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"World Run Day 2000 certainly opened some eyes – and obviously many hearts!" 

A World of Thanks to all participants!

By Bill McDermott

It’s taken two millennia, but we finally have a brand new day for running & charity: The world’s first 'International Day of Charity' – World Run Day! The history of this annual event has just begun, so hold on tight to those limited production t-shirts! They may be worth their weight in gold some day!!

Before we proceed with our individual results, our heartfelt congratulations to all individuals  who helped prepare for World Run Day 2000 and to the charities that benefited from the $26,000+ raised. Our special thanks to our event sponsors, most importantly to www.active.com  –  our event registration specialists. The careful work to rollout registration for this event was most appreciated by all. Additional thanks also to our translation specialists. Their help really makes this event global...  

"World Run Day 2000 certainly opened some eyes – and obviously many hearts!" "World Run Day 2001 is literally open to the world. Registration starts early 2001 to accommodate many more runners.

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World Run Day was celebrated by runners in the United States, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, and India. More than thirty states in the USA had representation as runners raised over $26,000 for multiple charities. Key support from several groups certainly helped to pilot the 'spirit of the day.' It's arguably now one of the 'coolest running events' on the planet today ....and some day maybe the largest!

Whether you felt compassion for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in Kentucky, enjoyed a school lesson in health and humanity that supported Africare in California, or simply enjoyed a small race with family members alongside the Atlantic Ocean (New York) for the charity of your choice, you all did it - your special commemorative t-shirts and internet listings are all there to prove it!

The Auckland Joggers of New Zealand , always the first to celebrate a new day (via proximity to the International Date Line), ran and donated on a rainy World Run Day. If the sun didn't light up the day, their spirit certainly did! The money they raised went to a local charity to help support handicapped runners.

Many others chose to celebrate individually by running and donating to a favorite charity. A few of these symbolic stories are listed on our site, while many others remain private....

We'll do our best to capture the spirit of the day as information is supplied to us. Alas, our colorful souvenir event t-shirt made quite a hit judging by e-mail. Any funds raised will be used to spread the word by targeting the best running and fitness magazines on earth! (Note: We were in the June 2001 Issue of Runner's World  - Racing Ahead section and soon to be in Running Times (Sept 2001), RRCA's Footnotes , The American Running Association Newsletter, and various other publications in the UK and Australia! 

Judging by the diverse locations that celebrated World Run Day 2000, the event was a great success! We look forward to a much greater event next year. Like many events, time eventually helps them blossom into mega events. Those who took part in World Run Day can look back some day and lay claim to it's event “roots.” 

In case you may be wondering, the biggest hurdle for us to overcome is responding to the oft-asked question: ‘Where is World Run Day being held? Our response of  ‘everywhere’ leaves many people scratching their heads in puzzled disbelief. We're usually asked .."how can that be..?" New Programs are being developed for next year (2001) to help address this issue. Using the millennium celebration as our new guideline, World Run Day encourages special event directors to help plan for World Run Day nearby. We're hoping to have World Run Day - "your town" in many states and countries. We're also expanding our reach to newspapers throughout the United States (and worldwide) so that local charities may benefit. Our advice for the 2001 event: start your planning now! Help join us, you'll be rewarded! We'll help you construct a special event for 11/11/2001!


Help make it a great day!

  1. For 2001 we will reach out to running clubs and charities very early.
    World Run Day will assist any club, individual, newspaper, or corporation, by furnishing sponsorship kits and customized event shirts at cost! - - Just for hosting our event on November 11, 2001.
    Contact us at 1 917 626-9623 or e-mail runday2001@yahoo.com 

  2. For 2001, any individual (students, charity organization members, running club members, etc.) can earn valuable prizes! Simply register as little as 10 individuals on-line! Why? Our administrative staff can't expect to keep up with the demand expected for 2001. By helping us register others, you can be rewarded.

  3. For 2001 we'll have almost 10 extra months of registration (10 times more than last year!). Valuable prizes and incentive offerings are required to bring more runners to the event. With word quickly spreading, we are starting to plan now and hope you do the same, before it's too late. We're here to assist you! Please e-mail us at World Run Day  for details. 

The concept of running in an existing race and simultaneously participating in World Run Day was a difficult concept for some. Thank God ‘World Run Day’ only happens once a year!  In 2001, World Run Day occurs on November 11th! Mark your calendars!

After 2000 years, new concepts remain difficult to introduce! Our hats are off to Christopher Columbus who wanted to prove that the world is indeed round. Of course, people made him sail around the world to prove it.... but with his beliefs and some determination, he finally did it! Our tools of communication (e.g. the Internet) are much quicker, but our determination to get the message of this fantastic concept out to other people remains the same. If you are passionate about running or charity (or both!), seize the day! There's a place for all of us on World Run Day.

Individual Results  
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Individual Efforts 

In our second year, new runners came forth, new concepts were borne, and new partnerships were forged. They all helped to create another stepping stone for our upcoming November 11, 2001 event. Please join us.

You may just have the time of your life!

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