A Brief History of World Run Day

World Run Day was founded by Bill McDermott (click name for Bio) of Long Beach NY in 1999. It was designed to celebrate the sport of running worldwide. Its mission is to broaden and promote the health benefits of running while also encouraging runners to donate to their own favorite charity on this special day. We support our mission by providing free tools to either individuals or groups who are interested in hosting a World Run Day event in their community. Through a combination of communications to members of the running community, the running industry, and various media outlets, we plan to bring awareness of the event internationally. We originated terms like the “Virtual Run” and the “E-BIB” and most recently “The Viddie” – Video Selfie. We also started a Virtual Run Series closely aligned to holidays throughout the year (to help gain participants for the upcoming year).

Our belief is that by gaining attention through a worldwide celebration, we can educate others of the health benefits of running and secure a healthy future for both young and old. A former member of Running USA, we reached out internationally to form partnerships with others in countries willing to spread the concept. Due to the high cost of advertising, we rely on enthusiastic volunteers to host our event in different cities. We also like to be creative in videos and other art forms to create a buzz in the running community. Use of social media with volunteers is highly desired.

Many runners don’t have the privilege of running in the Olympics for their country, nor do they have the chance to run in an event for their favorite charitable cause. World Run Day provides them with an opportunity to partake in a celebratory event with other runners in different countries – and for their own favorite charity.

World Run Day’s programs and activities are guided by the following goals:

Promote Running — World Run Day works with partner organizations to promote the health benefits of running for all citizens young and old. Recent emphasis has been placed on running as a solution to end childhood obesity (among many other benefits). Partnering with running organizations, schools, corporations, and charities occurs throughout the year.

Promote Charitable Giving — World Run Day is committed to having an international day of charitable giving as part of its running event. In many instances there is a lack of funding to help unfortunate people in their circumstances. The running community can help others who are the victims of natural disasters, disease, or any worthy cause embraced by the runner. We specifically request charities to partner with us to celebrate the run-for-charity concept.

Mobilize the Running Community — World Run Day reaches out to partners in the running community that hope to elevate the sport of running in their community while also promoting the benefits of running and providing locations for people to run locally.

Create Event Director Tools — World Run Day creates tools for local event directors to use (free of charge) which help produce a World Run Day event in their location. It’s not always about the latest app for your phone; but sometimes crude tools that can be easily downloaded for low-key running events. World Run Day also provides links to other resources that can benefit the event director.

Inspire Students to Become Running Ambassadors — World Run Day’s program is intended to inspire members to lift the torch for a younger generation of runners from around the globe. Getting runners within grammar schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities to participate is a goal that can combine the efforts of community service with local charity.

Support World Run Day Celebrations around the World — World Run Day, which always occurs in November, is a tremendous day for running and charitable giving.

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