2009 World Run Day Participant Listing as of November 8, 2009
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How your group can participate in World Run Day:
Running Clubs, Health Clubs, Charity Organizations, Corporations of any size, and passionate runners can sponsor World Run Day in their city each year. Click on our calendar, enter your route and use our toolkit for publicizing your event. Contact your local media in advance to tell them why running is the healthiest activity on the planet! The official event t-shirt (2009) is pictured below. We're attempting to get the whole world running. Contact us to host World Run Day 2010 held on Sunday, November 7, 2010.

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Ready for World Run Day - 2010? 

We will be attending the 2010 RUSA (Running USA) Convention in early February to collaborate with others who are interested in making World Run Day a much bigger event this year. Stay tuned for some new World Run Day ideas and concepte that you can use to promote the sport of running and generate charity dollars for your favorite charity.

For the past 10 years, World Run Day is a running event held annually in November to celebrate running and charitable giving. It is recognized as both the International Day of Running and the International Day of Charity. Thank you for being part of our growing event! Look for our new web site this spring. Contact us if you are interested in hosting an event in 2010.

Pursuit & Perseverance!

The staff of World Run Day



Event T-Shirt 2009

2009 Event T-Shirt

World Run Day - Anchorage, AK

World Run Day - Winterville, NC

World Run Day - LaVeda, CO

How to plan for World Run Day:
Running Clubs, Health Clubs, Charitable Organizations, and Corporations of any size can sponsor World Run Day in their city. Groups can purchase 10 shirts at a discount. Send your photos with your shirts on!

World Run Day - Boulder, CO

Annapolis, MD


Fontana, CA


Centerville, Ohio

Cary, NC

Rome, NY

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As seen in Long Island's Newsday

Charities that we've donated to

The On-Line Running Expo is now OPEN

Sting and Trudie Styler provide support with Rainforest Foundation.

Watch our 2009 Slideshow Click Here


Each runner can donate any amount directly to their favorite charity of choice while running their own favorite course. This is an excellent opportunity for all charity groups, individual runners, running clubs, schools, or corporations to host a running fundraiser for their community.

USA Runners can register for World Run Day November 7, 2010


Frequently asked questions

Photos from prior World Run Day events

Most popular World Run Day cities in 2009:
Individual Runners (not including Groups)

No. City Runners
1 San Francisco, CA 22
2 Pittsburgh, PA 18
3 Anchorage, AK 17
4 Portland, OR 14
5 Birmingham, AL 13
6 Houston, TX 13
7 Baton Rouge, LA 12
8 Frederick, MD 10
9 San Diego, CA 12
10 Jacksonville, FL 10
11 Seattle, WA 10
12 San Jose, CA 09
13 Auburn, WA 08
14 Austin, TX 08
15 Baltimore, MD 08
16 Colorado Springs, CO 08
17 Long Beach, CA 08
18 Salem, OR 08
19 Virginia Beach, VA 08
20 Multiple Cities 07

The Top 20 Charities in 2009:

No. Name Amount
1 American Cancer Society $3,344.00
2 Susan Komen $1,438.00
3 ALS Foundation $1,403.00
4 Children's Wish Fund $1,000.00
5 World Vision $880.00
6 St.Jude Hospital $776.00
7 American Heart Association $667.00
8 Livestrong. $508.00
9 Team In Training $421.00
10 ASPCA $406.00
11 Make a Wish Foundation $347.00
12 Arthritis Foundation $265.00
13 American Diabetes Association $258.00
14 Red Cross $246.00
15 Habitat for Humanity $240.00
16 World Wildlife Fund $227.00
17 Breast Cancer $221.00
18 American Red Cross $196.00
19 Autism Speaks $115.00
20 Diabetes Research Foundation $80.00

See our archive for more events

Great Moments in World Run Day History WRD ARCHIVES:

Sting and Trudie Styler provide support with Rainforest Foundation.

Minnesota woman hosts WRD with over 850 runners.

Karen Williams raises $8,000 in Bensalem, PA

World Run Day: A day to celebrate running.
Runners in the United States are called upon to celebrate their sport and donate to their favorite charity. Pick a route that is meaningful and fun. Celebrate with running partners and friends. Register today to be part of our World Run Day 2010 Video.

Contact us to host the 2010 event at runday2009(at)yahoo.com if you are a corporation, we can empower your runners for one great day.

Running Clubs and Teachers Contacted
Passionate runners and charity organizations world-wide are being contacted to host World Run Day 2010. Teachers are also called upon to host a small event and teach about the benefits of running. Help us prepare a global day for running and charity with your community.

Receive the World Run Day 2010 official event t-shirt in advance
Last year we mailed all virtual run participants their event shirts in advance of the November 8th World Run Day event.

Charities please contact us
Charities please contact us as we will create your own donor page for runners to make on-line donations.

Mark your calendars!
Save the date - November 7, 2010. World Run Day 2010 could be one of the most unique running events ever! Participants can register to run in a local World Run Day event, or they can register to run on a self-created course using our internet tools.

Look at the web calendars for our event:

and many more....

The World Run Day event is an opportunity for all runners to express themselves.
The concept of the event is similar to many global events where people can celebrate it wherever they live. Use your creativity to produce a small event and send us your story and pictures for the world to see.

Raise monies for your favorite charity and tell your local media about the health benefits of running.

Over 1,000 charities served!

World Run Day seen on the NBC Today Show!
Poster was seen on national TV on November 7... click for story

For Details Regarding 2009 Group Events Click Here
Just some of the initial cities that joined
World Run Day - San Francisco, CA
World Run Day - Annapolis, MD
World Run Day - Los Angeles, CA
World Run Day - Silver Spring, MD
World Run Day - Rochester, MI
World Run Day - Randolph, NJ
World Run Day - Fontana, CA
World Run Day - Dayton, OH
World Run Day - New York, NY
World Run Day - Bensalem, PA
World Run Day - Jay, FL
World Run Day - Cary, NC
World Run Day - Rome, NY
World Run Day - East Hartford, CT


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