Individual Registration for The Church Bell Run 2019

Thank you to over 10,000 participants who’ve been a part of World Run Day!
The Church Bell Run Event T-Shirt

We’ve managed to partner with Amazon to get your Event Shirt ASAP (click the link above). 

For Amazon Prime members it’s a quick click and your Event Shirt should arrive in a few days.
Please remember to register for your Event Bib separately at our site (above).

You will be asked for your Name and location so that we may put it on our Church Bell Run participant map.
Please remember to post pictures of you and your bib (and/or Church Bell Event Shirt).

We look forward to receiving your feedback on this event in terms of what can be done better and how symbolism of the Church Bells plays a role in your run. 

Good Luck in your run and for the next year of your running program.

Bill McDermott
The Church Bell Run
Event Director 

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