Innovations in Virtual Running

Additional World Run Day Bib added for 2019:

We introduced the E-BIB (Electronic Bib in 1999). Unfortunately, it did not receive much fanfare until 2004. Currently, the “E-Bib” concept is widely used in many virtual runs/races across the world. Today, on our 21st anniversary, we introduce the “TXT ME” BIB. You can text information onto the electronic bib with your cell phone.

We are taking a poll across several internet sites (including our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Pages) to determine how proficient people are in using certain phone features to complete information on the bib and post it onto a social media page – or even to a friend in your country (USA BIB used as sample).

Stay tuned for our video in the upcoming week (when are worldwide results are announced on November 17th). 

Pursuit & Perseverance,

World Run Day

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