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2010 World Run Day Registrants as of Sunday 11/07 11:00 PM EST.
The information below was obtained from the on-line registration form completed by registered runners.
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First Name Last Name City State Message to post to Distance Start Time Start Location Charity Name Donation
Larry Fincher Asheville NC A novel concept! 3.1 2:00 PM Carrier Park   $50
Brad Pehr Cary NC Dedicated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society research 3.1 Not sure Bond Park The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society $20
Elizabeth Bruno Chapel Hill NC Dedicated to Karma 4 8:00 AM Mt. Carmel Church Road area in Chapel Hill, NC Safe Haven for Cats in Raleigh, NC $50
Dean Bruno Chapel Hill NC Run dedicated to Karma. 4 11:00 AM Nashville area near Vanderbilt University. Safe Haven for Cats $50
Liz bruno Chapel Hill NC For Karma 4 9:00 AM UNC-Chapel Hill campus Safe Haven for Cats $50
Louis Anderson Charlotte NC Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined. (Thoreau)   Not sure McAlpine Creek Greenway American Red Cross $20
Lisa MAGEE Charlotte NC All journeys start with putting one foot in front of the other."" 3.1 10:00 AM McMullin Creek Greenway   $40
Mark OHare Charlotte NC I like turtles! 15 9:00 AM French Woods Greenway   $1
Marie Pluta Reedy Charlotte NC Slow and Steady wins the race! 5 7:00 AM Kilmartin Lane and McChesney Drive, Charlotte, NC Garrett's Wings $50
Elnora Thompson Cherokee NC In memory of my mother 6.2 4:00 PM Towstring Road thru Smokemont Camp Ground in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, N.C. American Diabetes Association $25
Kevin Kruse Concord NC Go for it 13.1 9:00 AM North Cabarrus Park   $45
Lynda Burek Duck NC To Mom - the one who held my hand so I may hold others, may her memory always live on in my life! 6.2 8:00 AM Hilton Head SC on vacation but running all the time OBX animal shelter $25
Ellen De Flora Durham NC To Susan, my hero. Thanks Sis! 8 8:00 AM Harrier Court APS of Durham $25
Richard Rawling Durham NC Pain is weakness leaving the body 5 6:00 AM The Tobacco Trail, Durham,NC   $5
Steven Zinder Durham NC I run to celebrate the changes I've made in my own life to remain active and healthy. 5 9:00 AM     $50
Jill Blahnik Elkin NC For HKM Jr., my running inspiration. 4 8:00 AM . North Carolina National Cancer Association $10
Bryony Evans Elkin NC HKM 4 8:00 AM Riverwood Dr. National Cancer Association $10
Patricia Blackwell Fayetteville NC Keep On Running 5 7:00 AM Jordan Soccer Complex-Cape Fear River Trail Breast Cancer Research $25
Jenilyn Jensen Fayetteville NC For Mom 6 6:00 PM Wells Place, Fayetteville, NC Autism Speaks $1
Simone Jesse Fayetteville NC I love FRC 6 9:00 AM Cape Fear River Trail at the Jordan Soccer Complex   $9
Carlos RODRIGUEZ-ROSADO Fayetteville NC DEDICATED TO MY CHILDREN: ESSE, CHACHA, & BUBU 10 9:00 AM Cape Fear River Trail 445 Treetop Drive Fayetteville, NC 28311 JOHNS HOPKINS CHILDREN CENTER $5
Bruce Smith Fayetteville NC I run because walking takes too long, and I'd like to get a few things done in this lifetime. 10 9:00 AM Cape Fear River Trail at the Jordan Soccer Complex 445 Treetop Drive Fayetteville, NC 28311 Wounded Warrior Project $25
Rebecca Temple Fayetteville NC Is better to try than never try at all. Not Sure Not sure Cape Fear River Trail   $1
Gary Weir Fayetteville NC I dedicate this to my two sisters that passed away 8 9:00 AM Cape Fear River Trail, Fayetteville, NC Cancer Society $10
Danette Kujat Swann Franklinton NC Run, Forrest, Run! 4 3:00 PM     $10
Paul Bishop Graham NC Go Out For A Run 5 4:00 PM 712 Old Farm Drive   $5
Landon Alison Greensboro NC World Run Day!! Not Sure 8:00 AM     $1
Markus Gebel Greensboro NC World Run Day!!   8:00 AM     $1
Heather Hancock Greensboro NC World Run Day!!! Not Sure 8:00 AM     $1
Clinton Montgomery Greensboro NC My Late Father. Sam Franklin Montgomery 3.1 12:00 PM My Neighborhood NC childrens Hospital $25
Jerry Walter Hillsborough NC Participating to support people with the rare genetic disorder Fabry disease. 3 10:00 AM Duke Forest Running Trail, Duke University National Fabry Disease Foundation $100
Samantha Cernock Hope Mills NC Tom and Lisa, Father and Daughter, stricken by the same fate - cancer. Running for them! 10 Not sure Not sure yet, with the Fayetteville Running Club. ACS $25
Candice Cunningham Hope Mills NC dedicated to all the babies in the NICU 8   cape Fear river trail, Fayetteville, NC   $1
Roxsand Smithson Hope Mills NC I'm dedicating my 14 miles to my dad who passed away five years ago of cancer. I love you dad! 14 7:00 AM Pope Air Force Base   $20
Jeannette Pantani Indian Trail NC MI run for my Mom. May health find its way back to you and be with you always. 7 12:00 PM Greenway at Piper Glen, Charlotte, NC SDS/MSA Support Group $100
Meredyth McClanahan Jacksonville NC Run like a girl! 5 10:00 AM Holly Drive, Jacksonville NC $10
Sarah Maloney Lewisville NC Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. ( A person is a person because of other people) - African Proverb 3.1 11:00 AM Triad Park in Kernersville, NC A Brighter Path Foundation $25
Steve Womble Lewisville NC When it is dark enough, you can see the stars...Ralph Waldo Emerson 3.1 11:00 AM Triad Park in Kernersville, NC A Brighter Path Foundation $25
Renee Fullard Lillington NC Run with like an animal." 10.0" 9:00 AM 0:10:00 USO   $10
Kathryn Gentry Louisburg NC For my children, just to show them its never too late to start. 2 7:00 AM Lake Royale, Sagamore Drive OLOTR catholic church food pantry $25
Scott BUSH Nags Head NC Unplug yourself. Go outside. Let your senses experience the natural world as you move through it. 27 7:00 AM City of Oaks Marathon, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA GO FAR (Go Out For A Run) $20
Mary Valdez Raeford NC I'm running for all my husbands friends who were injured or didn't come home from Afghanistan. 13.1 8:00 AM Battleship NC in Willmington Special Forces Association $50
Ashley Behm Raleigh NC Dedicated to my amazing husband, Chris Behm. I love you <3 5 8:00 AM Lake Johnson, Raleigh NC USO $20
Trudy Taylor Raleigh NC Evelyn Louise Peevy 3.1 1:00 PM Lake Lynn Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation $25
Kimberly blackwelder Rocky Mount NC Running to benefit TNT 10 7:00 AM Hunter Hill Rd LLS $10
Chris Patterson Sanford NC I love you MOM! 6 10:00 AM Around. National MS Society $25
Anne Bleggi Southern Pines NC Dedicated to the ones I love; Run free. :D 12 8:00 AM Wilmington, NC Battleship Food Bank $20
Lauren Bleggi Southern Pines NC Courage is not the absence of fear, but knowing that something else is more important than fear."" 12 8:00 AM Wilmington Battleship Food Bank $20
Hillary Luton Spring Lake NC I might be slow, but I'll get there. 3.1 7:00 AM Orchard Falls Drive near back gate. MS Research $10
Barbara rooke Spring Lake NC run for fun 5 9:00 AM fort bragg warrior angels $5
Erin Frank Thomasville NC Dedicated to my Grandmother, Barbara 4 4:00 PM Lexington Avenue, Thomasville to Rich Fork Baptist Church and Back   $100
Katherine Valdez Wade NC To the guys of ODA 7311 who were injured or didn't make it home their families. We miss you! Not Sure 12:00 PM Gym $50
Kim Goulah Wake Forest NC Challenge yourself today and everyday. 4 9:00 AM Umstead Park, Cary, NC   $20
Chennelle Miller Wake Forest NC Be better today than yesterday. 4 9:00 AM Umstead Park, Cary, NC   $20
Jody sloan Walnut Cove NC I dedicate this to my Dad whom I miss and love alot 3.1 8:00 AM     $20
Lisa Clark Wilmington NC Team in Training, Eastern North Carolina Chapter: Honor Patient Tom Jackson 6 7:00 PM Wrightsville Beach Route Leukemia and Lymphoma Society $25
Mark Craddock Winston-Salem NC Running because we can! 7 2:00 PM Salem Lake not sure yet $50
Robert Foster Winston-Salem NC Chase the worries out of your head... 18 12:00 PM Wake Forest University NFEndurance $10
Jenny Orr Winston-Salem NC Run! 3.1       $10
Kelley Eickenbrock Grand Forks ND For my mom who introduced me to the world of running and inspires me with her enthusiasm for running         $10
Ed Keller Grand Forks Afb ND Running with you Karen 8 9:00 AM Hemlock Rd (my house) AFAF $20
Maryellen Reimers Jamestown ND Dedicating this run to my dad. Love you, Dad! 5 5:00 AM Usual loop. American Cancer Society $25
Denise Markle Minot ND Fighting for Air 5 6:00 AM   American Lung Association $50
Lou Marin Minot Afb ND Your race, my pace! 13.1 9:00 AM It depends on the temperature. Probably inside the base gym.   $25
Jackie schwan Williston ND We're doin' it, almost there!!!!!"" 6 7:00 AM Airport road   $5
Mitch shefstad Williston ND Preventative Maintenance 3.1 9:00 AM Anytime Fitness- Williston Stanley, ND Food Bank $10
Hallie shefstad Williston ND Burn Baby Burn!! 3.1 9:00 AM Anytime Fitness Williston Shriner's Childrens Hospital $5
Leanne Tracey Williston ND i just wanna run! 5 2:00 PM either my house or jackie's house unsure right now $20
Kelley Horrigan Bellevue NE To all the animals looking for their loving, forever homes... 8 3:00 PM Lied Activity Center, Bellevue GRRIN - Golden Retreiver Rescue in Nebraska $50
Pamela McDiffett Central City NE I'm running in memory of my Dad, Hugh Doyle. 3.1 Not sure   American Cancer Society $100
Kari Coplen Gothenburg NE x 3.1 9:00 AM     $5
Julie McCoy Grand Island NE Running for Uncle Dave!! 3.1 2:00 PM Cedar Hills Park Trail American Cancer Society $50
Caitlin Wolfe Lincoln NE Go Big Red 3.1     Plattsmouth Bible Church $1
Amy Windle Nebraska City NE For my Mother and Lacey 4 6:00 AM 14th Street American Cancer Society and Leukemia Society $50
Michelle Eppler Omaha NE Bonding with my sister!         $25
Anne Fangman Omaha NE PACE 5 8:00 AM Costa Rica St. Jude's Research Hospital $50
Jenny Hirschman Omaha NE Because I can, I will. 6 12:00 PM Either on the trail or the Y.   $1
Karan Szatko Omaha NE Dedicated to all runners, new and experienced. Not Sure 9:00 AM     $10
Melissa Young Omaha NE Bonding with my sister!   7:00 AM     $25
Linda Webb Papillion NE I love running 3.1 3:00 PM     $1
Lanie Webb Papillion NE I love to run! 5       $1
Maggie Webb Papillion NE I love to run! 4       $1
Connie Wolfe Plattsmouth NE Excited to run my first 5k Thanks to c25k!! 3.1     Plattsmouth Bible Church $1
Brian Wolfe Plattsmouth NE Go Big Red 3.1     Plattsmouth Bible Church $1
Terry Hinn Rushville NE You Can!! 6 8:00 AM     $5
Karla RULEAU Rushville NE I can do it! 6.2 7:00 AM on the bike/walk path   $1
Caroline Wicks Bedford NH RUN FOR FUN! 5 6:00 PM 45 Olde English Road, in Bedford NH... my childhood Home. not sure yet... $1
Catie Tirrell Concord NH Run for a cure 3 3:00 AM Treadmill   $5
Laura Spinney Derry NH In honor of my daughter, Michaela, who has Williams Syndrome. She's the bravest little girl I know! 13.1 9:00 AM Manchester, NH Williams Syndrome Association $50
Lisa Crowley Franklin NH In Memory of Richard Haney, My Dad, My Hero... 6 9:00 AM 133 New Hampton Rd American Heart Association $20
Kathleen Grotton Keene NH Dedicated to those living with or who have lost someone to cancer... 4 9:00 AM weather permitting outdoors at Gilsum Street in Keene. American Cancer Society $25
Richard Day Portsmouth NH I have nothing to say so stop asking. 3.1 6:00 AM Start @ Radisson Hotel 700 Elm St. in Manchester, NH. From there - who knows?! Arthritis Foundation $25
Dawn Mazur Sandown NH To believe is to achieve! 4 11:00 AM 121a Food Pantry $5
Patricia Foti Belle Mead NJ Run Strong 3.1 9:00 AM Rocky Hill Canal Path, Rocky Hill, NJ Mercer Food Pantry $5
Jeff Gold Berkeley Heights NJ Just trying to stay motivated through the holidays and help out UNICEF! 3.1 8:00 AM Mountain Ave., Berkeley Heights, NJ UNICEF $10
Arlene Majette Bernardsville NJ Keep Getting Stronger 2 10:00 AM Bernardsville local roads/hills. Susan G. Komen $20
Marie Bahno Bloomfield NJ Running for NJ Team Challenge! 6 4:00 PM   chron's & colitis foundation $100
Mandie Sak Brick NJ Get out and run! 3       $20
Rick Diesinger Bridgewater NJ For Jake 7 2:00 PM From home Children's Hospital of Philadelphia $100
Jane Hildebrandt Butler NJ Why do I run? Because I can! 6 6:00 AM From my house Komen Race for a Cure $25
Adriane Schilling Cranbury NJ Because I can! 3.1 7:00 AM Cranbury Presbyterian Church Alzheimers Association $25
Callie Davies Gooch Cream Ridge NJ This run is for January and Beau   11:00 AM   Harness Horse Youth Foundation $20
Caryl Harris Flemington NJ Dedicated to NJRAA 6 9:00 AM Columbia Trail, High Bridge, NJ   $50
Jessica Taylor Galloway NJ My run is dedicated to my Angel on earth Alissa and my Angel in heaven Kaylee. Mommy Loves you both 3.1 8:00 AM I plan to run in Heritage Park March of Dimes $20
Alexandra Kobsar Haddon Township NJ This run is dedicated to my Mom Hedwig Germany who had suffered cardiac arrest in 2004 but survived. 3.1 Not sure Around Haddon Township   $3
Margie Hankins Hightstown NJ GO Racey Women 3.1 9:00 AM     $10
Diane Somers Holmdel NJ In Memory of Bob Phillips 3.1 7:00 AM Holmdel, NJ TBD $50
Erica Dorsi Jersey City NJ Run for Autism 6.2 10:00 AM Home to Liberty State Park Autism Speaks $20
Brian Loughlin Jersey City NJ Keep on keepin' on! 3.1 6:00 AM Hoboken, NJ Waterfront United Way $20
Nancy Troha Kenvil NJ none         $9
Samantha Allshouse Lambertville NJ 10 Not sure Titusville, NJ to Stockton, NJ   $1
Babs gambol Little Egg Harbor NJ to my dad, pain heals, glory last forever 3.1 10:00 AM   can goods donated to food bank $50
Melody Crystal Livingston NJ Go Go Go 6 Not sure     $20
Sarah Prawdzik Medford NJ In honor of Lynn Rush, and everyone battling cancer 6.2 1:00 PM Local running paths Susan G Komen $25
Lynne Taylor Middlesex NJ never say never 5 Not sure either in Middlesex, Union or Somerset County, NJ Leukemia & Lymphoma Sociaety $25
Juan Bas Millburn NJ Run because you love it and share what you love. 6.2 5:00 AM From home; unless I enter an actual event that covers the distance I plan to run for WRD2010. Livestrong Foundation $25
Susan Chimento Millstone Township NJ Louise DePasquale - Dementia/Alzheimers is a horrible disease. Miss you, mom 5 9:00 AM Millstone Township, NJ Alzheimer's Association $20
Misty Rude Pennsville NJ I run to finish, not to win. A strong finish is a personal win. 7 8:00 AM Riverview beach park   $10
Frank Victor Phillipsburg NJ If you are all wrapped up in yourself, you are overdressed"" 10 7:00 AM Riverside Park - Palmer Township, PA Leukemia Foundation $20
Tiffany Timberman Pittsgrove NJ Yay for cats and dogs! 6.2 5:00 PM Sand Bridge road Pittsgrove, NJ Salem County Humane Society $50
Sandra Baumann Pittstown NJ Run, Forest, Run! 3.1 9:00 AM Rocky Hill Canal, Rocky Hill, NJ Tabby's Place - A Cat Sanctuary (Ringoes, NJ) $25
Mimi Landau Princeton NJ Run for your life. 6 8:00 AM Delaware/Raritan Towpath @ Washington Road Susan G. Komen Foundation $10
Stacy Noonan Princeton NJ Go Racey Women! 3.1 9:00 AM     $9
Silvia Krauss Randolph NJ Everyday is another chance,don't miss it,get up and do it. Not Sure Not sure $50
James Rudy Robbinsville NJ Let's run and have some fun!! 10 10:00 AM D & R Canal Tow Path - Rocky Hill, NJ Lustgarten Foundation $100
Jonathan Elias Secaucus NJ I am dedicating my participation to my family for all of their love and support. 4 1:00 PM Harmon Cove Townhouse Community and Meadowlands Parkway; Secaucus, NJ Toys For Tots $100
Sarah Devin Shrewsbury NJ Just do it! 6.2 Not sure   Mary's Place by the Sea $20
Julie McLaughlin Skillman NJ Be fit. Train hard. 3.1 9:00 AM Rocky Hill Canal Food Bank $50
Patrick McLuaghlin Skillman NJ XC Rocks! 3.1 9:00 AM Rocky Hill Canal Food Bank $50
Sheryl Walder Somerset NJ If you can imagine it, You can achieve it. If you can dream it, You can become it. 5 11:00 AM     $1
Linda Magistro Toms River NJ Get comfortable with being uncomfortable". Jillian Michaels Thank you Jillian!" 3.1 11:00 AM Most likely at the gym on a treadmill, unless temps cooperate. Joseph Cannova Scholarship Fund $50
Sara Hull Washington NJ run for yourself 15 8:00 AM Columbian Trail, High Bridge, NJ   $1
Adrienne O'Keefe Wayne NJ Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run. stretch and breathe. 10 10:00 AM Main St., Madison, NJ Susan G. Komen Foundation $20
Felicia Ellerbe West Orange NJ In Memory of Raymond, Lisa and Cortney Marie Johnson 5 7:00 AM Verona Park   $1
Andrew Venella Westmont NJ Dad, I'll run this because you can't. Heal quickly. 10   Doing the Run The Bridge, its a 10K and then its another 4.5 miles along the park to get back home.   $25
Jonella Vasquez Albuqueruque NM No Pain, No Gain 6.2 9:00 AM The Bosque in Albuquerque St Jude's Children's Research Hospital $5
Cynthia Chavez Gallup NM This run is dedicated to my best friend who is serving in the Army in Afghanistan. Be Safe. CwC 3.1 2:00 PM 200 college road, UNMG running trail Homeless Animals $10
Debra Peters Las Cruces NM My running buddy has 4 paws! 6 8:00 AM Tucson, AZ Asombro Institute for Science and Education $25
Reynie Benelli Los Alamos NM Run for health and happiness 6 8:00 AM Granada & Rover none $1
Leticia McCray Rio Rancho NM Dedication to concurring prostate cancer 13.1 6:00 AM   Prostate cancer organ $50
Lisa Bye Santa Fe NM carpe diem 5 Not sure   salvation army $25
Gilbert Chavez Santa Fe NM Get outside and run! 10 7:00 AM trails   $8
Lloyd Takeshita Santa Fe NM Walk-Jog-Run Your Way to Fitness!" "Go For It!""         $20
Kelly Parkinson Tatum NM This is For Dustin, Grandpa & Richard 3.1 1:00 PM High School Track Field or Treadmill in my living room Breast Cancer Society & A Brain Injury Charity $50
Alison Cadwell Dayton NV Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle -Plato 10 9:00 AM Near College Pkwy and Ormsby Healthy Community Coalition, Dayton, NV $20
Roberta Andreozzi Elko NV Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission. Eleanor Roosevelt 6 7:00 AM home treadmill American Cancer Society $5
Dominique Jones Fallon NV Supporting De Vere while she runs the NY marathon on World Run Day! Not Sure Not sure Somewhere in NY that doesn't get in the way of the Marathon. Any educational charity $1
Devere Karlson Fallon NV For my brother, Eric 27 7:00 AM Staten Island, NY Running the NY Marathon American Cancer $50
Rosalind Daly Henderson NV I am not an expert in anything, I just do many things well. 4 11:59 PM 205 Appian Way henderson, nv 89002 Injuried Police Officer's Fund $25
Paul Daly Henderson NV You are judged as being a hero by the way you live; not the why you died. 4 1:00 AM 205 Appian Way henderson, nv 89002 Injuried Police Officer's Fund $25
Vanessa Farmer Henderson NV In memory of Roger Farmer 5 7:00 AM Pittman Wash Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation $50
Brennan Farmer Henderson NV I dedicate this run to Roger Farmer. You were like a brother to me man. Love you and miss you! 5 7:00 AM Losee and Carig in North Las Vegas, NV Nevada childhood cancer foundation $40
Kristie Peressini Henderson NV Have fun and finish with a smile! 10 7:00 AM Downtown Seattle   $10
Dan Peressini Henderson NV Happy Feet, Have fun. 10 7:00 AM Downtown Seattle   $10
Zoe Albright Las Vegas NV Thanks Karl! 12 1:00 PM Silver Springs rec center? Family Promise Las Vegas $25
Lee beausoleil Las Vegas NV Remembering fallen comrades 7 8:00 AM   Las vegas track club $10
Jillian beausoleil Las Vegas NV Just run 7 8:00 AM   Las vegas track club $10
Chase beausoleil Las Vegas NV . 5 8:00 AM   Las vegas track club $5
Logan beausoleil Las Vegas NV . 5 8:00 AM   Las vegas track club $5
Marji Burniston Las Vegas NV For Stacy Jo 10 6:00 AM Las Vegas Blvd TBD $20
Jeff Eichelberger Las Vegas NV Lulu - Anything is possible. 13 Not sure Henderson Multi Generation Center   $20
Amber GeBauer Las Vegas NV Rescued is my favorite breed 3.1 7:00 AM Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino - Green Valley Pkwy, Las Vegas ASPCA $20
Wendy Hayes Las Vegas NV You will never come up against a greater adversary than your own potential." (Star Trek TNG)" 3.1 6:00 PM Mission Hills Park ASPCA $20
Karl Kingsley Las Vegas NV Im memory of Irene Gerstman 6.2 Not sure LVAC - Flamingo/Sandhill Nathan Adelson Hospice $50
Sherry Melder Las Vegas NV Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there......Will Rogers 9 6:00 AM East Sahara to Hollywood to Lake Mead and back   $25
Chung Siedlecki Las Vegas NV Running for Those Who Can't 7 8:00 AM Elkorn & Decatur LVTC $20
Ira Smith Las Vegas NV By endurance we conquer". Sir Ernest Shackelton" 13.1 7:00 AM Eastern & Pebble flood basin trail, Las Vegas Primary Childrens Hospital $100
Kendra Still Las Vegas NV Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. Ralph Waldo Emerson Not Sure       $50
Joe Tang Las Vegas NV To those running today, I salute you!"" 8 6:00 AM horizon ridge   $1
Judy Tunnyhill Las Vegas NV To you!! 10 5:00 PM Around UNLV campus...   $5
Ruriko Weisbrod Las Vegas NV Run for fun and life! 6.2 9:00 AM Spring Creek Trail Ft Collins Colorado Pets $100
Georganne Stein Minden NV an act of kindness everyday is good for the soul and makes our world a better place 10 9:00 AM   central asia institute $10
Kathy Kinsinger North Las Vegas NV Live, love and laugh... A LOT!!! 8 6:00 AM Red Rock Canyon The Shade Tree Shelter $50
Brett Dieffenbach Reno NV Run 10 8:00 AM Mary Go Jack Park   $1
Jillaine Geddes Reno NV I am running for all the women in Kaia FIT!!! ( 8 10:00 AM     $25
Joanne Gipson Reno NV We run because othes can't. 5 8:00 AM Horseman's Park, Reno NV Multiple sclerosis $25
Sara Morris Reno NV Woohoo!! 10 9:00 AM     $5
Relina Shirley Reno NV Running to raise money to ensure that no one goes hungry! 3.1 9:00 AM Damonte Ranch HS The Food Bank of Northern Nevada $200
Doug Whitehill Reno NV For my brother, may we never get old. 6.2 8:00 AM   American Cancer Society $5
John Whitehill Reno NV TEAM POW! LETS RUN! 13.1 9:00 AM Truckee River path   $5
Bryon Baker Sparks NV My longest run to date! 10 12:00 PM Truckee River Sierra Kids Foundation $10
Sheila Roach Sparks NV In memory of my brother Dennis! Rest in peace brother! You are loved and missed every day. 5 4:00 PM Calle de Oro, Sparks, NV Pancreatic Cancer Action Network $50
Kristin Myers Wellington NV Dedicated to the youth of Smith Valley, Nevada 13.1 7:00 AM From my house, on local roads. Not sure yet $75
Carol cunningham Akron NY It's never too late to be what you were meant to be - George Elliott 5 9:00 AM   United Way $100
Naveed Rahman Astoria NY Running for all those who dont believe they can do it- if Ican, so can you! 6.2 11:00 AM Streets on NYC American Heart Association $25
Pam Hibbs Averill Park NY Go! GO! Not Sure 6:00 AM Raleigh, NC   $1
Terry troha Averill Park NY go! Not Sure 6:00 AM Averill Park   $1
Mary Whittredge Ballston Spa NY Sometimes you're the Shadow; Sometimes you're the Light. Be the Light and others shine Brighter." 9 9:00 AM Stockadeathon 15k Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary $20
Kerry Stella Bayside NY Get going. Get up and walk if you have to, but finish the damned race." -Ron Hill" 6.2 10:00 AM Cross Island Parkway, Greenway   $25
Bonnie Doyle Brewster NY Dedicated to all the soldiers past and present. 4 9:00 AM Putnam County Trailway Susan Komen $25
James Doyle Brewster NY Dedicated to all soldiers past and present. 4 9:00 AM Putnam County Trailway Susan Komen $25
Joyce Silverstein Briarcliff Manor NY Dedicated to my mother 13.1 9:00 AM My treadmill My Sister's Place $25
Daniel Blausey Brooklyn NY Run for Life! Dedicated to all the men of Male 5 8:00 AM Panama City Beach FL Male Survivor $100
Adria Crum Brooklyn NY Live to run another day"" 3.1 Not sure Brooklyn, NY Team in Training $50
Kim Scalamandre Brooklyn NY I dedicate this run to my dear friend Lynne who inspired me to do my first race many years ago... 4 10:00 AM Marine Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. $50
David Gerber Buffalo NY In memory of my brother. 6     American Cancer Society $50
Patricia Phillips Castleton NY Running in spirit. Will need to walk this time. Recovering from toe broken in a trail run. 1 Not sure Seaman Ave. Castleton, NY Already gave, NPR. $100
Virginia Touhey Clifton Park NY race walking for To Love A Child .Org 23 11:00 AM streets of Clifton Park NY To Love A Child $50
Mara Bryan Cortlandt Manor NY to the brave who gave their lives defending our country,those who stand daily/their families!RIP Sgt Not Sure     To them that's gone $20
Vivek Pabby Cortlandt Manor NY Run for fun 5       $20
Darlene Cardillo Delmar NY Finishing=Winning 6.2       $25
Diane nappa Dewitt NY dedicate my run in memory of my son, Alex Alciati 3.1 9:00 AM eirie canal burdick street entrance east syracuse elmcrest childrens center $25
Erica Gassen East Setauket NY Happy to Run 2 Not sure 60 Willow Wood Drive Disabled American Veterans $20
Suzanne Grebleski Elmira NY I'm running in memory of Corinne Erwin who lost a battle 2 cancer 10-31-10 3.1 9:00 AM corner of Walnut and Water St. Elmira, NY Hospice $25
Jeffrey Suhr Farmington NY I dedicate this run to God and all He has done for me. 6 9:00 PM Treadmill Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation $20
Adrienne Mylott Fayetteville NY Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."" 5 8:00 AM Jamesville Dewitt High School Planned Parenthood $50
Vanlinh Nguyen Fayetteville NY Much love to my family, especially Rob, who is my biggest supporter since I began running. 7 9:00 AM Jamesville-Dewitt High School Track CNY FOOD BANK $50
Peter Kowalczyk Ferndale NY To all the family, friends and all victims of cancer 2 1:00 PM Washingtonville, NY High School American Cancer Society $25
Joann Andryshak Florida NY For our Kids 3.1 9:00 AM     $25
Thomas Andryshak Florida NY For Our Kids.. 3.1 9:00 AM     $25
Yvette Gigliotti Fulton NY If you can do it once you can do it again, and again and again! 5 12:00 PM Hannibal Town Square   $20
Ann Marie Wenzel Gowanda NY I run to clear my mind of negativity. 3.1 Not sure hilly 3.2 mile block by house Roswell Park Cancer Institute. $20
Julie LaBarr Hall NY Never thought I could! mypage_success.asp?ID=JAL4828&h=7f676 3 2:00 PM Hall NY American Heart Association $5
Elizabeth Silverman Hamburg NY I'm proud to run on behalf of the Alzheimer's Association in loving memory of my Grandpa Herb. 14 8:00 AM   Alzheimer's Association, Western New York Chapter $20
Dennis Roach Hamlin NY Remember our Veterans 4 8:00 AM 575 Martin Rd (S), Church Rd (E), Walker Lk Ont Rd (N) N.Hamlin Rd (W) Martin Rd (S) to start. Lifetime Solutions Hamlin, NY $10
Karen Williams Holbrook NY For my nephew Tommy Kane. Lets help Kidneeds" kick the butt of Dense Deposit Disease!" 3.1 10:00 AM Neshaminy State Park, Bensalem, PA Kidneeds $1,000
Andrew Tanzillo Hudson NY Let's have FRUN. 6 9:00 AM Hudson, NY MS Society $10
Arnice Boyd Ithaca NY T BOYD X 3.1 4:00 PM     $10
Jennifer Henion Ithaca NY Dedicated to myself for becoming the runner I never thought I could be....never stop running! 10 1:00 PM Everywhere Tompkins County SPCA $50
Patricia merkel Ithaca NY P MERK L 3.1 4:00 PM     $10
Tracy Racicot Johnsonville NY What does not kill you makes you stronger 6 9:00 AM Hudson, NY Leukemia, Lymphoma Society $25
Brenda Santiago Kerhonkson NY Never give up 7 10:00 AM Rail Trail Accord, NY Crohns's & Colitis Foundation of America $25
Paul Bennett Long Beach NY Neighbors Helping Neighbors 6.2 3:00 PM Quincy MA Walliston Blvd Helping Hands Rescue Mission $50
Christopher Hutchinson Long Beach NY Dad have a great Marathon today 4 10:00 AM Long Beach Board Walk   $25
Larry kalvar Long Beach NY make a wish 5 7:00 AM Oahu Hawaii make a wish $50
Kimberly mathieson Marcellus NY I run for my mom and a cure for ovarian cancer! 9 7:00 PM Pleasant valley rd, Marcellus, NY Grace's Garden $25
Megan townsend Marcellus NY i am looking forward to a great run with my 2 best running friends 9 7:00 AM     $25
Samantha Hatch Middle Grove NY I love that I am able to do this run with friends all over the USA 6.2 8:00 AM Saratoga YMCA Saratoga Springs ny Susan G Komen $5
Diane DeChiaro New Rochelle NY Stay Strong Live Stong 10 8:00 AM Rockefeller Trails Live Strong for Prostate Cancer $10
Shawn Husain New York NY To My Aunt Happy 50th Birthday! 4 8:00 AM     $25
Teresa Blue Niagara Falls NY To grandmother Ann and all those friends and family who I have lost...I run for them. 8 9:00 AM I will run around Hyde Park area in Niagara Falls. American Heart Association. $25
Dina Hamil Ny NY 50 is great! 2       $10
Robert Dove Olean NY Dedicated to Regina DePasquale 10 9:00 AM Allegany River Trail American Cancer Society $20
Kelly Mahar Olean NY Dedicated to Venus 10 9:00 AM Allegany River trail SPCA $20
April Miller Penfield NY Let's Run for those who can't! 6 9:00 AM Atlantic Avenue Arthritis Foundation $5
Jack Miller Pittsford NY Just Run 20 2:00 PM 30 Whittlers Ridge Livestrong Foundation $5
Eddie Arbeiter Plainview NY Be Kind 8 8:00 AM Plainview streets Queens Self-Help organization $750
Kerry Davis Plattsburgh NY To family/friends & Leda Marie Adams-I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me"Phil 4:13" 13.1 10:00 AM South Hero VTCemetery-South St.-W.Shore Rd-13.1 mi;end@ Simms Point Rd-Bow/Arrow State Park. St. Jude's Children Hospital $100
Karen Escolas Port Washington NY I am dedicating this run to my children, Rachel and Jeremy 4 11:00 AM Harbor Acres, Port Washington   $25
Marla Bertani Rochester NY Because I can 5 9:00 AM Hatch Lake, NY   $1
Todd Gillenkirk Rochester NY In memory of Louis John LiVecchi 5/30/17~7/26/10 Not Sure 10:00 AM In the wooded neighborhoods bordering Durand Eastman Park and Lake Ontario American Cancer Society / Alzheimer's Association $50
Cathryn Kittelberger Rochester NY I dedicate my run to all those who love to run but are physically unable to. 10 10:00 AM East Avenue   $1
Keri Pahls Rochester NY I want to dedicate my run to Jeff who is such an inspiration and blessing in my life. 6 Not sure I plan on running on a treadmill at the gym. Breast Cancer Foundation $10
Heather Stoffel Rochester NY In memory of Louis John LiVecchi 5/30/17~7/26/10 Not Sure 10:00 AM In the wooded neighborhoods bordering Durand Eastman Park and Lake Ontario American Cancer Society / Alzheimer's Association $50
Chris Villareale Rochester NY no message 2 Not sure Corner of Canterbury & Dartmouth, Rochester, NY   $1
Scott Adams Rome NY Keep running 5 8:00 AM Rome NY Humane Society of Rome $25
Deborah Oeser Schenectady NY Running for cancer, hoping for a cure. 9 10:00 AM Campbell Rd, Kings RD, Albany St & return PanCan $25
Matthew Wright Schenectady NY Get out there and run 6 4:00 PM West Old State Rd Best Buddies $10
Chris Calimano Staten Island NY Fall Down 7, Stand Up 8! 5 6:00 PM New York City! ING Run for Something Better $25
Kara heuer Suffern NY dedicated to Kaylee Rivers 6 10:00 AM sloatsburg community fields make a wish $5
Kathleen bump Syracuse NY Run for the health of it! Not Sure 8:00 AM JD Track American Cancer Society $5
Timothy bump Syracuse NY EAT RUN SLEEP! Not Sure 8:00 AM JD track   $5
William Cass Jr Syracuse NY I am running in honor of my son who leaves for Army basic training the day after World Run Day. 3.1 9:00 AM Erie Canal at Burdick St.   $50
Sherri Kimber Syracuse NY I dedicate this run to my stepsisters" Kim and Megan" 8 7:00 AM Gray Ledge Terrace Susan Komen $25
Kayla peterson Verona NY never give up! 3.1 9:00 AM east syracuse clarks burn unit $10
Erin DeGroff Warsaw NY I'm running for those that can't. 13.1 1:00 PM I'm running the Red Baron 1/2 Marathon in Corning, NY American Cancer Society $50
Andrew McFarland Waterford NY Everyone who runs wins! Not Sure 2:00 PM   Nick's Fight to be Healed Foundation $20
James kahler Westport NY This is for all the people who can't 8 8:00 AM Wadhams N.Y. ms $1
Mardi Gauer Akron OH Mom - Love you, Miss you! 8 10:00 AM Towpath Trail, Vanderhoof Rd, Norton, OH Hospice Care of Carroll County $20
Tonya Kuzmik Akron OH This run is dedicated to my grandma who died of heart disease before I was born. 8 11:00 AM   American Heart Association $20
Bill Worthing Akron OH Running Fool 4 10:00 AM Goodyear Metro park St Bernards/St.Mary $50
Terry Spisak Aurora OH For my Cousin Jeanie Krause 8 9:00 AM Sunny Lake Park in Aurora, Ohio   $10
Krista Jenkins Brunswick OH Certum est, quia impossibile. 3.1       $20
Lori Cottingim Camden OH Dedicated to children everywhere. 3.1 10:00 AM Wayne Trace Road Preble Shawnee Schools Vision Programs $20
Mark Cottingim Camden OH Dedicated to children everywhere. 3.1 10:00 AM Wayne Trace Rd Preble Shawnee Schools Vision Programs $20
Presley Taylor Canton OH Run, because you can. Run for those who can't. 3 3:00 PM Cuyahoga Valley National Park To Write Love On Her Arms $10
Laura Booke Cincinnati OH Dedicated to my great niece, Louise, battling with leukemia 6 2:00 PM Five Mile Trail, Cincinnati Lymphoma and Leukemia Society $20
Velma Butler Cincinnati OH I run for myself and my family. Not Sure 4:00 PM     $25
Tom Meyer Cincinnati OH To Grandpa may he rest in peace 5 Not sure   Catholic Relief society $1
Erica Palmer Cincinnati OH Running 4 LIFE!! 3.1 4:00 PM Queen City Av to Sunset to Dunham Park and back (Cincinnati, Ohio - Western Hills)   $20
Belinda Wharton Cincinnati OH Running is my daily gift to myself. 10 8:00 AM East Miami River Road in Cincinnati Kiva $25
Stacy Zitek Cleveland OH WTG runners! 4 9:00 AM Lakewood Park apl $50
Dana McTigue Columbus OH I'm going to run with my 11 yr old son. I'm trying to turn him into a runner ... & it's working! :) 5 10:00 AM through our neighborhood Nature Conservancy $25
Bonnie Niebauer Columbus OH This ones for Carrie W. 9 10:00 AM Olentangy trail CRC (Community resource center) $50
Trent Popovich Columbus OH Go World!! 5 10:00 AM neighborhood Nature Conservancy $20
Sharon Graff-Harrison Duncan Falls OH Never say Never! One foot in front of the other and go! 5 12:00 PM Dennison University campus, Granville OH Christs Table- Zanesville OH $20
Patricia Zito Eastlake OH Running dedicated to my parents and my grandma 10 8:00 AM Lake Frances Road, Lake Placid, Florida Sisters of the Incarnate Word $50
Suzanne Miles Gahanna OH Death is more universal than life. Everyone dies. Not everyone lives. ~A. Sachs 3.1 Not sure Ronson Ave .. $1
Coleen Hales Grafton OH Special Run for Dad. I love & miss you. 5 9:00 AM Start from Home, through scenic hometown :) Cleveland Heroes and American Red Cross $50
Kaylee Baker Greenwood OH Running to remember those who no longer can. To all of my battle buddies who lost their lives. 13.1 7:00 AM Greenwood, IN Wounded Warriors $25
Stephanie White Hudson OH Dedicated to all victims of bullying - It gets better! 6.2 8:00 AM Hudson St, Stow Rd, Hudson Spring Park Trail, Millennium Woods, North Hayden, Hudson St. The Trevor Project $25
Tina Carney Kent OH The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize. 4 Not sure Ferguson Rd MS Society $20
Dylan Dombroski Lakewood OH To run is to push the limits of the human heart. 10 10:00 AM Stinchcombe run   $10
Tom Wise Lebanon OH Nothing Great is Easy... 6.2 10:00 AM   Local Food Pantry $75
Brian Aguilar Lima OH To all the running folks in the world. The fountain of youth is pumped by the sweat of our brow. 3.1 1:00 PM Heartige Park, Lima, OH National Park Trust $20
Tracie Clark Logan OH Running for my DAD! 6 8:00 AM Lake Logan Rd., Chieftain Drive   $2
Brian J Daniska Massillon OH Nenikekamen 10 7:00 AM Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail   $50
Erik WELCH Massillon OH 2010 the year I ran. 3 12:00 PM Sand Run Trail, Summit Metro Parks   $5
Barbara Loparo Mentor OH I am running for my father who passed away 22 years ago from Cancer! Love you Dad!! 4 1:00 PM Mentor Park to Lakeshore Blvd. to Rt. 615 to Bellflower to Elmwood road back to Mentor Park. American Cancer Society $25
Doug Morrison Ney OH My run is in memory of those who lost their lives on September 11th. 10 8:00 PM Corner of Beihnfeldt and McCavit in Ney Ohio The Tour of Duty $45
Chad Smith North Canton OH Run for fun! 6.2 8:00 AM North Canton, OH - Memorial Stadium, YMCA and Bob-O-Link   $20
Karol Goodman Northridge OH I dedicate this run to my family and friends who have always supported me. 3.1 10:00 AM Victoria Lane   $25
Lillian Fesperman Oxford OH run 8 11:00 AM from home American Cancer Society $40
Brian Seymour Pickerington OH The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.   7:00 AM Pickerington North Cross Country Course Livestrong $20
Jennifer Taylor Stow OH Dedicated to Girls on the Run of Greater go girls! 10 Not sure Spell Rd to Barlow Rd and back... Girls on the Run $50
Erin Rihn Streetsboro OH Dedicated to my dad, Leo J Rihn III 3.1 9:00 AM   Stand up to cancer $50
David clifton Swanton OH run for my recovery 6 8:00 AM     $10
Christianne Belair Tipp City OH I dedicate this run to my Mamaw. Love you. 3 3:00 PM Dow St., Tipp City Humane Society $5
Tara Landis Vandalia OH Believe 6 Not sure   Livestrong $25
Daniel Landis Vandalia OH Run 6 Not sure   TACA $25
Ty Landis Vandalia OH Run For Fun 0.25 Not sure   March of Dimes $25
Chris Passarge West Chester OH run Not Sure       $1
Kristen Catton Westerville OH LIVESTRONG Not Sure 8:00 AM   LIVESTRONG $50
Mary Sue Anders Westlake OH My run on World Run Day is dedicated to Michael O.! 4 8:00 AM Clague Park, Westlake, Ohio American Cancer Society $9
Deborah Chinchar Westlake OH My run on World Run Day is dedicated to Michael O.! 4 8:00 AM Clague Park, Westlake, Ohio American Cancer Society $9
Cassandra Kutz Wooster OH The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." - John Bingham" 12 8:00 AM Wooster area   $20
Robert Staples Norman OK RUN for LIFE ! 3 5:00 AM Home Norman Salvation Army $25
Judy hock Oklahoma City OK My best friend Melissa past away 1 year ago 11/7/09. I will run in her memory. 4 8:00 AM     $25
Stacy kauk Turpin OK dedicated to Myrna Kauk and Amiee Sell 10 5:00 PM Road m to Baker, OK and back   $1
Deirdre Connolly Beaverton OR For Mom 5 9:00 AM Quatama Oregon Food Bank $50
Carrie Widman Beaverton OR I will run for Leslie Frederick until she is back in her shoes! You are a winner!! :) Love you Les! 5 9:00 AM Out my door for 5 miles, ending back at my door! Colon Cancer Alliance $50
Carla Zweigart Beaverton OR Anyone can be an athlete, it's never too late :-) 10 7:00 AM Cardinal Terrace to Scholls to Roy Rogers and back. Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer $25
Lyn Palmer Corbett OR Dedicated to all runners who cannot or will not. 12 7:00 AM Corbett Oregon Dove Lewis $20
Linda Vognild Dallas OR To my Mom ~ may she live forever ... 5 8:00 AM From Monmouth Fitness Club American Cancer Society $25
Kitty Mackey Gresham OR Because I Love Terry :-) 6.2 10:00 AM Indoor Gym Ferret Shelter of Oregon $20
Robyn Moore La Grande OR This one's for Darla! 10 12:00 PM Wherever I decide to go!   $1
Dr. Tom Hallee Manzanita OR I'm running the Malibu marathon to honor my wife and hero Eileen who is courageously battling PD! 27 7:00 AM MALIBU, CA PARKINSON'S Research Orgainzation $100
Amelia Schmechel Mcminnville OR Gotta Run! 3 7:00 PM Washington St to 2nd to Hill Rd to Wallace Road back to 2nd then Washington. Home :) Pregnancy Counseling and Info Ctr $10
Helen Funk Medford OR I love you and miss you dad! Thank you for instilling the runbug in me. 6 8:00 AM Leonard to Jackson RT Impact One Leadership $20
Brett Funk Medford OR to my lovely wife who is trying to kill me by making me run and eat vegetables and fruit* 6 8:00 AM Leonard- Jackson RT Impact One Leadership $20
Suzanne Shoop Milwaukie OR Just Do It 6.2 9:00 AM   Oregon Human Society $20
Christina Flaxel Portland OR Dad 10 8:00 AM   Mercy Corps $50
Margurite Palmer Portland OR For all the kitties who need good homes. 5 9:00 AM Downtown Portland? Animal Friends $10
Susan Brown Salem OR Every day counts! 2 8:00 AM Nelson Park Assistance League $40
Debbie Duggan Salem OR I dedicate this run to my husband who is always my rock. 4 7:00 AM I run a mile loop through Secor Park and around Crossler Middle School.   $20
Patti Moore Salem OR It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. ~Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC) 3.1 9:00 AM Minto Brown Island Park March For Babies $25
Helen Shafran Salem OR Endless gratitude to my precious friends and family, who inspire me every day. 10 9:00 AM Minto-Brown Island Park, Salem, OR Willamette Humane Society $50
Karen Weiss Salem OR Be the change 3.1 9:00 AM Minto Brown Park Salem, OR Willamette Humane Society $10
Marjorie Hendryx Scappoose OR Dedicated to Tammy Collard (Kate's Mom) and her fight to beat cancer! Not Sure 9:00 AM Crown Zellerback Trail on Scappoose-Vernonia Hwy @B&B Market to...... Hoping to establish fund for Tammy and her family $100
William Russell Sherwood OR Now I lay me down to sleep. 4 7:00 PM Sherwood HS   $20
Deanna Russell Sherwood OR Now I lay me down to sleep. 1 6:00 PM Sherwood HS Now I lay me down to sleep. $20
Laurie Jurinek Tualatin OR For the animals who can't speak for their rights or call for help when mistreated. 6 7:00 AM The Iron Horse Trail from San Ramon towards Walnut Creek, California. ASPCA & IFAW $25
Harvey Whiten Jr Tualatin OR Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. ~Mother Teresa 10 12:00 PM Portland Waterfront 10 mile loop starting at Natio Dr. Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel $200
Angela Harder Welches OR Race dedicated to Lisa Harder fighting cancer 10 9:00 AM     $20
Roberta Konkol West Linn OR Running gives me a feeling of freedom and invigoration. Running frees my spirit. 1 7:00 AM Home   $1

2010 World Run Day Registrants as of Sunday 11/07 11:00 PM.
The information below was obtained from the on-line registration form completed by registered runners.
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