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In this Press Center page you will find media resources including press releases, historical facts, sample participant listings, and images for your use. We also have an abundance of ideas for your story to assist your TV Network, Syndicated Newspaper, Radio, Blog or YouTube Channel. Don’t let air time or content space go empty. Please consider that a running event CAN BE one person running for a cause. The concept is for everyone to be able to celebrate running.

World Run Day appreciates your interest in our event and we will do pretty much anything to accommodate you and your readers/viewers. After all, we fully recognize that The Power of Runners can only be accomplished with The Power of The Press. Look at the runners in your area and see what compels them to run, to donate. It’s a day for runners to celebrate and give to their favorite causes. For more information regarding our typical runner profiles, please visit the Event Sampler Link


Some potential interview topics are available for your consideration: Running as Medicine, 2019 Event Shirt Design, Camaraderie of Runners, Running as the Best Form of Exercise, World Run Day Beginnings, Getting Prepared for World Run Day, Charities in need of your help (at your readership/viewership location).


Images for Press Use Only

Runners around the world run for a cause
Available in 20 colors
Precision Crafted with a sampling of colors available
Unisex design created for every country (USA Shown)
USA Logo
A unique flag design for every country
Downloadable Bibs by country for Event
Bill McDermott - World Run Day Event Director
Kinnelon, NJ Cross Country Team - Conference, District and State Champions
Click image for story
I'm no Olympian; but I enjoy the thrill of competing on Long Island
Runner's World Magazine November 2003
Thanks to Newsday Long Island and John Hanc for the exposure!
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