Virtual Runners Worldwide to Celebrate on Sunday, Nov. 8

Finisher MedalWorldRun Day Invites ALL RUNNERS to Celebrate Running

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Runners around the world are invited to a multi-national event with a big purpose: World Run Day 2020. Dubbed back in 1999 as “The Global Fitness & Charity Challenge,” it reached an early internet audience of just a few hundred participants. Twenty years later, over 10,000 runners have participated in the event. Also, considered to be one of the original pioneers of Virtual Running, the event asks runners to select a “virtual run” distance (anywherefrom a 50 Meter sprint up through a 26.2 mile marathon) and make a donation to a favorite local charity. Registration at is available for all 7 continents.

This year, a Runner Bib, Medal and link to post results are provided to all participants. The biggest change in the events history, however, are  uniform-styled t-shirts and sweatshirts by country of origin available in the World Run Day Shop. It was certainly “an olympic task” this summer to create over 200 distinct event shirts for over 200 countries explains Bill McDermott of Long Beach, NY. The word RUN is the predominant graphic in the design with each runners flag as a secondary theme within it. With the Olympics postponed, it’s a good alternative for not just elite runners, but for all runners to partake in a global event. 

During this pandemic period, runners are looking for innovative ways to harness their energy in a race, whether land-based or virtually. World Run Day provides them with an opportunity to satisfy their bond with other runners, do something good for themselves, do something good for the many charities that provide services locally. McDermott, is working with his home town to provide a template for other event directors to support local runners, running clubs, and charities..

“Celebrate Running and Celebrate Charitable Giving on World Run Day!” 


About World Run Day

The World Run Day Event was the first “Virtual Running” event in the world. Originally started as the brainchild of competitive runner Bill McDermott, the event has been recognized by over 10,000 runners internationally. World Run Day is funded entirely by McDermott and has runners as its only sponsor(s). Runners of all abilities are represented. There are no qualifying times nor is there a single course that is to be run. Nor is there a specific time of day designated to run. Just run this year by November 8th 2020, World Run Day (in each runners time zone). This is the signature event of World Run Day and occurs on the Sunday closest to November 8 every year. The day originally started as an anniversary tribute to Bill’s brother who died in a car accident Nov 8, 1984.

World Run Day caters to the runners who are passionate about the sport and voluntarily donate their hard-earned money to charities across the world. The 21st running of World Run Day occurs on November 8, 2020. To learn more, visit

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