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Non-profits and NGO’s are now being accepted into the International World Run Day Charity Partner Program for 2023. This enables you to use our branding, tools, videos, etc., for your event. Simply mail us using our contact form and we will contact you shortly. 


World Run Day, November 5, 2023, may be the biggest running  event in your city or country. See how much money virtual runners can raise for your cause in 2023. It’s really that easy … copy and paste the letter below to a dozen, a hundred, or a thousand individuals and see what can happen. 


Be a part of World Run Day in 2023. It’s never too late.


There’s always next year: World Run Day November 5th, 2023.


World Run Day BIB by Country


As a World Run Day Charity Partner please download and print your country’s BIB (see the COUNTRY BIB COLLECTION at our event shop at ). Use the Search Tool to search for your country. You may reproduce as many times needed and distribute to your donor base. Please enter your charity name in the field provided on the bib before duplicating. Have your participants complete the BIB information and urge to take selfies for posting on your social media pages (and optionally our pages). 

All it takes is one e-mail

LSample E-Mail  #1


World Run Day is November 5, 2023! Please celebrate running and charity giving by printing the attached bib and securing it to your running shirt.

You can also register at to be listed on their website. 

We would ask that you donate what you can to (Charity Name here) by using the donor link (your Donor link here) or sending your donation directly to our office (Enter your Charity mailing address here). Please help make this day a celebration of running and charitable giving like no other day. World Run Day is considered as the global day for running and charitable giving.


Your Name or (Development Director Name) 

LSample E-Mail #2


To help celebrate World Run Day this November 5th, a group of us will be meeting at (enter location here) at (enter time here) for a x mile/meter run. Please be considerate and use local safety laws (e.g. COVID-19 protocol – if needed) as directed.

Please help us celebrate running and charity giving by printing the attached bib, securing it to your running shirt, and running and donating on November 5th this year.

We would ask that you would donate what you can to (Charity Name here) by using the donor link (Donor link here) or sending your donation directly to our office (Enter Charity mailing address here).

Add your compelling cause information here…


Charity Name 

Your Name (or Development Director Name)


Sample 2022 Shirts

We have limited resources to assist in your campaign; but feel free to use some of the images below in your e-mail. These are for mail purposes only. Shirts can be ordered on-line at our SHOP page at 

Browse our Gallery link for World Run Day t-shirt images used over the last 20 years.

World Run Day Logo
Sample Country Logo (USA)
Sample 2016 Shirt
2020 Banner
Sample Country Bib for Duplication (for Schools and Large Groups)
Sample Inspirational Design (2003)

Images above include older event shirts

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