Group Registration
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Register as a GROUP (minimum 144 Runners) to have your Sponsor and Runner Names Listed on the T-shirt Back

World Run Day 2018 Event T-Shirt (Front)
Participant LAST NAMES included on back of your shirt

You may register for World Run Day as a Group of 144 runners. We will process your order when processed. Orders will not be permitted past October 10, 2018. You may order an Individual Event Shirt (as of 11/09 this year special discount for Twitter Runners) 

The front of the World Run Day Event Shirt is standard; the back consists of names you’ve selected. Remember to send us your participant names as instructed and we will take care of the rest. If requested, we can also Video Conference you (and/or) your Group before the event.

Remember, this can be a group of running friends, a family, a school class, or any grouping of runners wishing to participate  in the event. To acquire 144 runners, you may want to think creatively: 

A. Is there an adjacent family, school, charity, or running club that you can combine your runners with? 

B. Can your charity take the lead in mailing to runners and subsequently establish a meeting point for World Run Day T-Shirt Distribution? It may not be as hard as you may think. Remember, nearly everyone in the world can participate in World Run Day! 

Please remember that your event T-shirts and Bibs will be mailed to one address. If you have any additional questions about this please contact us directly using the CONTACT LINK at the top of the page. 

A listing of all runners and their thoughts about running, favorite quotes, and other items will be available on this site after the event. Quite obviously, if we get 1 Million runners it may take a few days. But we’ll get there – we always do!

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