The Virtual Runners Association is in the process of updating the “The Complete Book of Virtual Running.” This update includes 14 new procedures, processes, and guidelines that should be followed when producing a virtual run. In these covid times, it is necessary to uphold the values of virtual running. It appears to be one of the best forms of charity fundraising.

SPECIAL NOTE: Over the last 9 months, such organizations as have introduced an “are you sure” (AYS) feature when registering for a town turkey trot. This is to avoid confusion in the virtual race world of the many races being produced by outsiders for a specific region/area. In some cases they are hundreds of miles away and producing little or no revenue for charities (and sometimes little benefit to runners).

Recent updates to the “Complete Book of Virtual Running” are:

Virtual Runners must obey the Covid-19 guidelines as they pertain to their city or state where their physical running occurs. In other words, if a New York resident is running a virtual run in CA, they must adopt the guidelines issued for CA and not NY and vice-versa.

Using the example illustrated in Article 112.1.4 – Additionally, upon return to NY from CA and entering another virtual race in the state of New York, that said virtual race must be be performed in quarantine – options are most likely running in place or on a treadmill.

No Virtual Events shall last longer than 1 month in duration. By having a long duration for such events trivializes the value of virtual events to the end participant and the virtual racing community as a whole. It also “clogs up the calendar” (COTC) in these times when so many worthy events are needed to fund so many charitable organizations.

EXCLUSIONS: In situations whereby climate conditions (excessive rain, wind, fire/smoke, hurricane, etc.) will most likely adversely impact the participation of runners, extensions are automatically granted up to one week. Additional extensions must be applied for in writing.

Article 1.2.0 – Due to the increase of Virtual Running events in the United States, a participants virtual run can be qualified as a virtual run for multiple events. For instance, if virtual runner Jim is running and submitting his results for Virtual Run Event “A” , whose Window Of Participation (WOP) includes November 1st, and Virtual Run “B” also has a WOP of November 1st, both Times of Record (TOR) can be submitted to each event.

Our updated “Complete Book of Virtual Running” is available this January 2021.

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