Ancient Times

Oldest Shoe Found

Scientists believe that they’ve found the first shoe worn by man. There is no specific evidence that it was used for running. However, knowing that man was a hunter to survive, it is most probable that there were some miles logged on that shoe. In future updates and blogs we will uncover more about these shoes and how they transformed from century to century.

Courtesy Wikipedia

The Hunter

Survival of the fittest

Persistence hunting (sometimes called endurance hunting or cursorial hunting) is a hunting technique in which hunters, who may be slower than their prey over short distances, use a combination of runningwalkingand tracking to pursue prey until it is exhaustedGray wolvesGyrfalconAfrican wild dogsspotted hyenas and humans are adapted to using this hunting strategy. A persistence hunter must be able to run a long distance over an extended period of  time

"A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways they are capable of understanding."

Steve Prefontaine

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