Party Time

Many runners have requested that World Run Day take a step into the party planning phase of the event. We are working diligently with craft brewery organizations to plan celebrations in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Western Europe for 2019. We will keep you abreast (via e-mail) of our progress. We are also working with running tour organizations for both World Run Day runs and pub crawls. 

If you have a beer establishment that would offer to host runners on the weekend of November 8-10 as part of our World Run Day Celebration please contact us. We will provide details on how to set up an Eventbrite invitation in their local area. We will try to list as many areas as possible; but may be limited to space. This is the Logo that can be downloaded for any marketing material they choose to create. Right click to save image to your computer. World Run Day is a registered trademark …. please use this logo responsibly.

Additionally, establishments are welcome to print out bibs and mark up the “Discount Tear-Off” with items/discounts they plan to offer. For example: 20% off all purchases, 2 for 1 Beers, 2 for 1 pitchers, etc., etc. We leave it up to the establishment to be creative with their offering.

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