking forward to promoting running with this event. Not Sure Not sure 0:12:00 Main Street, Richmond, KY Pregnancy Help Center $5
Lisa Kleinjan Taylorsville KY This run & my love dedicated to: Mom,Dad,Todd,Keith, Cory,Crystal,Jessica, Isaac,Clare,Asher & Allan 6 8:00 AM 0:00:00 LOCAL PARK AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY $20
brian suberbielle baton rouge LA dedication to Gail Suberbielle 10 4:00 PM 0:11:00     $10
gail suberbielle baton rouge LA i love big bri 10   0:11:00     $10
Mandy Broussard Jennings LA dedicated to all who get out and run today! 5 5:00 PM 0:15:00 Jennings High Track   $5
Geri Futch Jennings LA I run like a girl, try to keep up 6.2 4:00 PM 0:09:30   Autism Society $5
Jolaine McCluer Jennings LA I can do everything through him who gives me strength. - Philippians 4:13 5 5:00 PM 0:10:30 JHS Track Samaritan's Purse - Operation Christmas Child $10
Keli Touchet Jennings LA I am running today for all of the children in the foster care system. Become a foster parent! 4 6:00 PM 0:10:15 JHS Track   $1
emily hudson mandeville LA ... Not Sure Not sure 0:10:00   SPCA $50
BARBARA ZEAGLER Monroe LA This run is dedicated to my sister-Tonya-I LOVE YOU!! 6 6:00 AM 0:12:00 Valencia Ave Monroe, LA St. Jude's $100
Jimi Rogers New Orleans LA N/A 6 8:00 AM 0:10:00   N/A $1
Rhett Rogers New Orleans LA N/A 6 7:00 AM 0:08:00   N/A $1
Mary Frances Quinn Ruston LA Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started. Not Sure 7:00 AM 0:11:00     $1
Katie Gordert Shreveport LA I dream like everyone to do great things, but I run because so many can only dream of it. 7 7:00 AM 0:09:15 The woods located next to Stoner Park in Shreveport, LA Susan G Koman $10
Chapreca Fields Zachary LA Doesn't matter how slow you run, you still lapping the folks on the couch! 3.1 5:00 PM 0:11:30 IVAR'S BAR & GRILL   $5
Richard Weinberg Amherst MA Your body - guaranteed for the life of the user. Get your money's worth! 10 9:00 AM 0:08:30 Atkins Reservoir   $10
Alex Iannicelli Andover MA The Patriots should be playing today!! 6.2 7:00 AM 0:08:00 Andover, MA   $5
Emily Manion attleboro MA Dream It, Believe it,Achieve It     0:00:00     $20
Dawn Masakowski Auburn MA Believe 3.1 11:00 AM 0:12:00 From home in Auburn, MA - Julia Bancroft School Susan G. Komen for the Cure $25
Jacqueline Page Barre MA Dedicated to Mom, one tough lady! 5 10:00 AM 0:12:00 Pleasant Street Barre, MA American Cancer Society $100
Nick Mascoli Bedford MA GO PATS!!! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:07:45 13 Copeland Drive, Bedford, MA (home)   $5
Mary Howell Belchertown MA I may not be the fastest or the strongest, but I'll be damned if I'm not trying my hardest! 10 10:00 AM 0:10:30 Norwottuck Rail Trail Amherst and Hadley, MA American Cancer Society $20
Sara Peek Berlin MA 5 11:00 AM 0:16:49 5K4Life 5K race start, Cambridge, MA, then tack on 2 more miles Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $5
Travis Williams Boston MA To my lovely wife! 3.1 2:00 PM 0:10:00 Back Bay   $5
Jennifer Williams Boston MA To my loving husband. A year to health, love, service, and happiness. 3.1 2:00 PM 0:10:00 Back Bay   $5
Susan Levy Chestnut Hill MA Pain is weakness leaving your body."" 10 9:00 AM 0:09:50 Chestnut Hill, MA Dana Farber $25
Victoria Sponsel Chestnut Hill MA Dreams are Necessary to Life"" 3.1 3:00 PM 0:09:00 Main Gate Boston College American Cancer Society $1
cara connelly dartmouth MA i run because i can and i never want MS to completely decide the course of my journey 5 10:00 AM 0:09:20 UMass Dartmouth campus national Multiple Sclerosis society $25
Megan Mawe Dedham MA Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it." - O. W." 13.1   0:11:00     $10
Rebecca DeVincentis Franklin MA Dedicate this to my penguin. You know who you are :) 3.1 10:00 AM 0:11:00     $10
Christopher Malatesta Franklin MA Run and drop! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:00     $10
Kerriann Malatesta Franklin MA Don't quit because it's easy, keep going because it's hard. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:00 King St Random Smile $10
Derly Ortiz Jamaica Plain MA Feel it, Fight it, Finish it"." 12 9:00 AM 0:09:00     $20
Rachel Roller Jamaica Plain MA For Grandma 3.1 6:00 AM 0:12:00     $20
Leslie Walstrom Jamaica Plain MA Create community 5 Not sure 0:09:30     $25
Christina Netten Lexington MA For my Family. Not Sure 12:00 PM 0:10:00 Lexington   $1
Crista Bozogan Medford MA Running with friends today! 5 10:00 AM 0:10:00     $1
Meg Hoffman Medford MA writer. dreamer. believer. 3.1 10:00 AM 0:10:00     $50
BETH RICCI NEWBURYPORT MA Have fun, look pretty. 6 11:00 AM 0:11:00 Lowell St, Lynnfield, MA Main St towards Wakefield and back.   $1
marie bagarella north attleboro MA someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny 9 7:00 AM 0:09:29 paine road nahs scholarship fund $10
Jeremy Dickman north attleboro MA Run for diabetes! I love you baby 5 10:00 AM 0:07:00 North Attleboro, Massachusetts American Diabetes Association $4
William Lasoskie North Grafton MA Running - No half times, no time outs, and no must be the only true sport! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:08:00 Shrewsbury, MA Veterans Shelter $25
Kathy Dyer Otis MA this is dedicated to all my family members 5 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Route 8 Otis MA Ronald McDonald House $20
Christine Linscott Plainville MA Have a dream, make a plan, go for it. You'll get there, I promise."" 3.1   0:00:00     $20
Gina Detrani Plymouth MA This run is for Katie Hickey 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00   St. Lukes $1
Kara Pomroy Plymouth MA This run is for Katie Hickey 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00   Childrens Hospital Boston $5
glenn yarnell springfield MA Running for Jo 10 8:00 AM 0:08:00 Forest Park, Springfield MA Susan J Komen $50
Alexa Crowe Sudbury MA Dedicated to Christina Genco SHARE THE ROAD! 3.1 Not sure 0:10:30 Two Loops around Walden Pond $50
Cassandra Carvalho Tyngsboro MA Go Packers 2 8:00 AM 0:11:00 Norris Road Greater Lowell Humane Society $25
Nellie Perzanowski Vineyard Haven MA Running for Donor Dudes 7 3:00 PM 0:10:00 West Tisbury Bike Path Donor Dudes $20
Annie Kelleher Walpole MA Dedicated to all the amazing and unique individuals on the autism spectrum. 13.1 6:00 AM 0:09:00 Throughout Walpole Autism Speaks $25
Sue Ledwith Walpole MA For Bob, Erin and Emma - my personal cheering section!!! 9 11:00 AM 0:09:00 Home to Gillette Stadium to Home   $25
Karen Cirrito Waltham MA It's just one foot in front of the other! 3.1 11:00 AM 0:11:00 Cambridge, MA Buddy Dog $50
Heather Przystas Webster MA To my three valentines who keep me running. I love you all. 3.1 12:00 PM 0:16:00 Myrtle Avenue, Webster MA Avon Walk $10
Kristen McCarthy Wellesley MA RUN for LIFE 4 10:00 AM 0:00:00 Brooke Path or Wellesley College   $1
Rachel Jacobs Westborough MA For Mom. 5   0:00:00   Baypath Humane Society $10
Amanda Pezzote Whitinsville MA In honor of my 30th birthday! 4   0:00:00     $1
Amanda Grice Winchester MA Go USA 3.1 8:00 AM 0:07:15 Winchester, MA   $1
Marisa DeHond Woburn MA Running my 4th half-marathon on Nov. 20th (my birthday!) in St. Petersburg, FL. 10 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Minuteman Bikeway in Bedford, MA Autism Speaks! $20
Tricia Pierson Woburn MA When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? - Lance Armstrong 4 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Central St. Woburn MA Pie in the Sky $25
Tricia Pierson Woburn MA Every time I fail I assume I will be a stronger person for it." --JOAN BENOIT SAMUELSON" 6.2 10:00 AM 0:09:30 Orange St. and Central Ave. in Woburn MA Dana-Farber Cancer Institute $100
Devon Baummer Arnold MD Thanks for thisI really missed running with my cross country team this year, and now I get a chance 10 10:00 AM 0:08:15 Josh's House   $1
Linda Fogg Arnold MD Running for ChrisMan 4 9:00 AM 0:09:15   St Judes Childrens Hospital $20
Catherine Thorson Arnold MD Happy St. Patricks day!!! 4 6:00 PM 0:09:00 Fleet feet Annapolis Marni's team in training! $50
Melanie Tucker Arnold MD Run for World Peace and Acceptance 5 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Greenbury Point Road through the Nature Trail and back to Kinkaid Rd Special Olympics $5
Travis Freund Baltimore MD No time like the present. 6 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Patterson Park   $20
Daniella Lager Baltimore MD I think I can, I think I can. 5 9:00 AM 0:09:59 Silver Spring, MD Ahavas Yisroel of Baltimore $25
Lori Ostendarp Baltimore MD Every run is a great run 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Turkeypoint Rd and Route 702 ASA $5
Dana Parry Baltimore MD For Katie, my little sister 6 10:00 AM 0:10:30   Lupus Foundation $10
Liz Robinson Baltimore MD I dedicate my run to my late mother, Carroll England. 5 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Smith Avenue in Mt. Washington SPCA $20
Becki Steele Baltimore MD In loving memory of my sister, Katie Landers 5 11:00 AM 0:09:00 Falls Rd. baltimore, mdd Heat it to beat it $25
martha fleury Bethesda MD YaY! Not Sure 8:00 AM 0:00:00     $5
Kathy LaRiviere Bethesda MD Running in memory of Shelly 8 8:00 AM 0:09:30 Rock Creek Park Back on My Feet $8
Joy Hargraves Bowie MD 2 8:00 AM 0:14:30 Saugany Lake, IN Fisher House $25
Mark Hargraves Bowie MD 2 9:00 AM 0:00:00   Fisher House $25
Tim Barbee California MD Do What You Like, Like What You Do. Not Sure 10:00 AM 0:07:00 Wildewood   $1
Teresa Barbee California MD Love It... Not Sure 10:00 AM 0:00:00     $1
Jose Moreno Cheverly MD Always do your best! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:10:00 Kenilworth Ave to around Buddy Attick lake back to Kenilworth   $20
Kathy Tuttle Churchton MD In honor of my sis Melinda Merchant in her quest to cure cancer! 10 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Either Dower House Rd thru the neighborhood OR starting at Deale/Churchton Rd looping thru Deale American Cancer Society $5
Karen Bowes Churchville MD Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. Coco Chanel 4 10:00 AM 0:09:20 Giles Foundation to Eradicate Duchenne $20
Al Gianquinto college park MD Have a great run 10 9:00 AM 0:09:00     $1
Jorge Laurel Crofton MD Enjoy the running! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:08:00 Crofton Park Team Fisher House $25
Melody Gray Delmar MD What an awesome idea ... run for the charity of your choice!! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:09:31 Northumberland Dr Delmar Md 21875 HCI Salisbury Md $20
Andrea Ball Elkridge MD Relentless Forward Motion! 4 9:00 AM 0:11:00 BWI Trail Make-a-Wish foundation $5
Laura Collins-Diaz Ellicott City MD 1 Corinthians 9:24 For Beans :) 3.1 7:00 AM 0:20:00 Worthington Way Walk for Paws $10
Carol Fletez Ellicott City MD Dedicated to spreading LOVE in the world 5 8:00 AM 0:08:40 Fals Run Road to Rte 108 to Rte 32 Red Cross $10
Blake Valente Ellicott City MD Go Uncle Didi We love you! Love Beans xoxoxo 3.1 7:00 AM 0:07:00 Worthington Way Ellicott City, MD Walk For Paws $1
Erin Cotter Frederick MD Learn to run when feeling the pain, then push harder. 7 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Baker Park   $5
Gregory Kerr Ft Meade MD Have a geat run 10 9:00 AM 0:10:45     $1
Celeste Hemphill Germantown MD There is always a good reason to get out for a run! Not Sure 9:00 AM 0:07:30     $1
Sonya Caesar Glen Burnie MD I will run to the end of the earth for you, Christian!!! 7 Not sure 0:12:00 Parke West Community   $5
Timothy Folta Hanover MD Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. 5 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Arundel Mills Blvd, Arundel Mills Mall, Dorchester Blvd Freedom From Religion Foundation $5
Stefania Wieczorek Hanover MD Dedicated to everyone who struggled and overcame. 5 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Arundel Mills Blvd, Dorchester Blvd, Arundel Mills Mall American Cancer Society $5
Sabra Kurth Havre de Grace MD Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. --- Will Rogers 3 6:00 AM 0:11:00 Probably in Savannah before I leave to go home after the half marathon on Saturday. American Heart Association $10
Sabra Kurth Havre de Grace MD Happy Independence Day! 4 6:00 AM 0:10:00 Pintail Dr. Habitat for Humanity $10
Sheena Emelen Taylor Havre de Grace MD I dedicate my run to all those affected by the disasters in Japan. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Commerce Street- Chesapeake Bay   $10
Dawn Cobb Huntingtown MD Born to Run 4 8:00 AM 0:14:00 Huntingtown MD - near the Chesapeake Bay St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $25
Josh Neff Millersville MD Matt made me do it     0:09:00     $1
Bob Marshall Montgomery Village MD Start Slow/Taper Off 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Kanfer Court American cancer Society $20
Diane Martin Mount Airy MD Cross country race through a vineyard - Yeah! 5 9:00 AM 0:11:00 Linganore Vineyards Cool Kids Campaign $25
Diana Kurcfeld Olney MD Dedicated to all new runners ( 6.2 9:00 AM 0:13:00 Rockville, MD Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $9
Keith Carey Owings Mills MD I'm running for the animals at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore 5 10:00 AM 0:11:00   Maryland Zoo in Baltimore $20
Carla Ward Owings Mills MD Run for Fitness-Run for Life! 3.1 11:00 AM 0:12:00   American Cancer Society $20
Tamara Polcak Pasadena MD I dedicate this run to my Aunt Joan who is battling lung cancer as I write this. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Planet Fitness Glen Burnie MD Ordinance Road American Cancer Society $100
Sharon Rosenblatt Silver Spring MD All right chumps, let's do this! 5 Not sure 0:10:00 local cities   $20
Debbie Begosh Walkersville MD Run Mama Run! 5 7:00 AM 0:12:00 Town of Walkersville Make a Wish Foundation $1
Kristine Prosser Benton ME Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things." -Denis Diderot" Not Sure 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Montego Bay, Jamaica Local Charity Donation $50
Kristine Prosser Benton ME just keep running.... 5 10:00 AM 0:10:00 River Road, Benton, Me Pet haven lane, august Maine, Animal Shelter $50
Anne Lapierre Gorham ME Recognizing your true potential 5 7:00 AM 0:08:30 Gorhamrec Cancer foundation $10
Elizabeth Lingenfelter Hampden ME I run for those who can't. 5 8:00 AM 0:10:00 To be decided. The Humane Society $10
Aimee Metz-Jordan North Berwick ME Just keep running 5 11:00 AM 0:09:00 Maine Street and around #1 pond   $20
Charmaine Bouford Oakland ME Starting my new running year off right! 7 Not sure 0:10:00 Snow Pond Road or my treadmill...depends on weather! Save our Strays $20
Katie O'Neal Portland ME Hoping I won't need snow boots for this run! 3 9:00 AM 0:08:30 Victorian Mansion Starlight Society $20
Jacqueline Russell Rockport ME Most people run a race to see who is fastest. I run a race to see who has the most guts."" 3.1 8:00 AM 0:07:00 Grove Street Park Humane Society $5
Steve Schilling Sanford ME Better than work. 5 Not sure 0:11:30 Limerick, Maine ECC $100
Debra Ramini Sanford Me. ME Still Crazy After All These Years 4   0:10:00 Main St. Around #1 Pond Alzheimers $20
Linda Davis So. Casco ME My mother would be proud that I am honoring her. 4 4:00 PM 0:09:00 Windham, Maine Lung cancer $10
scott robichaud south portland ME for gabby 5 9:00 AM 0:07:00 broadway,south portland preble street $5
Joshua Weidman South Portland ME Get up and GO GO! 7   0:00:00   Special Olympics $5
kelly clark wells ME Running with Crazy after all these years"" 4 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Main St and around #1 Pond Alzheimers $20
Michelle Janosik Windham ME Dedicated to my dad, David R. Beauregard, Sr. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:11:45   American Stroke Association $25
michael yatcko allen park MI MY PARENTS 5 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Allen Park, Michigan Leader Dogs for the Blind $20
Michelle Nasers Belleville MI I'm a new runner with many challenges! 4 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Willow Metro Park, Huron Charter Township, Michigan University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center $20
Diana Ranke Birch Run MI Dedicated to my daughter Amy, who inspired me to try running. Thanks Amy! 3.1 10:00 AM 0:15:29 Gera Road American Cancer Society $10
Alejandria Blake Brighton MI For my giggle buddy!   9:00 AM 0:14:00     $1
L Rivard chesterfield MI Its a SUPER day! 3 9:00 AM 0:13:00 home   $25
Jason Lewis Coleman MI For my health 3.1 7:00 AM 0:09:00 Gatlinburg, tn   $10
Stacie Zotkovich Commerce MI Here's to my running buddies who keep me motivated and running! Cheers my friends! 3 8:00 AM 0:10:15 Novi Road and Grand River Road American Heart Association $25
Sara Smith Commerce Township MI I run so my goals in life will continue to get bigger instead of my belly."" 3.1 9:00 AM 0:00:00 Novi Town Center Novi Road   $5
Mike Smith Commerce Township MI Just one more mile...and one more beer...Go Packers!"" 3.1 9:00 AM 0:00:00     $1
esther combs crystal MI Live to love! Love to Run! 11   0:10:00     $9
MAUREEN CELMER DEARBORN MI I can do this....So I will! 5 9:00 AM 0:11:17 Outer Drive and Summer Susan G Komen $9
Stephanie Moore Dearborn MI I run to feel 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00 Waverly Street Dearborn Animal Shelter $25
Wendy West Detroit MI Keep running 3.1 11:00 AM 0:10:00 Belle Isle Gift of life Michigan $100
Carrie Bradish Durand MI Run for your LIFE! 3 6:00 PM 0:09:30 Durand Loaves and Fishes $25
Brandi Anderson Fenwick MI This run is dedicated to Smiley. I am proud of you & what you have accomplished! 5 10:00 AM 0:11:00 Ionia, Michigan at the Famous Ionia Free Fair Ionia Relay for Life Team Optimism"" $25
Montrail Lee Flint MI hi mom!     0:00:00     $1
Skyler Snider Flint MI Never Give Up!!! 3.1 10:00 AM 0:07:30 BiCentenial Park Genesee County Agricultural Society $1,000
j haymond Fraser MI Karen's first 5K! We're running for Kyna. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:12:00 Metroparkway and Garfield, Clinton Twp., MI Maggie Lynn Foundation $20
Rene' Anderson Grand Rapids MI Running can make even the most negative day a positive. 10 2:00 PM 0:09:30 Heartland Trail - Greenville, MI   $1
KIRT FRAIN GRAND RAPIDS MI To the friends that I meet along the trails 10 8:00 AM 0:09:45 Greenville Heartland Trail   $9
Dean Horn Grand Rapids MI .     0:00:00 Fred Meijer Heartland Trail, Greenville, MI   $1
Denita McLean Grosse Ile MI Persevere 3.1   0:00:00   American Diabetes Association $20
Jennifer Zemla Harrison Township MI To Support Team Reeve! 6.2 10:00 AM 0:10:00 My Treadmill Harrison Twp, MI Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation $75
Ed Potter Haslett MI I dedicate this run to end world hunger. 3 9:00 AM 0:08:30     $1
Maria Blackmer ionia MI I run because I can for those who can't!! 5 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Ionia Fairgrounds to the rivertrail and thru town Veterans $50
Jerry Altman Kalamazoo MI Dedication to The World Businesses ending Hunger 10 8:00 AM 0:11:00 7643 NW Gleneagle & ML East Kalamazoo Food Bank $9
Karen Christensen Kalamazoo MI Never give up 6 9:00 AM 0:11:00   Girls On the Run $20
Julie Henderson Kalamazoo MI Semper Fi! 5 3:00 PM 0:10:00 Parkview Ave & Barnard Ave   $1
Allison Kelaher-Young Kalamazoo MI Because you can always improve...and thank you to Blaine and Chris!!! 8 9:00 AM 0:11:00   West Michigan Cancer Center $100
Maureen Mead Kalamazoo MI You should go with a brother twice as far as he asks. 6 Not sure 0:11:00 West Main and Grove, Kalamazoo, MI Habitat for Humantity $25
Teri Olbrot Kalamazoo MI I'm grateful I can run! 6 10:00 AM 0:09:00 Stoney brook and 12th St Kalamazoo mi YWCA $50
lindsey marok lambertville MI Having a true faith is the most difficult thing in the world. Many will try to take it from you" 3.1 9:00 AM 0:09:00 wildwood metro park MJR golf outing $1
Julie Nolin Lansing MI you can do it! 4 8:00 AM 0:12:13 Hawk Island Park   $5
Jessica Partridge Lansing MI I dedicate my run to my health and to my family. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:30 Hawk Island Autism Speaks $20
Jennifer Allar Macomb MI I run so I can eat. :) 5 3:00 PM 0:08:00 my subdivision   $1
Bridget Allar Macomb MI Just Run!     0:00:00   Turning Point $1
Kristen Kolp macomb MI The faster you run, the sooner you're done. Don't think about running, JUST RUN!   10:00 AM 0:00:00 Washington, MI Make a wish foundation $10
Jeane Boynton Mason MI I dedicate my run to my daughters, so that they may be strong!!! 4 10:00 AM 0:10:00 Eifert, Bunker, Onondaga and Tolles rds   $1
laura snyder mecosta MI all proceeds go to MCMC women's issues, of big rapids, michigan 3.1 8:00 AM 0:03:30 ferris state university. ives to stadium drive, to state street, to oak, back to ives mcmc $100
Pamela Mardeusz New Hudson MI Dedicated to my family and friends who make my life complete! 6 12:00 PM 0:10:00 Kensington Metro Park Active Faiath $50
Sherrie Town Otsego MI In honor of Navene! Not Sure   0:00:00   Childhood Apraxia of Speech $20
M. Alexander Oxford MI To commemorate my Pookiebuns away at bootcamp: I misses you! 3.1 4:00 PM 0:08:30 Pollyann Trail Humane Society $5
Garnet Bowden Oxford MI Dedicated this run to those less fortunate 5 10:00 AM 0:09:30 Polly Ann Trail Detroit Rescue Mission $50
Kirt Bowden Oxford MI Running for those less fortunate. 5 10:00 AM 0:09:00 Polly Ann Trail Detroit Rescue Mission $50
Richard Wojciechowski Oxford MI Dave, I love you. This run is for you. 6 8:00 AM 0:10:00 Independence Oaks Park, Clarkston MI ALS $100
Jalayne Bennett Paw Paw MI Everyone off the couch! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:09:30 Along Maple Lake United Way $5
Heather Hanley paw paw MI We only have this moment. Make It Count! 10 9:00 AM 0:08:30 Al Sabo Land Preserve, Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Trail run! ActiveWater $20
Amy Lin Paw Paw MI Progress, not perfection! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:17:00 30964 56th Ave. Paw Paw, MI 49079 World Wildlife Federation $5
Michele Sturt petoskey MI I run so I do not lose the me I was yesterday..." George Sheehan, writer and runner." 5 11:00 AM 0:09:30 Jones Landing Rd around Walloon Lake, Mi. South African Medical Expeditions $100
Jessica Roe Portage MI Keep On Running......Or Else! Not Sure 8:00 AM 0:11:00 Portage, MI westside   $20
Amanda Stoughton Portage MI Sweat is just your fat cells crying. 6 8:00 AM 0:08:10   Leukemia Lymphoma Society $20
anthony deleonabreu Richland MI For my Big Bro Rick 10 8:00 AM 0:07:00 Bethany Circle undecided $10
Kimberly Dunn Dunn Riverview MI Mom: This run's for you. Love, Kim 3.1 12:00 PM 0:12:00 Treadmill Ovarian Cancer Research Fund $50
Brian Connery Rochester Hills MI Fueled by political outrage and Irish music. 10 8:00 AM 0:00:00 Paint Creek Trail   $75
Brian Connery Rochester Hills MI Running fueled by political outrage and Irish music 10 8:00 AM 0:09:00     $75
Fatma Mili Rochester Hills MI compassion 10 11:00 AM 0:09:40 Avon & rochester road habitat for humanity $20
Chris Ray Rochester Hills MI Dedicated to getting fit. 5 8:00 AM 0:10:30 Raintree/Adams Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure $50
Linda Skornia Rockford MI Peter, Margo and Carmen - I Love You - MOM 3.1 9:00 AM 0:12:00   American Cancer society $10
Corrina Dye-Hale Rockwood MI Can't Let Jennifer beat me as I got her started!!! :-) 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:30 Down Herzog to Candace, turn left on Omstead to Gibraltar and back round. Susan Komen Cancer Fund $50
Catherine Goddard Royal Oak MI Never give up 6.2 9:00 AM 0:10:30 Royal Oak - Benjamin Ave-13 Mile - Crooks - 12 Mile - Woodward YMCA $20
Rebecca McAllister Royal Oak MI If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. - Booker T. Washington 3.1 1:00 PM 0:09:00 Treadmill iOrphan $20
Brandon McAllister Royal Oak MI Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other. -Brian Tracy 3.1 1:00 PM 0:12:00 Treadmill iOrphan $20
Jeffrey Allen Saginaw MI Hooah - For you Kristie! 3.1 1:00 PM 0:07:45   DAV $5
Running Clubs Saginaw Township Com Schools Saginaw MI Elementary 2-Mile Challenge Event 2   0:00:00 White Pine Middle School Cross Country Course   $20
Paul Abbott Shelby Township MI For my son Josiah who has Neurofibromatosis (NF) 20 7:00 AM 0:09:50 North West corner of 24 Mile Road and Shelby Road Children's Tumor Foundation $100
Leandra Lobb Shelby Township MI To my girls may my running encourage your fitness. 3.1 1:00 PM 0:12:00 It's cold, running on my treadmill. Leukemia Lymphoma $25
Kathleen Dobson Smiths Creek MI Work Safe - For Life Love you, Daddy & Mom 3.1 7:00 AM 0:11:03 Hawkins in Royal Oak GSPC - America Rescue $25
Jane Zlojutro Traverse City MI Nothing better than a great run! 3.1 11:00 AM 0:13:30     $20
Elisabeth Debri Walker MI Always love, live and learn, give all you've got, and ask for nothing in return. 3.1 Not sure 0:10:30 Macomb Ave NW, Walker Michigan. Cystic Fibrosis Fountation $10
carissa dannenberger walled lake MI If you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch..or let the dog drag you along." 5 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Southpoint Hotel, Las Vegas Michigan Humane Society $20
krysten sladewski walled lake MI Dedicated to Michael Steven Kunka 6.2 1:00 PM 0:08:10 welch rd& maple   $10
Karen Bentz Warren MI Running my first 5k for Kyna!! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:13:00 Metroparkway and Garfield, Clinton Twp., MI Maggie Lynn Foundation $20
stephanie aguirre waterford MI Live for today! 6.2 12:00 PM 0:13:00 Metropark Goodfellows $1
Rosalie Behen Ypsilanti MI Running is my therapy. 6 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Lansing, MI   $5
Jennifer Hugstad-Vaa Apple Valley MN Come run with everyone! 3.1 7:00 PM 0:10:00 Jensen Lake, Apple Valley, Mn Famine relief $25
Alicia Nguyen Apple Valley MN Run and be free. 3 Not sure 0:08:30   WWF $1
Darla Rueter Avon MN Born to run 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:15 Mapped out 5k ran each year in our town   $20
Asunta Thompson Barnesville MN Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12:1 3.1 6:00 AM 0:11:00 5K+ loop from my house to Blue Eagle and back Great Plains Food Bank $20
kris ferkingstad blaine MN The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to START! 2 9:00 AM 0:15:00 YWCA midtown indoor Tri Ywca $50
Renee Zinken Blaine MN Nothing better than getting outside & enjoying the outdoors. 3.1 9:00 AM 0:10:00 109th Avenue in Blaine, Mn on some great trails. Humane Society $50
Shawn Johnson Blooming Prairie MN keep the happy pace 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00   American Cancer Society $10
Phyllis Herman Chisago City MN This one's for you, mom!! Love you always!! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:13:30 Lofton Rd Big Sisters $10
James McCormack Detroit Lakes MN run a day to keep the doc at bay 3.1 1:00 PM 0:09:30 dlccc fittness center dlccc Backyard equipment drive $10
JorjEan Fischer Eagan MN theyd never forgotten what it felt like to love running. Pg 92 Born to Run 6.2 6:00 PM 0:07:30 Eagan Mn Heifer International $50
mary larson Eagan MN believe 5 9:00 AM 0:12:00 curry trail, eagan childrens hospitals and clinics of mn $20
Jason Sever Eagan MN Running for Kale and Cameron! 5 7:00 AM 0:08:30 Blackhawk Lake Park Red Cross $9
Stacey Sever Eagan MN keep moving forward 5 12:00 PM 0:10:30 Blackhawk Lake Drive, Eagan mn Feed My Starving Children $20
Jorie Tappa Eden Prairie MN Fun Run! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:00:00   C.A.D.E $25
Joan Clark Excelsior MN Run with joy! 4 3:00 PM 0:10:30 Luce Line in Plymouth, MN   $5
jenifer bendel-artmann fridley MN Good Luck to all the runners, keep running!! 5 Not sure 0:11:00 emma b howe ymca coon rapids   $1
Ruth Casler Glyndon MN Exciting! Not Sure 10:00 AM 0:09:00 Shoppes@ Osgood. Cancer $20
Megan Wollak Hugo MN The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. 6.2 9:00 AM 0:11:30 Boston College   $1
beth poole kilkenny MN I love you Johnny!! 3   0:00:00     $1
Heather Krochmal Maple Grove MN To all my running friends- have a good day& great run! Where ever that run may be! 8 9:00 AM 0:10:00     $50
Lyn Kobilka Maple Plain MN running sets me free 6 2:00 PM 0:10:15 Luce Line   $20
Siri Freeh Minneapolis MN A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. Ayn Rand 6 3:00 PM 0:10:10   Lakes Area Heart Walk $100
Renee Friedkin Minneapolis MN Running like a star, can't stop my shine 3.1 10:00 AM 0:10:00 N 3rd street or by river Salvation Army $5
Margi Johnson Minneapolis MN Starting anew...again! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:14:00     $10
gurayn sylte Minneapolis MN Whether you think you can't or you think you can, you're right."" 5 10:00 AM 0:00:00 Minnehaha Creek Trail and Lyndale Ave. Minneapolis Second Harvest Heartland $9
Kimberly Barnes Princeton MN If you believe that you can do it, you will 6 9:00 AM 0:11:00 30258 145th St   $1
Kathy Rosenow Ramsey MN Run for Life! 5 2:00 PM 0:09:00 RAMSEY, MN   $1
Emily Jacobson Rochester MN I'm running to prove to myself that I can! 3.1 Not sure 0:00:00     $5
Lisa Gibbs Rush City MN Love this new hobby I've found! 3 2:00 PM 0:13:00 From my home, down County road 7 and back. Inside on my treadmill if the weather is bad. My local food shelf. $50
Brenda Evans Russell MN Dream. Believe. Achieve. 3 1:00 PM 0:10:00 Marshall, MN   $5
Timothy Pratt Shoreview MN This run is dedicated to Mom and Dad. I will make donations in your memory. 6 8:00 AM 0:09:00 My house Douglas C. Pratt Scholarship, Elim Lutheran Church $50
Florence Debard st louis park MN There is no finish line! 3 11:00 AM 0:11:00 Dakota Park in St Louis Park, mn Humane Society $20
Bonnie Mueller St Louis Park MN Great Mother Of Big Apples, It's a Beautiful World! ~Seneca Saying 5 11:00 AM 0:09:10 Dakota Park in St Louis Park, MN Animal Humane Society $10
Meredith Edstam St. Louis Park MN I'm dedicating this to the #priorfatpack for getting me off my arse and my feet on the road! 3.1 Not sure 0:12:00 Most likely on the Cedar Lake Trail or around Lake Harriet   $20
Amy Spomer St. Louis Park MN Look for the joy 4 9:00 AM 0:10:45 Cedar Lake Open Arms $50
Sally Yelkin St. Louis park MN Remember to give thanks 4   0:10:00   Open arms $50
Carie Johnson St. Michael MN I am running for me :) 6 10:00 AM 0:10:30 Down the country road, I'll be dropped off and will run home 6 miles Lifting Liberia $20
Sherri Rowland St. Michael MN Run H@ppy! 3 10:00 AM 0:10:00     $25
Diane Roettger White Bear Lake MN I dedicate this run to my father, who passed away over 7 years ago now. 5 Not sure 0:15:00   American Cancer Society $40
Diane Roettger White Bear Lake MN I dedicate this run to my father, who passed away over 7 years ago now. 5 Not sure 0:15:00   American Cancer Society $40
Diane Roettger White Bear Lake MN I dedicate this run to my father, who passed away over 7 years ago now. 5 Not sure 0:12:00   American Cancer Society $40
Diane Roettger White Bear Lake MN I dedicate this run to my father, who passed away over 7 years ago now. 5 Not sure 0:12:00   American Cancer Society $40
Tedd Morgan Winona MN Run for Life Not Sure 9:00 AM 0:09:00   GRSF and WHF Over 1,000
Karen Maddox Blue Springs MO Waddle on! 6 7:00 PM 0:10:00 Blue Springs, MO on Adams Dairy Parkway Cancer Action $25
Stephen Wyly Blue Springs MO Run for Fun 5 6:00 AM 0:09:00 My home Ozanam $50
Nicole Dickson Bolivar MO This is great! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:12:00     $5
cindy harris cole camp MO Thankful for my many blessings in this life! 6.2   0:11:00 Missouri State Fairgrounds Childrens Therapy Center $9
Cheri Cregger Hazelwood MO Fast of slow, we all cross the same finish line. 13.1 7:00 AM 0:10:30 Clayton Community Center to Forest Park via Forsyth and back. Special Olympics $25
Nina Graham Imperial MO This run is for all my family who lost their battle to cancer and all that are cancer survivors! 13.1 Not sure 0:09:00 Not sure yet St. Jude's $25
Susan Walker Independence MO Running for health! Here's to you, Cathy! 3.1 8:00 AM 0:13:00 Lee's Summit Road First Hand Foundation $20
Amanda Pearce Joplin MO get back out there! Not Sure 7:00 AM 0:08:13     $20
Lynet Brooks kansas city MO You must be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi" 8 9:00 AM 0:14:00 76th and Stark west to Shoal Creek to Hodge Park and back. $25
Sharon Freese-Klepper Kansas City MO I run for Jodi and the leukemia and lymphoma society 3.1   0:00:00   Leukemia and Lymphoma Society $25
Julie Hull Kansas City MO I run because I can 6 7:00 AM 0:12:00 Ward Parkway to Loose Park KC MO Humane Society of Greater Kansas City $100
Amy Stillman Kansas City MO Stand Up! 3.1 9:00 AM 0:13:00 Independence Park Stand Up 2 Cancer $20
Victoria Swenson kansas City MO You won't know until you try. Don't quit. 12 8:00 AM 0:20:00 Blue Ridge Blvd to Royals Stadium   $5
Rachel Baez Kirksville MO Whatever your 100% looks like, give it."-Lance Armstrong" Not Sure Not sure 0:00:00 Three Groves Rd, Waverly, MO   $10
Kimberly Bulloc Lees Summit MO I dedicate my run to my sister Sheila who won her battle against brain cancer 3.1 9:00 AM 0:00:00 Island Park, 127th & Nall, Overland Park, KS Stand up to Cancer $40
sydney steele Nixa MO live laugh love!     0:00:00     $1
Marci Simmons Otterville MO My run is dedicated to the American Heart Association in loving memory of my Grandfather. 3.1 8:00 AM 0:07:00 Washington Road   $10
Doreen Algeo Ozark MO what doesn't kill you makes you stronger 5 7:00 AM 0:07:00     $25
Sydney Algeo Ozark MO what doesn't kill you makes you stronger     0:00:00     $10
Samuel Algeo Ozark MO what doesn't kill you makes you stronger     0:00:00     $10
Michael Carroll Platte City MO Overland Ascent 5.4 mi run @ Red Rock Canyon 5 9:00 AM 0:09:00 Welcome Ctr Red Rock Canyon NV American Cancer Society $2
Ben Smith Saint Charles MO This is for Natalie 4 3:00 PM 0:09:00     $1
Kathleen Davis saint Joseph MO For the streak 3.1 7:00 AM 0:10:00     $20
Angela Barbini Saint Louis MO Do or do not, there is no try" - Yoda" Not Sure   0:08:30     $10
Kate Kindbom Saint Louis MO To a healthier lifestyle! 5 12:00 PM 0:10:30     $5
Ilene Mueller Saint Louis MO Fall down 7 times; get back up 8 times. 5 8:00 AM 0:09:30 Marine Drive St. Louis Humane Society of Missouri $10
tara ruggeri saint louis MO Mom, thanks for being there for me & pushing me to do my best when it comes to racing! I love you! 13.1 7:00 AM 0:08:00 Streets   $1
Daniel Winter Sappington MO The miracle is that I started 13.1 7:00 AM 0:08:30   UNITED WAY $50
Miriam Brown Sedalia MO Wahoo! Two truck drivers out for a run on WORLD RUN DAY! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:10:00 Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, California   $20
Jonathan Brown Sedalia MO Wahoo! World Run Day here we come! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:08:30 Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, Monterey, CA   $25
Angela Thompson Sedalia MO Only you can make it happen. 6.2 10:00 AM 0:09:30 Missouri State Fair Grounds, Sedalia, MO 65301 Children's Therapy Center, Sedalia, MO 65301 $5
Keith Rauchle Trenton MO Life is like a box of chocolates..... 6.2 7:00 AM 0:08:45 Crowder Park   $8
Dawn Palm University city MO To my beautiful family 6 7:00 AM 0:10:00 North and south road Arizona childrens hospital $20
Rose Chapman Waynesville MO They say what you're doing on New Year's Day is what you'll be doing all year. I will be running! 4 9:00 AM 0:12:30 Waynesville, MO - Roubidoux Park NAHA - Native American Heritage Association $20
Erika Haley Waynesville MO I'm for my father who passed away in August. 5 2:00 PM 0:09:00 Roubidoux River, Waynesville, MO   $1
Drew Cefalu Brandon MS I dedicate this run to MeeMee 4 9:00 AM 0:07:30 Home   $1
Lisa Ware Brandon MS So I run with purpose in every step... 1 Corinthians 9:26 4 6:00 AM 0:16:00 Brandon, MS Pinelake Baptist Church $1,000
Richard Schmidt Columbus MS I would like to dedicate this run to all those people that are prostate cancer survivors! 10 10:00 AM 0:10:10 Sherwood Drive Navy Memorial $25
Cynthia Gaines Gautier MS My dedication is to my daughter Crystal G. for quitting smoking after 16 years. Stay strong! 13.1   0:04:00 Bay Street, Savannah Georgia, Rock 'n Roll 1/2 marathon on Nov. 5, 2011 St. Judes Children's Hospital $50
Heather Reed hattiesburg MS Burn baby burn 5 2:00 PM 0:08:30 neighborhood american cancer society $10
Jamie Schull Hernando MS For myself and my family! 3.1 7:00 AM 0:12:00 Scott Rd and Royal Lane JDRF $20
Evita Lopez Mathiston MS Try to run for fun and good health. 4 Not sure 0:11:30   Have not decided yet $20
Katie Bachman Ocean Springs MS I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. 3.1 7:00 AM 0:15:00 Ocean Springs side of bridge Red Cross $20
Ted Smith Picayune MS Run For Your Life 5 6:00 AM 0:10:00 Picayune Mississippi Agape Women Center $5
Sheryl Smith Picayune MS Run With My Sweetie 5 6:00 AM 0:10:00 Picayune Mississippi Agape Womens Center $5
Alice Huffman saucier MS Dancing and running shake up the chemistry of life." ~ Mason Cooley" 10 6:00 AM 0:09:22 HWY 90/Beach Blvd Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society $25
Brandye Ranum Baker MT Dedicating this run and all my runs to my son in heaven. I miss you everyday. 10 9:00 AM 0:10:00 492 Johny Creek Trl down the dirt road, over cattle guards and back to the house. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary $20
Brandie Kittle Bigfork MT I dedicate my run to my daughter Valarie and my Father Daniel. Strong, Calm, and Faith. 27 9:00 AM 0:09:30 Running in the NY Marathon Arthritis Foundation Over 1,000
Pamela Hanson-Deichl Butte MT Do what you love & love what you do! 6 7:00 AM 0:10:00 beginning at home and running the streets of Butte using my MapMyRun to guide me :) Mariah's Challenge $50
Chandra LaFrentz Chester MT Thank you to my husband for putting up with my running addiction! 6.2 9:00 AM 0:12:00 My driveway   $100
Beth Mazanec Helena MT Failure to try is failure. 3.1   0:00:00     $10
Cathy Kopf Whitehall MT Hopefully it is above zero that day! 5 8:00 AM 0:12:00     $25

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