We offer Charities 15 Complimentary World Run Day Bibs . Contact our Event Director for Registration Promo Codes.

The popularity of Charity GIving with our Runners is enormous. 
For a limited time in 2018, charities have the opportunity to activate their special World Run Day Discount Code in three ways:

Activate Turnkey

Our Turnkey "Activate for Profit" program is the easiest way to profit. By simply attaching an INDIVIDUAL WORLD RUN DAY DISCOUNT CODE to an e-mail, charity donors and their families and friends will register for the event. What the Charity receives, in return, is the discounted amount (usually up to 50% of the registration cost). Help runners (and yourself) on the most important RUN DAY on the calendar.
World Run Day will mail each participant their World Run Day Event Shirt and instructions to send their donations directly to their charity of choice..

Activate with Work

Realizing that many large charities prefer to keep their e-mails private, we can provide a WORLD RUN DAY GROUP DISCOUNT CODE for those charities that can obtain a minimum of 144 participants. By simply sending us the last names in an e-mail (that we will provide to you) we will work on the rest. We will send a box of 144 LAST NAME imprinted World Run Day Event T-shirts to you for distribution. The first name listed should not be a person. It should be your charity name (which can be in ALL CAPS)

Activate Next Year

Due to the popularity of our World Run Day Event, we may not be able to reach you this year; however please consider us next year for World Run Day 2019. All charities participating this year will be guaranteed entry next year.

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